The 14th Amendment Born in Despotism Steeped in Tyranny

The 14th Amendment was born in despotism and steeped in tyranny to suborn the Constitutional rights of this nation’s citizens both North and South with duly seated and recognized legislatures protesting this fact. The Joint Resolution of June 13, 1866 was issued by an unconstitutional Congress that did not have the mandate of this Union’s citizens when Congress refused to seat the Senators and Representatives from eleven Southern States and tainted the joint resolution from the outset.

Iran Moves ICBM to Launch Pad for Test Launch…?

We have been hitting the fact that Obama is actively collaborating with Iran to complete their nuclear and missile delivery program, we have Exhibit “A” above which shows a missile that is capable of holding a nuclear warhead. It is a multi-stage missile that is 89 feet high and has a projected range of hitting the eastern seaboard of our nation. We have been critical of the efforts or lack of them to bring Iran to an agreement, as it now 14 months and counting without any appreciable agreement from Iran who have been given between 11 to 13 billion dollars to facilitate an agreement.

Proof of Obama’s Treason with Al Qaeda in 2011

We now have the proof that we have been looking for that Obama has been a traitor and collaborator with Islam and has purposely set the entire Mideast on fire to unleash Islam with weapons from Benghazi and possibly other locations. Admiral Kubic is now making public that Moammar Gadhafi had offered to abdicate and he was prepared to broker the deal, however Obama ever the feckless tyrant chose to arm Al Qaeda our sworn enemy instead.

Boko Haram Kills 2000 in One Day in Nigeria

An official told the BBC that countless bodies lay motionless in the street. Senior Nigerian government official, Maina Maaji Lawan, said that the town Boko Haram had raided, one that had an estimated population of 10,000, now became “virtually non-existent.” “It has been burnt down,” he added.

Egyptian President Calls For An Islamic Reformation

We have a call for the reformation of Islam from Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi who is calling for a “religious revolution” and turning away from the jihadist violence that is Islam. This action by Sisi is 1400 years overdue and we applaud his call for reformation. As Islam is on a collision course with western values, whether our leaders want to admit it or not, as the world cannot stand the assault from this death cult without rebuke.

SOUTHCOM  Commander Ebola Threat on Border

We have what appears to be a concerted effort to spread disease and communicable disease vectors across the nation by our feckless tyrant Obama, he has just now started to create a plan to contain Ebola, after it has started its course in our nation. At this point we can only come to the conclusion that his efforts in this regard are deliberate: and that he has consciously acted to harm this nation by ignoring and waiving our public health laws, with these illegal aliens, and failed to take any reasonable steps to keep Ebola out of our nation.

Homeland Security Represses Nation for Our Safety

All that we have accomplished is make the Islamofascists that much more emboldened because we destroyed the very thing, we cherished to make ourselves secure and safe from this barbaric Islamic horde from the 7th century. What we must do is declare war on Islam and with a determination as a free people and champion our way of life in the full realization that we will suffer and have to sustain possible defeat in this battle. Though we do so, not as frightened little children, but as men and women standing tall against this enemy of all humanity.

Obama’s Policy Causing  Death to Citizens & Illegal’s

This is nothing but human trafficking that is being sanctioned by Obama who has declared our immigration laws broken simply for political purposes since millions have chosen to violate our laws. What is really behind all this is, power; who has it, and who wants to keep it, and as all the carnage shows it is the National Socialist Party will lie,cheat, steal and allow all these deaths to continue to keep it.  As they replace our nation of laws and citizens that believes in the rule of law for the anarchy and chaos of lawlessness. Not one of the media hacks has asked how do we disentangle from this lawlessness, at what point does law become unworkable, or, when will it be followed once again.

Obama’s Divisional National Socialist Party Rhetoric

We see that Obama is actually describing himself and projecting this characteristic on everyone else, which is a typical technique, we see from the left and National Socialists in particular. Then we have the other descriptors “obstructionism” and “radicalism” concerning the GOP so what it appears so far is the Obama is a failure because the GOP is taking a position of winner take all, and they are not willing to compromise.

Forty Three  Senators  Work to Destroy Free Speech

Our nation has fallen so deep into the National Socialist malaise that forty three Senators have co-sponsored a Constitutional Amendment to limit free speech as guaranteed by the first amendment. It is being done under the guise of limiting campaign finance funding by wealthy donors. It is also has some chilling aspects as it not only limits contributions directly to candidates, but also to others that campaign against candidates.

