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Tyrants Reign In World Today

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August 19, 2014

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Lefty Law Professor: That Indictment Against Rick Perry is "Un-American"

August 19, 2014

Either way, Republicans in the state, and Perry’s backers, have stuck by him, arguing that his decision to veto the legislation, however one wants to interpret what he did, was legal. And Alan Dershowitz, of all people, a liberal scholar at Harvard Law School, wholeheartedly agrees.

Missouri Governor Orders National Guard to Ferguson

August 19, 2014

Missouri's governor on Monday ordered the National Guard to a St. Louis suburb convulsed by protests over the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teen, after a night in which police used tear gas to clear protesters off the streets well ahead of a curfew.

WHO: Ebola Affected Countries Must Conduct 'Exit Screenings' at Airports, Borders

August 19, 2014

The World Health Organization is strongly urging countries affected by the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa-- Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Nigeria-- to screen individuals leaving the country for the virus at airports, seaports, and border crossings.

Liberia Fears Ebola Spread After Clinic Looting

August 19, 2014

Residents of a Liberian slum have looted a quarantined clinic for patients suspected of carrying the deadly virus, carrying off items including "bloody sheets and mattresses," now officials fear "Ebola could soon spread through the capital's largest slum."

Report: “Hundreds” of Yazidis Are Taking Up Arms Against ISIS

August 19, 2014

How many Yazidi men, women and children have been massacred by the Islamic State? The short answer is we don’t really know.

Islamic State Executed 700 People from Syrian Tribe

August 18, 2014

The Islamic State militant group has executed 700 members of a tribe it has been battling in eastern Syria during the past two weeks, the majority of them civilians, a human rights monitoring group and activists said on Saturday.

We have not wanted to enter this fray as these types of events seem to be so typical these days in the age on unbridled welfare given to captured inner city citizens mostly black. However; what does not happen every day is that a Governor calls out the National Guard to quell violence in the streets as has just happened in Missouri:

Gov. Jay Nixon said the National Guard would help "in restoring peace and order" to Ferguson, where protests over the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown by a white police officer entered their second week. Police said they acted in response to gunfire, looting, vandalism and protesters who hurled Molotov cocktails.

What concerns us is that our society is breaking down and we have some disturbing indications of this breakdown from the economic front which is the nexus for most of all this violence. Since Obama has been president we have had a 23% drop in wages since 2008 from our Middle Class Has Lost 23% of Wages Since 2008 article:

We have reported the economic destruction of the Obama regimes policies, and how this tyrant has been reducing opportunity, and lying about the economic reporting of this reality. People no longer see a prosperous economy under the heavy regulatory environment of this fascist regime, we have a sad statistic to report:

In total, the report found $93 billion in lost wages.

Jobs lost during the recession paid an average $61,637. As of 2014, jobs in the same sectors paid an average of $47,171 annually.

"Under a similar analysis conducted by the Conference of Mayors during the 2001-2002 recession, the wage gap was only 12% compared to the current 23%--meaning the wage gap has nearly doubled from one recession to the next," stated the Conference of Mayors in a statement.  

The report also found that 73% of metro area households earn salaries of less than $35,000 a year.

This precipitous drop in wages is felt more acutely in the neighborhoods of our inner cities, which are predominately held by political machines. Most are creatures of the National Socialists that  bleed these cities dry, with union contracts, give away programs, subsidized housing, food stamps, welfare, medicaid and others. What these cities usually do not have is good education and opportunities for employment.

What we see under our resident tyrant that our nation is fast becoming a two class system, the ruling class and the poor. With much of our productive class being used to subsidize more citizens to the point that now one will be unaffected.

Everyone's tempers are getting short, blacks, hispanics, everyone who has been divided by the constant polarization and politics of division out of Obama and his National Socialist party. Whether it is an American taxpayer that has to pay for the destruction to our economy and our way of life for the subsidizing of a welfare state to generate even more National Socialist voters to keep this crazy system going all the while importing even more illegal aliens into the mix.

We are all being placed in this pressure cooker of class warfare, with Obama turning up the heat.

This is a recipe for disaster and it is being fomented in the White House by Obama who has purposely stirring the pot along with the racial industry grievance hucksters like, Melissa Harris Perry, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the MSM.

This nation is being taken to the brink and we had better start taking out the trash to end this nightmare with most of it residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and is a pretty good place to start. From Breitbart.

Missouri Governor Sends National Guard to Ferguson

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