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Tyrants Reign In World Today

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August 11, 2014

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Conservatives Are Greatest Threat To Nation, Obama Suggests

August 11, 2014

Political conservatives are the greatest threat to the nation, President Barack Obama suggested in a kid-glove interview with the New York Times.

Federal Court Refuses To Block N.C. Voter ID Law

August 11, 2014

Yesterday, the U.S. District Court For The Middle District Of North Carolina refused to block the state’s voter ID law, which will be enforced in the upcoming midterm elections.

Acosta to WH: Does Obama Still Think ISIL is a ‘JV’ Team?

August 11, 2014

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta questioned White House press secretary Josh Earnest about President Obama’s previous comment comparing ISIL to a “JV team.”

Horrors of ISIS (Graphic Images)

August 11, 2014

How bad is the genocidal terror state created across Syria and Iraq on Barack Obama's watch?

Obama: Bad Intelligence Behind ISIS Underestimation

August 11, 2014

Saturday from the White House South Lawn, President Barack Obama blamed "intelligence estimates" for not anticipating the speed in which ISIS would capture large sections of Iraq.

Fournier: Obama ‘Underestimator in Chief’

August 11, 2014

National Journal’s Ron Fournier blasted President Obama for his failure to act effectively in urgent situations, like the growing threat that is ISIL in Iraq, and dubbed him “underestimator in chief” on Fox News Sunday.

This is Islam. Many would say that these are acts of ISIL, what we are seeing is only Islam that has been unleashed once again in all it's naked glory. Like these children buried alive and a little girl that was brutally decapitated, we can only wonder on the horror, terror and misery they faced in their final moments. And we ask God to hold them close and and brush their tears and pain away. To be wrenched from life so violently at such tender ages by such barbaric and inhumane ways speak volumes.

Are we listening…?

We have heard for years Islam is a religion of "Peace and Love" look hard at these pictures and try to find the peace and love of these heinous acts. We see the unfettered Sharia law of Islam being practiced on a civilized people, the blood lust and carnage is swift, brutal and medieval. These acts of barbarity harken back to 7th century and the birth of Islam by Mohamed and we are now seeing the resurgence of this death cult preying upon humanity once again.

The Yazidi are a minority Kurdish people of Iraq and ISIL has given them, the age old choice, "submit or die" which is the custom of Sharia law. Islam mean submission and forced conversion to Islam so these people have been given a choice to turn their back on their traditions, religion and way of life and live or refuse and die a brutal death:

Yazidis in Iraq are telling stories of mass murder and rape to their relatives abroad - including in Israel, where (contrary to the endless stream of garbage pumped by the terrorists of Hamas and their sympathizers) minorities are protected and human rights are respected.  "Two hundred and fifty men were killed while Islamic State men stood around holding a flag that says Allahu Akbar," one Yazidi told his brother in Israel.

Then we have the optics of the situation where our resident tyrant Obama had been adamant about Iraq giving them the command that they would need to create an inclusive government that is acceptable to Obama before any American help would be given. This is akin to the fabled act of Sisyphus rolling his rock up the hill only to have it roll down again time and time again for all eternity. For he has sown the seeds of their own destruction in 2011, when he failed to negotiate a status of forces agreement with Iraq:

Foreign policy is all about timing.  Stopping ISIS when it was on the move into Mosul - with an almost laughably small initial invasion force that nevertheless caused Iraqi forces to break and run - would have been relatively simple.  Protecting communities under their thrall from ethnic cleansing is vastly more difficult.  Ejecting them from their conquered territory is impossible with only a few targeted bombing runs.

These are the images that world will remember and history will show contempt for the usurper we have in the White House as a traitor to the American people and world. His action in this regard are horrendous and it is disgraceful that this nation has fallen so far. We have a traitor to every ideal that this nation stands for we can only pray that this nation wakes to the reality that we have this malevolent tyrant destroying all that is proper, just and wholesome before we too fall to these dark forces he has unleashed on this world.

Gaze upon these pictures and ask yourself is this what this nation believes in, and if so, what are those beliefs? If not what are we going to do about making the changes to our government that are so justly required. From Breitbart.

Islam’s Barbarity & Genocide on Display in Iraq

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