Islam, Enemy Bred to Kill, Since the Middle Ages

From a humanitarian perspective, how can we civilize these people that are so culturally indoctrinated to practices that sustain this blood lust. They could become less violent in a matter of a few generations if they would abandon the practice of consanguineous marriage and improve their intelligence quotient which is sadly low. So much so that out of the worlds 1.5 billion Muslims only 14 have been awarded a Nobel Prize, if we compare this to Jews, another Semitic people they won 143 medals, with a population of 14 million. The Jewish people have won 1000% more Nobel Prizes, with only 1/100 the population of Muslims. Muslims have the genetic material to be as intelligent as Jews, however the genetic consequences of their customs and theocratic practices preclude a happy, healthy and productive intelligent life, when compared to other more open societies and people.

Iran Demands The Surrender of Israel & USA

Then we have the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei making what appears to be an ultimatum to us and a declaration of war. The rhetoric is certainly heating up and it appears we are on a collision course with destiny. This latest demand that we disarm is to be expected, after all if we were foolish enough to take such a gesture we would be dealt a coup de grace swiftly and might I add justly if we so stupid to accept such a laughable demand. However, we must not overlook that we have Obama, Iran’s stealth weapon in the White House has spewed disinformation over Iran’s intentions over nuclear weapons.

Hilary, Obama & Susan Rice all Lied

Then the arrest and conviction on trumped-up charges against the producer of the video Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, an innocent man sacrificed along with the other four from Benghazi to insure the political aspiration of these two tyrants Obama and Hilary . As they excuse the violence and punish an innocent man. This is clearly the tactics of a third world tin pot dictator and not the United States of America and anyone that defends these two and their craven acts are just apologists for the carnage and slaughter that is Islam.

Obama Ignores Illegal Immigration Costs To Nation & Society

What doesn’t make sense is continuous agitation, are we just to allow anyone that want to settle in our nation just walk in the front or back door sit down and make themselves at home living in the shadows, not paying taxes and not acting as a citizen to better the nation and not just themselves. Why is it that Obama applauds people that are so selfish in this way though expect citizens to pay their taxes, act lawfully and their duty when called. Will people who have broken the law make better citizens than the ones he spits on daily with his ridicule against conservatives.

A Society Conditioned to be Devoid of Values

We are experiencing the fruition of progressive beliefs and policies started in the 1960’s with the creation of the welfare state. It has permeated through all institutions in our nation. Liberals will not acknowledge the bitter fruit; they wrought with permissive policies of pushing personal responsibility onto government, which created the welfare underclass.”  Daniel Patrick Moynihan, one of the original architects for the society destroying policies and frankly its foremost expert on this mater named this segment of our society in his Counsel of Despair article of 1996.

Time to Repeal the 16th Amendment

With the repeal of the 16th amendment, our entire federal bureaucracy and Washington’s overreach is immediately eliminated and governmental power would revert to the States and the People. It would also have the added benefit of breaking the disgraceful hold of the Left and the Democrats propensity for creating divisive electorate groups out of thin air based on anger, envy, sex, income, race, creed, religion, national origin, sexual orientation and eliminate the class warfare that they set against the nation and its unsuspecting people.

The Devil is in the Details

A vote was taken with a predictable outcome, the people had been frightened by the presentation, they voted down, the idea of a constitutional convention. I then asked, do we need to repeal the 16th & 17th amendment, all but about a few voted yes. So much for the myth of not being able to identify which amendments to propose. What struck me later was that for all the fear that this gentlemen generated, could not counter the logic and reason and calm presentation of the facts. It was agreed that the Constitution must be amended the actual means to do so was not decided, but amended it must be.

Voice of Reason, an Appeal for the Rule of Law

Currently we are assaulted with onerous taxes, edicts and oppression, is this enough to justify revolution? If there is to be, mass protests and even violence let it come as a just and righteous Casus Belli as was our War of Independence, forced upon us and not in anger. Our founders had suffered a long train of abuses, locked out of their own houses of legislation by King George III; let our tyrants in Washington do this and deny our right to amend the Constitution before we the people take that last drastic step.

