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August 16, 2014

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Limited U.S. Airstrikes in Iraq Impede Fight Against ISIL

August 16, 2014

President Barack Obama has missed a key opportunity to deliver a blow to Islamic militants in Iraq by authorizing only limited airstrikes, making it more difficult to combat the security threat posed by the jihadist group, a leading military expert said on Thursday.

Hamas: We're building more rockets

August 16, 2014

The radical Muslims of Hamas in the Gaza Strip claim they have been building missiles to restock the cache they launched against Israel.

Women Take Up Arms Against The Islamic State

August 16, 2014

Hundreds of women stand armed and ready to bring the fight to the Islamic State on behalf of Iraq’s Kurdish population.

Judge Demands Answers After IRS Contradicts Sworn Testimony on Lerner’s Scratched Hard Drive

August 16, 2014

U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan Thursday ordered the Internal Revenue Service to come up with new answers after IRS employees contradicted sworn testimony about damage to Lois Lerner’s hard drive.

Postal Service Apologizes for Denying Mail Deliveries to Israel

August 16, 2014

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is apologizing to customers in several states who were reportedly denied delivery of their mail to Israel, according to a USPS spokesman.

'Secure America Now' Drops 'Daisy 2' Attack Ad on Obama

August 15, 2014

Secure America Now, a 501(c)4 nonprofit focusing on defense and foreign policy issues, is dropping a bomb on President Barack Obama--figuratively, anyway--as national security becomes an issue in the midterm elections.

Airstrikes Against ISIL Has Them Going To Ground

The Islamic State IS, has shown an amazing ability to adapt to the battle that is presented them, now that they have been hit with limited airstrikes they have moved to traditional Islamic insurgent tactics and blended in with civilians:

However, one U.S. defense expert said the limited air campaign had provoked a change in ISIL’s behavior. Rather than operating like an army with conventional formations as the group had done previously, the militants are now acting like insurgents and mixing in with civilians.

“There was a long period when the Islamic State was operating in the open, was maneuvering relatively larger formations, was maneuvering vehicles, and was operating like a conventional force,” said Frederick Kagan, director of the American Enterprise Institute’s (AEI) Critical Threats Project, during an online event. “It presented us with a lot of targets that we probably could have hit from the air.”

Now the jihadists are blending in with the civilian population, making them much more difficult to target. Kagan noted recent comments by Lt. Gen. William Mayville Jr., director for operations with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that the U.S. airstrikes “are unlikely to affect [ISIL’s] overall capabilities or its operations in other areas of Iraq and Syria” and that they are not “somehow breaking the momentum of the threat.”

This ability to be fluid and adapt to the challenges being presented to them is what has caused them to be so successful in their battles with the Iraqi army. In the early phases of their operations, they could have been dealt decisive blows with airstrikes when they were in the open moving in columns. Now it will take a concerted effort with boots on the ground to dislodge them.

We had serious concerns in yesterday's assessment by Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James from our Air Force Secretary Claims Yazidi Out of Danger…? article who made the extraordinary claim that they had been broken:

Then we have the troubling statements that these limited airstrikes have significantly thwarted ISIL on their ground offensive. We simply do not believe you and it sounds more like sound bites and propaganda to puff up our resident tyrant Obama and make him out to be some kind of hero. He was dragged kicking and screaming to do anything and we mentioned of this in our May 9th Obama Ignores Persecution of Christians article.

As we said yesterday everything out of this regime is optics and no real threat is being visited on ISIL and we have continuously been hitting the point that our resident Obama is an agent for Islam and has been helping them every step of the way.

Clearly Ms. James assessment is less than truthful as we suspected it may be from our article:

Everything from this tyrant and his regime is a lie, it is, one lie after another. We are never given an honest assessment of any situation, you name it economy, jobs, health care etc. This time, we are treated to an incredible outcome and perspective from Ms. James, we would certainly have appreciated an honest appraisal on the scope and magnitude of the current effort.

The UN has just declared Iraq a level 3 emergency…which is it?

We have the UN declaring Iraq a level 3 emergency, and this assessment by Frederick Kagan. We have a serious problem in this nation we have a president who has been actively thwarting our ally Israel that has been attacked by Hamas another Islamic death cult and he has been holding weapons back from shipment to them.

While at the same time Obama just sent 5000 hellfire missiles to Iraq, curious about these missiles, along with the tomahawk are scheduled to be eliminated without any follow on missile to take their place and has stopped production of these weapons.

We have suspected that these sales to Islamist's are to deplete the inventory and leave our nation defenseless.

Then we have him setting the entire Mideast on fire and he retreats from this region just as it is completely engulfed in flames, instead he turns his attention to our nation and is stoking the fires here at home with his border crisis and extra-legal actions on immigration.

He has also inexplicably rescinded the restriction for Libyan nationals to receive training and education in our nation for aircraft maintenance, aircraft flight training and the study of nuclear science. Claiming that relations have been normalized between the USA and Libya, which is now a failed state thanks to Obama.

Obama is simply throwing gasoline on the Mideast and helping every Islamist organization at the same time, stoking the fires of hatred, and genocide.

He now turned his gaze upon our nation and it’s our turn to get the Obama treatment. From Free Beacon.

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