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Tyrants Reign In World Today

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July 18, 2014

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57,000 Reasons Immigration Overhaul May Be Stalled for Now

July 18, 2014

The crisis on the border with Mexico is rapidly overtaking President Obama’s plans to use executive action to reshape the nation’s immigration system, forcing him to confront a new set of legal, administrative and political complications.

Documents Detail Heinous Crimes Committed by Gang Members Being Housed in Nogales Processing Center

July 18, 2014

Late last week I reported 16 MS-13 gang members exploiting the unaccompanied minor crisis were being housed at a Border Patrol processing center in Nogales, Arizona.

White House Refuses To Answer If The Border Is Secure

July 18, 2014

Delusional, infantile, childish, psychotic, intentionally lying are all appropriate adjectives for this video.

Congressman Predicts Victory in Lawsuit Against Obama

July 18, 2014

Rep. Tom Rice (R., S.C.) and constitutional law expert David Rivkin on Wednesday predicted victory in the lawsuit the House is launching against President Barack Obama.

Top Justice official denies conspiring with IRS on tea party targeting

July 18, 2014

Deputy Attorney General James Cole assured Congress Thursday that the Justice Department didn’t conspire with the IRS to try to target tea party groups, and he said the FBI didn’t even know it had been given private taxpayer information by the tax agency until years afterward.

Hagel quietly notifies Congress of transfer of 6 Gitmo detainees

July 18, 2014

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel quietly notified Congress last week that the military is set to transfer six Guantanamo Bay prisoners to Uruguay as soon as next month, The New York Times revealed Wednesday.

The feckless lawlessness of Obama and his National Socialist regime know no bounds as they are deliberately allowing known criminal illegal aliens that have admitted to murder, mayhem and violent crimes in their country of origin. They are being classified as 'children' and being left among all the others that coming across illegally, they are also recruiting new gang members while they are in custody. Gang activity continues in the Nogales holding facility with this stunning admission from Border Patrol agents:

Another MS-13 member with the last name Garcia admitted to receiving a phone call while in the processing center from El Salvador with orders to carry out a murder on a rival gang member.

"Garcia stated he received a call from homeboy who is incarcerated in an El Salvadoran prison. This individual ordered Garcia to kill a rival 18th Street gang member," documents state. "Garcia stated his plans were to reunite in Los Angeles with his father."

So much for our tyrant in chief saying these immigrants are not dangerous. The logical conclusion, we can draw from these admissions from the MS-13 and 18th Street Gang members is that they do not fear any repercussions for their admitting to crimes in their native lands:

In an interview with Border Patrol agents, 15-year-old self admitted MS-13 member with the last name Aguilar said he killed a member of rival gang 18th Street six months ago with a fully automatic Uzi before coming to the United States.

"He claims he walked over to the wounded rival, and emptied the magazine into the rival's body," interview documents show.

Aguilar also admitted to, "being involved in extortion for the gang," and "collecting money from local vendors and threatening them if they refused to pay."

These are undesirable criminal illegal aliens that are fugitives from justice in their country of origin and they are being readied to be released into our nation and among our citizens. How can we allow such madness we touched on this with our lead story today about the lawlessness from this regime that has dispensed with the rule of law, for the anarchy of executive action by fiat.

This is what Obama is intending to do with these criminals and miscreants:

According to sources inside the processing center, these unaccompanied MS-13 and 18th Street minors are being held for placement inside the United States.

This is criminal and wanton depraved indifference releasing known murderers and psychopaths into our nation when we know they are criminals, the law is being twisted and destroyed that gang members will be let loose that will prey on our nations people. To think otherwise is insane, dangerous and willful dereliction of duty on the part of our so-called government.

This is a dangerous gambit that Obama is playing and will end in the tragic and preventable deaths of our citizens.

Obama's action are criminal, tyrannical and this tyrant should be arrested and prosecuted for his many crimes if we fail in this regard means that we are no longer constrained by the rule of law and it is total anarchy.

If it is, war he wants, it is, war he may well get. From Townhall.


MS-13  Street Gang Members Crowding Border

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