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September 1, 2014

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Partisans Have Deeply Divided this Nation

September 1, 2014

Republicans and Democrats are more divided along ideological lines – and partisan antipathy is deeper and more extensive – than at any point in the last two decades. These trends manifest themselves in myriad ways, both in politics and in everyday life.

Conservatives Are Greatest Threat To Nation, Obama Suggests

September 1, 2014

Political conservatives are the greatest threat to the nation, President Barack Obama suggested in a kid-glove interview with the New York Times.

New Evidence in Eric Holder’s Operation Choke Point

September 1, 2014

Last year’s historic Colorado recall campaign may have been among the first victims of Attorney General Eric Holder’s Operation Choke Point.

U.S. to Give Iran Another $2.8 Billion, Concedes Enrichment

September 1, 2014

The United States will give Iran access to another $2.8 billion over the next several months and appears to have conceded to Iran’s demand that it be permitted to domestically enrich uranium, the key component in a nuclear weapon, according to senior Obama administration officials.

57,000 Reasons Immigration Overhaul May Be Stalled for Now

September 1, 2014

The crisis on the border with Mexico is rapidly overtaking President Obama’s plans to use executive action to reshape the nation’s immigration system, forcing him to confront a new set of legal, administrative and political complications.

CIA expert: Obama switched sides in war on terror

August 30, 2014

It’s an explosive charge, one that practically accuses the president of treason. A former CIA agent bluntly told WND, America has switched sides in the war on terror under President Obama.

Pew Research Shows Nation Deeply Polarized

We have a fascinating look at America given to us by Pew Research who has done an in-depth analysis on the polarization in America with a three month study of 10,000 adults. One of the most telling, finding is the amount of polarization since 2004, with people that identify with National Socialists who have a very unfavorable viewpoint of Republicans has increased by 31%.

For conservatives that value is a whopping 204% with 36% seeing National Socialists as a danger to the nation, for National Socialists they hold steady at 27% thinking conservatives are a danger.

Another striking, finding is that conservative viewpoint have held a consistent quantity of the population since 1994 with an -11% drop in people who identify as conservative. In the same time period the number of people who identify as National Socialists have taken people from the center and has grown by 62%. For those that identify as mixed that amount has shifted to the left by 21%.

The unfavorable view for National Socialists and Conservatives who’s views are very unfavorable was the same in 1994 with 16% for National Socialists and 17% for Conservatives. This viewpoint has exploded in the intervening 20 years with 38% of National Socialists holding a very unfavorable view, an increase of 238%. For Conservatives that value has changed by 253%. While ideological beliefs have remained  the same, the quantity of antipathy has increased dramatically showing an explosion in these very unfavorable viewpoints.  

This next finding is disturbing  and shows the propensity to transition this nation to a fascist state that we see with Obama:

However, there is as much ideological uniformity on the left as the right. The share of Democrats holding consistently liberal views has grown steadily over the past 20 years, quadrupling from 5% in 1994 to 23% today. Social issues like homosexuality and immigration that once drove deep divides within the Democratic Party are now areas of relative consensus. And Democrats have become more uniformly critical of business and more supportive of government.

This 460% increase in consistently liberal or statists views who want an increase in government intervention in their lives, is driving a wedge into our society. What are we to think when so many want to be taken care of by our government versus the self-reliance that conservatives hold most dear, or the belief that we have a right to be left alone. This paradigm shift has dire consequences because of our free market system supports this nations economy will be subjected to even more onerous regulation and cause a downward spiral in productivity if this trend is not reversed.

It will simply choke the engine of productivity and opportunity and our economy will plummet.

The partisan divide is just that, run the animation for politically active partisans and watch where it starts goes off the rails in 2008, and is now the farthest it has been since Pew began this research back in 1987 with this finding:

When responses to 10 questions are scaled together to create a measure of ideological consistency, the median (middle) Republican is now more conservative than nearly all Democrats (94%), and the median Democrat is more liberal than 92% of Republicans.

This same polarization is prevalent between Senators and Representatives:

As a result, using a widely accepted metric of ideological positioning, there is now no overlap between the two parties; in the last full session of Congress (the 112th Congress, which ran from 2011-12), every Republican senator and representative was more conservative than the most conservative Democrat (or, putting it another way, every Democrat was more liberal than the most liberal Republican).

This is what is driving the lack of compromise between Congress and the White House, or to put it another way my way or the highway. However, it does not legally give our resident tyrant, the right to use executive fiat with his laughable "pen and phone" tyranny to make wholesale changes to law and the rule of law.

This graphic shows the major difference on a range of issues that are affecting us today and captures the ideological differences, again it is not a catalyst, for the abrogation to the rule of law by executive fiat:

This tracks with the growing antipathy between conservatives and liberals with conservatives having a greater unfavorable rating for National Socialists by 36% with a 72% rating versus 53% for National Socialists view of conservatives.

Conservative antipathy of Obama runs deep with only 12% saying they approve of the job he is doing with 84% disapproving:

At least in part, the strongly negative views Republicans have of the Democratic Party reflect their deep-seated dislike of Barack Obama. In the current survey, just 12% of Republicans and Republican leaners say they approve of the job Obama is doing in office, while 84% disapprove, including 71% who very strongly disapprove.

With the world bursting into flames and the nation being balkanized we believe if this research were done today these numbers would be even worse for Obama.

