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August 30, 2014

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CIA expert: Obama switched sides in war on terror

August 30, 2014

It’s an explosive charge, one that practically accuses the president of treason. A former CIA agent bluntly told WND, America has switched sides in the war on terror under President Obama.

White House Can’t Explain Iraq Objectives to Congress

August 30, 2014

Just two weeks after the Obama administration asked Congress to repeal the Iraq war authorization, the White House is failing to adequately explain to lawmakers the legal justification and concrete objectives for its airstrikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS).

(Originally published 8/13)

Iran’s Supreme Leader: Jihad Will Continue Until America is No More

August 30, 2014

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, all but said on Sunday that negotiations over the country’s illicit nuclear program are over and that the Islamic Republic’s ideals include destroying America. (Originally Published 5/27)

Iran demands U.S. 'disarmament'

August 30, 2014

“We urge our country’s nuclear negotiators that in addition to the talks with G5-1, to focus their efforts on full nuclear, chemical and microbial disarmament of the Zionist regime, the biggest threat to the region and world’s security, as well as the disarmament of the United States.” (Originally Published 5/28)

Exclusive–Sessions: Melt Down Senate's Phone Lines, Force Reid to Allow Vote on Executive Amnesty

August 30, 2014

He is calling on every American citizen to call their U.S. senators and demand to know where they stand on President Barack Obama’s planned executive amnesty. (Originally published 8/14)

Pentagon Official: The Obama Drone Kill Memo Is Out And Libertarians Were Right — It’s Murder

August 30, 2014

Instead of taking the U.S. citizens the administration accused of conspiring against the U.S. and her interests to court, the administration was looking for an easier way to solve the problem: They sought to kill them, and wanted the legal backing to do so. (Originally Published 6/26)

CIA Operative Obama Treachery is Treasonous

World Net Daily has interviewed Claire Lopez of the Center for Security Policy headed by Frank Gaffney a former Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Reagan administration, this group of top notch experts that know defense, security and foreign policy issues inside out. She has some startling matter of fact of statements that have mirrored the conclusions of our analysis. She has flatly stated that Obama our resident tyrant and president has switched sides in the war against Islamic Jihad:

“In any case, and for whatever motivations, there is no doubt this administration switched sides in what used to be called the Global War on Terror,” she said. “Even though President George W. Bush was obviously confused and mistaken when he called Islam a ‘religion of peace’ the day after 9/11, he wasn’t deliberately exonerating the perpetrators. Surrounded by Muslim Brotherhood agents of influence, he simply didn’t understand.”

We have gone further, and stated that Obama is acting as an agent for Islam from our Obama Spews Disinformation for Iran article:

What Obama has done in this circumstance and has been doing for years is classic ‘disinformation’ the question is why? I have gone on record as branding him an agent for Russia and Iran this action tends to support this analysis, it can be found in this article Obama’s Legacy In Libya.

She also discussed the propensity for Obama, John Brennan and others within this regime to continuously apologize for Islam:

Lopez felt it was impossible to understand why the president and some of his top appointees, such as CIA Director John Brennan, “consistently seem to apologize for Islam, even in the face of such atrocities as the Foley beheading,” adding, they “take pains to assure the world they don’t think IS, (or the Islamic State, also called ISIS) or whichever perpetrator it was, has anything to do with Islam. How can they possibly believe that genuinely when everything these jihadis do tracks directly to the literal text of Quran, hadiths and Shariah?”

We also had this question which we broached in our Obama Waging a Taqiya War With Islam & ISIL article:

He did not say this is Islam which it is, and so is attempting to make ISIL something other than what they actually say they are; an Islamic Caliphate that practice Sharia Law.

We have so much that is deeply disturbing about this Son of Islam that has at every avenue taken such a sharp u-turn with American ideals and beliefs that we have labeled him a usurper, of his office but also of our ideals and first principles that this nation was founded on, as he acts by fiat creating anarchy and chaos. Obama has taken the tack that he is above the law and in this respect is showing signs that he is a sociopath, couple this with the alliance with Islamic goals and the abrogation to the rule of law and we have a ready made traitor in the White House. However we are not done building our case against Obama.

Ms. Lopez had her most stunning accusation against the handling of Iran and their quest for nuclear weapons and missile delivery systems:

WND asked Lopez: How did America help Iran, the leading state sponsor of terrorism worldwide?

She said the Obama administration “consistently has engaged with this Iranian regime, pleaded with it to engage, and continue to engage, in obviously fruitless negotiations over their nuclear weapons program. The administration extended deadlines repeatedly, refused to hold Iran to account meaningfully for its terror support, including involvement in Sept. 11, lethal support to Iraqi militias in the 2000s and continuing harboring al-Qaida operations cell on its soil.”

Furthermore, Lopez insisted the administration refused to even broach certain key topics in negotiations (such as Iran’s intercontinental ballistic missile program) and failed to insist that earlier U.N. Security Council resolutions demanding Iran halt all nuclear enrichment be implemented before any further talks. Instead, she said the administration explicitly signaled, in the November 2013 Joint Plan of Action agreement, it would allow Iran to continue enrichment permanently.

