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July 17, 2014

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Hundreds of cities fight back against 'invasion'

July 17, 2014

A massive protest scheduled for July 18 and 19 across the United States is aimed at stopping the influx of Central American children flooding across the border, and more than a dozen smaller community protests already have played roles in stopping the children from being brought there.

Illegals 'bigger invasion than Normandy'

July 17, 2014

President Obama said he won’t go to the border because he doesn’t want to do a “photo-op.”

Oklahoma Gov: Obama Admin Has Failed on Border Security, Allowed This Huge Influx

July 17, 2014

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin condemned the Obama administration’s “failure” to maintain border security Wednesday\ on America’s Newsroom during a discussion about illegal immigrants being sent by the federal government into her state.

Armed Citizens Gather in Michigan, Protest 'Invasion' of Illegal Immigrants

July 17, 2014

On July 14 citizens carrying American flags, Gadsden flags, and signs saying, "Seal Border" marched through Vassar, Michigan, in protest of the "invasion" by illegal immigrants and plans to house Central American children there.

US Secretary of State John Kerry cites 'very real gaps' in Iran nuclear negotiations

July 17, 2014

US Secretary of State John Kerry cites 'very real gaps' in Iran nuclear negotiations.

Report: Deficit To Soon Skyrocket To Historic World War II Heights

July 17, 2014

The Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) latest report says that although the federal deficit this year is the lowest of the Obama era, in the near future, it is expected to skyrocket to World War II heights.

We have this estimation on the invasion of our nation and a comparison to the invasion of Europe during WWII at Normandy:

The numbers are astounding.

The New York Times reports an estimated 290,000 illegal immigrants, including 52,000 unaccompanied children, have crossed the border illegally in the Rio Grande Valley to cities around the county, just in recent months.

“There are more people coming across the border than we sent to invade France in World War II,” marveled Stockman.

“That is an invasion of our nation, and most of them are coming into Texas. We need to take quick action.”

This is the size and scope of the invasion we are facing and the National Socialists in our government and their Party have not done one thing to turn this invasion force back. Far from it they have been complicit with this invasion at every step of the way. We have the pandering Louis Guiterrez who is nothing more than an illegal Immigration pimp:

National Socialist dissembler and Congressman Luis Gutierrez, says that we should not politicize the illegal immigrant children crossing the border:

“These are children. First of all, we should depoliticize it as part of the immigration debate,” he said on MSNBC.

How's that, come again depoliticize this, did we read that correctly?

Please, do not insult our intelligence this whole nightmare has been politicized by the National Socialists to balkanize this nation, who is this miscreant fooling, the only thing missing is “it’s for the children.”

Who is followed in this effort to balkanize our nation by none other than the vice president Joe Biden, another illegal immigration pimp.

Well Joe, we have another of the unbridled illegal immigration pimps on parade that is trying desperately to sell the massive wave of illegal immigrants that have crashed our borders looking forward to a new life of welfare and the National Socialist utopia of misery. You join Luis Gutierrez as just another NSD illegal immigration pimp.

We have this from Joe:

Specifically, he called for a “constant, unrelenting stream” of new immigrants — “not dribbling [but] significant flows,” to bolster the national economy, The Hill reported.

Thanks to you, Obama, Luis Gutierrez and bevy of National Socialists that are pushing your nation destroying line that is only balkanizing the nation, we have this steady stream of immigrants and here they are in there practically naked glory.

Say it's not so Joe, how is it that these border crashers and invaders that are illiterate and without any skills will "bolster the national economy" do they have untold riches they will invest in our sagging economy made that way by the unbridled deficit spending of your regime. Then the outrageous supplemental request to house, feed and transport these illegal unskilled invaders that your regime sent to Congress would cost us $250 per alien per day, when we only spend $168 dollars on your current captured electorate. You know your multi-generational welfare recipients in the inner cities. This sounds more like an in your face appropriation that will cause social friction in the inner city neighborhoods to us with your current electorates.

How is any of this going to bolster our economy?

Then we have two other shocking details that bother us as we have proof that this is a well thought out plan to supplant the American people with these illiterate invaders, the first is the solicitation in January for illegal alien escorts.

So how did you know these invaders were coming before they even massed on our border...? Was it your crystal ball, a séance, or does your regime employ psychics the same as the first National Socialist did.

The only reasonable conclusion that can be drawn, given the 'facts' is that this was deliberate, but we are not done we have further evidence to present on the collusion with drug and human smuggling cartels in this matter.

We have a federal judge in Texas that found that the Department of Homeland security had been complicit and had colluded with these cartels back in December of 2103. So we have a glaring fact, that means that this was an engineered crisis by Obama and other tyrants like Joe Biden and Louis Guiterrez from our Federal Judge Obama Owns Immigration Crisis article:

We have been reporting on the unbridled immigration by the fascist National Socialist regime of Obama and his band of henchman that are assisting, we have now been vindicated in our editorial assaults against this lawlessness and destruction to the rule of law. U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen has made the following statements that mirrors our assumptions on the illegal acts of Obama and tyrannical regime:

“The Department of Homeland Security, instead of enforcing our border security laws, actually assisted the criminal conspiracy [of child-smuggling] in achieving its illegal goals,” writes a federal judge in a court order.

U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen in Brownsville, Texas, issued the order in December. It explains and condemns how today’s crisis was created by President Barack Obama’s laxity and refusal to enforce our immigration laws. An estimated 10,000 unaccompanied children are being apprehended each month as they are smuggled into the U.S. yet permitted to stay. Military bases and facilities in Texas, Arizona and California are overflowing, so another 600 are being transferred to Fort Sill, Okla.

Here’s a riddle we thought was appropriate, when is an invasion not an invasion? When it has been engineered to harm the very people it has been aimed against that is simply the American people. An invasion infers it is against the will of the people it is aimed at, the American people see it as an invasion, it was engineered by our current regime in power, making it an act of treason, to act against the will of the people.

But that is nothing new for these fascists remember we didn’t want Obamacare either.

The quest for unbridled power by Obama and the National Socialist Party to create hegemony is what is at stake here, they do not even care if they are Americans, in fact they prefer that they not be. That is why these illiterate third world invaders are being encouraged and facilitated to come here to create your utopia based on absolute power and rule over others.

These invaders are simply a pliant people conditioned to a life of multi-generational welfare, or soon will be and grateful for it, and will show their appreciation at the ballot box.

If the American people actually wanted increased immigration we would have done so through our elected members of Congress; not have it forced on us by these furtive and illegal means.

This is just further proof that we have a usurper in the White House who is acting as an agent for foreign powers and destroying this nation by a domestic enemy. Who is allowing this invasion force into our nation is an act of war against this nations people. From WND.


Illegal Alien Invasion Dwarfs Normandy from WWII

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