Our last two presidents Obama and Bush have had similar views of polarization and we wonder what has created these views, is the dislike of Obama backlash for the treatment Bush received at the hand of the left. Or is it due to his policies that have accelerated and exacerbated our decline. We believe it is a function of decidedly partisan policies which are epitomized and culminate in the "pen and phone" strategy of executive fiat by order which are decidedly illegal:

But the two most recent presidents have not received even this minimal support. George W. Bush’s job ratings among Democrats were relatively strong in the post-9/11 period, but in the last five years of his presidency, only 12% of Democrats, on average, approved of his job performance. That is similar to Obama’s ratings among Republicans (14% on average) over the course of his presidency.

This polarization is also being seen in the perception of the news media with conservatives and liberals seeing MSNBC and FOX News with such disparate though equal ratings on their antipathy:

Which makes us believes that the media is a driving force for this polarization, or at least it is feeding the viewpoints of our political divide, the market has found a willing customer and is serving it what it wants. With a free press guaranteed in the first amendment, this was bound to happen, what we have seen though is the culling of news on the left leaning networks and media sources to keep their base happy. And for the right leaning sources more information to keep them aware and engaged. Both of these approaches tends to defeat a free press that just report the news since much of what is presented is opinion.

What is interesting is that data tends to show the more liberal position on gun, control, immigration, health care and an equal split on the NSA surveillance. This is what is probably driving the initiatives out of Obama and the National Socialists for these issues, couple this with 460% increase from those that identify as hard leftist leaning and they probably believe they have a mandate. If you wish to drill into this category follow this link.

What is the result of this polarization is that conservatives have been motivated to work within the existing political system to right the ship of state that has taken an u-turn on policies foreign or domestic and led to disastrous consequences for our nation and world.  It has caused them to be more engaged in the political process with voting and less so for political contributions:

This motivation to vote over the left is by a 34.5% margin and is significant, though can it translate into election victories in the upcoming midterms. We can only hope so.

While we have discussed the political divide and polarization that is occurring we have not found the definitive causal factor that has brought this about. We know that during the 1990's, that the nation was not as polarized as it is now, and we have had two presidents back to back that have been considered divisive. However, we have had the National Socialists berate GWB at every turn and made a mockery out of dissent with disrespect that only the left can show towards their opposition. It is 24/7/365 in your face ridicule and of the type that does not move the issues to resolution but only deepen the partisan divide.

We saw GWB hanged and burned in effigy, they even made a movie about assassinating him with the 2006 film Death of a President. This certainly set, the bar for presidential ridicule, we can't help thinking that this set the stage for all we are experiencing today.

What is different however, is that the right is stifled at every turn on the alphabet networks and have had to move to the internet and new media sources as most of the dissent of Obama has been shut down by them. These media mavens are only too willing to shout everyone down with the incessant shouts of "racist" when any criticism is made of Obama.

It is so bad that even Eric Holder has played this to great effect with his "nation of cowards" and "racial animus" when any dissent is leveled against him and Obama. Then we have the deliberate inflammatory rhetoric out of Obama who is fanning the flames of polarization from our Obama’s Divisional National Socialist Party Rhetoric article:

This is how Obama chose to act in this regard to his "balkanization" and "polarization" efforts in a speech in October 2013:

But Obama didn’t suggest he’s responsible for the nation’s political divides.

Obama’s claim of moderation is contradicted by much evidence.

For example, in October 2013, during the dispute over the 2014 budget, Obama used one speech to describe Republican legislators in the House as akin to arsonists, kidnappers, deadbeats, butchers, lunatics and extortionists, obsessives, out-of-touch hostage-takers, nuclear-armed bombers, and unserious irresponsible extremists.

What we are left with is a deeply divided nation that is being continuously polarized by partisans and we can't help blaming Obama and the National Socialists with such language which we discussed in the next paragraph from the article above:

For a president to use such divisive language is unheard in the history of the Republic.  It is our resident community organizer that has caused all the ills to befall our nation as he transitions this nation to a fascist state ruled by fiat and creates anarchy and chaos. It is in this cauldron of hate as this language signifies that Obama is planning his "final solution" to the divide in this nation that he himself created.

What that will it be, is yet to be seen though the action will be swift and possibly decisive, we believe he is bringing the nation to the brink of civil war.

Anarchy and chaos are what we are being brought to, we have seen all manner of abuse of power out of this regime and tyrant where the IRS harassed conservatives, the NSA records everything. Our veterans were ignored and allowed to die without treatment, despite knowing of this problem when Obama was a Senator. Fast & Furious which resulted in the death of hundreds of Mexican citizens in a gun running scheme to drug cartels, all in a failed attempt to bring about gun control.

Benghazi where an innocent man was sent to prison for producing a video that no one had seen and became a scape goat for Hilary Clinton and Obama during his reelection effort in 2012. Then the arming of ISIS and unleashing of this force on Iraq & Syria with arms from Benghazi. Then we have the release of five never to be released Islamic brigands for an army deserter and the release of others from Gitmo. Spying on the Senate and reporters, and on and on, so many, we cannot remember or keep up with them all.

And along the way allow an Islamofascist regime Iran to acquire nuclear weapons, then support and grant diplomatic recognition to Hamas and support them with $500 million dollars. Then allow Libyan citizens the right to study aviation and nuclear science in the US, repealing a ban put in place since the 1980's.

Then we have most egregious of them all the balkanization of our people and nation by allowing our border to be open for any that wish to steal across the border to be kept by a benevolent government, all to be future loyal National Socialist voters. As our heritage is destroyed and given to illiterate illegal aliens who's first act as citizens is to break our laws.

This is the result of this polarization, and we are certain that it is meant to fulfill the only promise Obama has kept, to "fundamentally transform our nation." From Pew Research Center.


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Please read the other five articles in sequence as they are supporting proof and arguments for this article, as they are presented.