She has come to the same conclusion that we have that Obama has in effect acted as an agent for Iran and guaranteed them the ability to enrich uranium and complete their missile delivery systems. We went further though we accused Obama of actively assisting them by providing funds for them to complete this work from our Obama Gives his Master in Iran Nuclear Capability article:

Now we are beginning to see the true duplicity out of Obama and his negotiations with Iran, the extended talks with them will now begin with a new perspective, they can continue their enrichment program:

The United States will give Iran access to another $2.8 billion over the next several months and appears to have conceded to Iran’s demand that it be permitted to domestically enrich uranium, the key component in a nuclear weapon, according to senior Obama administration officials.


None of this unexpected as we have consistently declared that these talks were a means to have Iran be given the time, money and technology to become nuclear from our Iran Nuclear Talks Will be Extended in Perpetuity article:

Amazing that Obama is willing to allow this situation to continue indefinitely so that Iran has the time, money and resources to build a nuclear weapon and delivery systems. However, he was not willing to stay in negotiations with Iraq to make sure that it was stable, no it was, get out of there as quickly as possible and now the entire Mideast is on fire, with guess who is coming out the leader unscathed...


Ms. Lopez went onto discuss ISIS, again we are in agreement that they are an Islamic proxy army, she says for Iran, we however are not sure who in fact they are acting for, though we do agree they should be allowed to obliterate one another:

“I don’t think the USA should act as cats’ paw for either side of an intra-Islamic sectarian squabble, which has at least a 50-50 chance of winding up a pan-Islamic alliance against us, even as Iran and al-Qaida remain joined in an operational terrorist alliance that began in 1990, brought us Sept. 11, and continues to this day. No one is talking about Iran and its role, whatever it is, regarding [ISIS]. That concerns me.”

We shared this concern about Iran and ISIS in our ISIL Shows Capabilities of Modern Military Planning article:

We are starting to rethink our previous analysis on ISIL as it now looks as if it is being led by some very sophisticated officers that are making tactical and strategic decision on the order of battle. One objective appears to be consolidating all the oil reserves in the Mideast under this Caliphate, the other is the destruction of any Sunni and Shia opposition to this goal. From the geopolitical perspective Iran may be behind this effort, staying in the shadows to destroy and/or gather all opposition to them.

We also have the curious withdrawal of the Obama regime from this region and abandoning all the spent blood and treasure in the region going so far as to ask Congress to repeal the war authorization for Iraq.

Given the facts as we now know them, it looks as if this move by ISIL is very forward looking and indicates that they are actually being led by others that have formal training in military planning and are being used by a foreign power that will consolidate all the oil reserves under one banner.

What are we to make of these revelations that are so obvious that untrained analysts such as us have come to the same conclusions as a twenty year veteran of the CIA with impeccable qualifications, training and experience.  Most of our staff is only trained in engineering and science and has come to analyze problem in a fundamental manner by asking a simple question "who benefits."

While we do not claim to have the specialized ability for in-depth analysis of individual players that Ms. Lopez could provide deep background on, we have chosen to stay at the upper level with our simple process to discern the truth of these matters.

Yet we come to the same conclusions, even using some of the same verbiage.

This means that we have done nothing extraordinary and that all the changes to this world and nation are in your face treason that have violated our Constitution and our founding principles. Therefore all Obama's treachery is simply obvious if your are a citizen that love their country and believes these principles, much less understands and accepts them, which Ms. Lopez discusses:

She wondered whether Americans were still willing to fight and die for such principles as independence, individual liberty, Bill of Rights freedoms, consent of the governed under rule of man-made law, noting, “At the very least, we are badly off the track envisioned by our Founding Fathers.”

“Our current national policy doesn’t even seem to consider ‘first things,’ or know what they are, when formulating and implementing recent foreign policy.”

She cited such examples as providing guns to al-Qaida in Libya, backing jihadist rebels in Syria, and what she described as enabling the mullahs’ nuclear ambitions while ignoring the Iranian people’s desperate struggle for liberty.

She has nailed the issue squarely on the head, we are being led down a path to our destruction by a regime that is not tethered or restrained by the Constitution and our founding principles. What's more his political affiliation is to the National Socialist Party, formerly known as the democrats but have morphed into fascists that are destroying the rule of law to implement a dictatorship of a tyrant who acts by fiat.

We have so many actions being forced onto our nation and people while Congress and our Courts stand by as spectators. We have suspected that the actions are meant to bring about insurrection and civil war. We have indications that this is bearing fruit with the recent riots in Ferguson Missouri and Rick Perry sending the National Guard to protect our southern border in Texas from the illegal alien invasion and balkanization that is being crafted out of the White House.

As this usurper is forcing his will on the entire nation, with dire consequences to follow for us and the world. From WND.

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Please read the other five articles in sequence as they are supporting proof and arguments for this article, as they are presented.