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July 19, 2014

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Budget Raises Questions on Admin's Foreknowledge of Border Crisis

July 19, 2014

While the Obama Administration has largely expressed surprise at the sharp increase in illegal immigrants from Central America this year, the Health and Human Services (HHS) budget for processing unaccompanied foreign minors has exploded in recent years, raising questions about whether the administration could have foreseen, or did foresee, the crisis.

Surrender by Another Name: Obama's Endless Iran Negotiations

July 19, 2014

Just a day after media reports warned that no progress was being made in negotiations between the P5+1 alliance of Western nations and Iran regarding that nation’s illegal nuclear weapons program, US Secretary of State John Kerry cited significant progress in a bid to set the state for an expected announcement of yet another reprieve for Iran’s nuclear program.

Conservative Pundits Lose it Over Obama’s Response to Ukraine Crisis

July 19, 2014

The president’s unimpressive response to the downing of Malaysian Airline Flight 17 yesterday (all passengers on board lost their lives, some of whom were reportedly Americans) was met with distain from pundits all across the political spectrum.

Congressman Predicts Victory in Lawsuit Against Obama

July 18, 2014

Rep. Tom Rice (R., S.C.) and constitutional law expert David Rivkin on Wednesday predicted victory in the lawsuit the House is launching against President Barack Obama.

Top Justice official denies conspiring with IRS on tea party targeting

July 18, 2014

Deputy Attorney General James Cole assured Congress Thursday that the Justice Department didn’t conspire with the IRS to try to target tea party groups, and he said the FBI didn’t even know it had been given private taxpayer information by the tax agency until years afterward.

Hagel quietly notifies Congress of transfer of 6 Gitmo detainees

July 18, 2014

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel quietly notified Congress last week that the military is set to transfer six Guantanamo Bay prisoners to Uruguay as soon as next month, The New York Times revealed Wednesday.

Looks like Susan Rice and Obama have worn down Chuck Hagel Secretary of Defense since he has notified Congress of the transfer of six Gitmo prisoners to Uruguay. We first reported on this story in June and his statement back then:

Now we have this imperative from Obama to empty Gitmo of as many prisoners as possible. Why, now and what is the urgency? If it is too close Gitmo he is almost five year to late for that promise.

Secretary of Defense Hagel is taking his time and making sure that he is confident that this is right decision with his statement below:

Secretary Hagel was unusually direct in expressing his open opposition to White House pressure. “My name is going on that document. That's a big responsibility," said Hagel. He added, "I am taking my time. I owe that to the American people, to ensure that any decision I make is, in my mind, responsible.”

Now with the release of these prisoners after the Bergdhal for five for one Taliban blue plate special we have these statements:

“Although we will not discuss certain aspects of our communications with Congress, we continue to move forward in transferring Guantanamo detainees and will continue to comply with the law in notifying Congress 30 days in advance of any transfer,” said Lt. Col. Myles Caggins III, a Pentagon spokesman.

State Department spokesman Ian Moss told The Times: “The United States is grateful to our partner, Uruguay, for this significant humanitarian gesture, and appreciates the Uruguayan government’s generous assistance as the United States continues its efforts to close the detention facility at Guantanamo.”

What on earth are these miscreants and tyrants thinking, with Islam on the rise in the Mideast and Iran, and ISIS recruiting everywhere they can. These Islamic brigands are being released in South America where Iran is busy building influence, ominous is all we can say. Does Chuck Hagel and Obama know that our border is open for business and that these jihadists will probably just stroll north into our nation for retribution for their incarceration, hmm?

These are Islamist's after all and are not prone to be rehabilitated, unless they turn themselves into a smart bomb and murder innocent civilians. The timing, optics and hemisphere seems out of place given all that is happening lately, but like everything out of this regime, and these tyrants the ends justify the means and is the destruction of our nation. From Washington Times.

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Six GITMO Detainees to be Released to  Uruguay