Obama’s Legacy In Libya

The pattern that Obama has forged in Tunisia, Libya, Syria and Egypt is deposing one secular leader after another and driving them into the arms of Iran and Russia. His curious alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization and the parent of our supposed sworn enemy aL Qaeda further prove this. Everywhere Obama & Hilary Clinton have touched with their disastrous foreign policies failed States have flourished.

Thus Always To Tyrants

Sic Semper Tyrannis, Latin for “thus always to tyrants“; is the rallying cry against tyranny dating back to the Roman Empire with the utterance of this phrase by Marcus Junius Brutus upon the demise of Julius Caesar.  This simple phrase has been used by countless European nations to gain independence from their oppressive monarchs, as well as others down through the ages since first spoken two thousand years ago. 

Cult of Personality, If Only the Führer Knew

After living through the last five Obama years and seeing the parallels to the 1930’s and 40’s economically, politically and now militarily we can draw some direct conclusions about the mania that gripped Germany and her people during these tragic years. Growing up in the early 1960’s we were taught that the hysteria and cult of personality that the Germans embraced with Hitler could never happen here as we were an open society that embraced the individual and championed success by our own efforts and literally by the sweat of our brow.

Wickard V. Filburn, Foundation For Oppression

We can only hope that these men, caught up in the patriotic fervor of the time as our nation faced an uncertain future after being thrown into WWII by an infamous act of aggression on December 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor! Our victory was no means assured in November of 1942 when they made this grave error against the individual’s right to freedom and liberty. 

Obama’s Government of Oppression

Compare that with what we have today, the abuse of power by Obama and a paralyzed Congress that cowers in the corner and has allowed every trespass on our rights to occur under their watch. Then to add insult to injury this very same august body gives every penny that this tyrant demands, then wastes as he sees fit to our detriment.

Lois Lerner and the Kabuki Masters in Washington

I cannot help but think that this all staged like a Kabuki stage show with both sides doing a “side step” like Charles Durning in the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (Charles Durning doing the routine), at least he was entertaining and had more credibility than either Cummings or Issa.

Impeachment is a Political Process

Impeachment is a political process, which does not require one iota of proof, or any legal hurdle to overcome such as standing in federal court and evidentiary procedures. It is a straight Bill of Impeachment listing offenses against the official, judge, or president. It is a majority vote process, and stands approved or defeated in the House of Representatives by a simple up or down vote.

President Unhinged

What is becoming abundantly clear that Obama is either a foreign agent or mentally unbalanced and must be turned out of office for the sake of the nation and world? We must remember that our presidents have their finger on the nuclear trigger and have the ability to destroy civilization, as we know it.

Surprise, George Soros Integrated Into IRS Targeting

What is it with the left that they have to use such oppressive force to subdue their political rivals, if their ideas, programs and legislation are so superior, why does it not stand on its own two feet, why all the subterfuge, oppression and force? We all know the answer to that question, because it can’t, so force must be brought to bear to stifle any dissent against these horrendous policies.

A Nation Adrift in a Sea of Corruption

We are a nation adrift in a sea of madness of socialist design and intention and most of all awash in corruption. What with the NSA, IRS, FEC, Benghazi and AP reporter scandals are all being swept under a very lumpy rug that just can’t quite cover it all, much less the stench which cannot be hidden by any means whatsoever.  We must understand that it is of our own making; many will question this thesis as being untrue but the evidence is compelling and overwhelming when viewed in its totality. 

The Roots of America’s Political Madness

Popular election of Senators, with the 17th Amendment was a terrible mistake that dissolved the States of their duty under the Constitution to monitor and direct their Senators in federal legislation. To keep their finger on the pulse and direction of the Federal Government in-check, since prior to this amendment they could appoint, recall and direct a Senators actions and voting in the Senate. This is an important point, as the States are the only entities that can amend the Constitution.

Our Founding Legacy

Never before in the history of man, have a people chosen to challenge the natural order of their day and declare with one voice that each individual is sovereign to themselves and not subject to the petty demands of monarchs, nobles and kings, and today presidents.

Blueprint to Restore the Republic-Repeal the 17th Amendment

Our system is broken; many enemies of our constitutionally defined system have taken notice and advantage of this fact. One of the issues that have clouded our Republic since 1913 is the ratification of the17th Amendment, which usurped the power of the State Legislatures by removing the ability of these bodies to appoint, recall and direct Senators in their duties.



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