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Federal Interstate Handgun Sales Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

August 3, 2015

In another excellent victory for civil rights by attorney Alan Gura, United States District Court Judge Reed O’Connor struck down the federal interstate handgun sales ban earlier today

Texas Woman Shoots, Kills Home-Invading Sex Offender

August 3, 2015

On Tuesday, a Texas woman home alone shot and killed a sex offender allegedly breaking into her house. She then dialed 911.

Boehner BEASTMODE: Why Don’t Senate Dems ‘Get Off Their Ass and Do Something?’

August 3, 2015

House Republicans held a press conference ahead of the Senate vote on the continuing to fund the Department of Homeland Security and block President Obama’s executive order on immigration.

Jon Stewart to Retire, Media Hardest Hit

August 3, 2015

Left-wing comedian Jon Stewart’s array of sycophants in liberal and supposedly mainstream outlets mourned the news of his impending retirement from The Daily Show Tuesday and Wednesday.

U.S. Not ‘Being Run Out of Town’ Despite Abandoning Third Embassy in Middle East

August 3, 2015

On Tuesday evening, the United States ordered the evacuation of all remaining staff at its embassy in Yemen. The evacuation comes on the heels of threats that the Yemeni rebels would kidnap foreigners.

Two Immigrants For Every New Job Since 2000

August 3, 2015

The United States has accepted two new immigrants for each additional job created since 2000, according to federal data.

We have an example of the right to keep and bear arms coming to us from Texas, where a woman defended herself against a convicted brigand and scofflaw that broke into her home with illegal and immoral intent on his mind, he met his maker shortly afterward. From his criminal record he was a convicted sex offender, he will not be racking up anymore convictions and clogging up a court calendar for this low life. From a story on Breitbart:

According to the Tyler Morning Telegraph, 37-year-old Christopher Ray Foster was allegedly invade a home in Van Zandt County, Texas, when the woman inside armed herself and shot. The woman called 911 about 4:30 a.m. and police arrived to find Foster’s body.

Foster “had a lengthy criminal history” and had recently been jailed following an accusation of “failing to comply with registration requirements as a sex offender.”

Sheriff Michael Ray commented on the way the homeowner defended herself: “Presently, as the result of under-funding and inadequate staffing at the Van Zandt County Sheriff’s Office, homeowners need to take appropriate precautions to protect their families.” He said he supports “law abiding citizens… when they are forced to take actions to protect their life, liberty and property.”

This woman exercised her unalienable right to:

He said he supports “law abiding citizens… when they are forced to take actions to protect their life, liberty and property.”

As affirmed by Sheriff Michael Ray, from our Declaration of Independence and is further proof of our rights brought into recognition by our founders as they drafted and ratified the Constitution. The founders referred to the Declaration of Independence as "first principles" which guided them to draft the Constitution with our rights only being codified and not granted, as they are unalienable and granted by God, not man.

Sheriff Ray recognizes these rights and affirmed them in this case, Christopher Ray Foster will stand before his maker and be judged for acts he committed in this life, may God have mercy on his soul. From Breitbart.


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Texas Woman Affirms Right to Bear Arms