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Tyrants Reign In World Today

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Americans overcompensated with sweeping entitlement programs under President Johnson’s “War on Poverty,” and by turning a blind eye to accountability on longstanding values and principled behavior within the African American community.

"The sanctions are working" became the mantra of the West. However, the above chronology, and the farce that is the alleged "chemical disarmament" of Syria, indicates Iran saw nothing to lose and everything to gain from negotiating with the weakling in the White House.

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Just like Islamists, liberals, too, have a dualistic ideology.  It's always okay to destroy the livelihood of a non-liberal, and never okay to speak ill of a fellow progressive, even when the subject or offense is exactly the same.

When we have such tyranny and genocide happening in South Africa and Hillary is discussing "green energy," we certainly know where Obama's regime is on this issue: namely, tacit approval.  A search of the State Departments website did not produce any condemnation for these acts or atrocities.

They reveal a worrisome, sinister similarity between Nazism and current trends, both sharing hostility for the Judaeo-Christian tradition and its ethics and increasingly embracing neo-pagan views. In many way, Nazis were pioneers of what's happening today.

“If you're not controversial, you'll never break through the din of all the commentary.”  Roger Stone