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July 16, 2014

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Murder Rate in O'Malley's Baltimore Rivals Central American Countries

July 16, 2014

Ambitious Democrat Maryland Governor and former Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley is insisting that the illegal immigrant children flooding across the border from Central America should be treated as "refugees" and given asylum so they are not sent back to "certain death."

Sessions Warns All of Congress: Obama's New Immigration Strategy 'Threatens Foundation of Our Constitutional Republic'

July 16, 2014

“I write to inform you of a development that threatens the foundation of our constitutional Republic,” Sessions, Congress’s top immigration hawk, wrote in a letter that was hand-delivered to all 535 members of Congress.

Massachusetts Sheriff: ‘We’re All Becoming Border States’

July 16, 2014

Massachusetts Sheriff Tom Hodgson is speaking out against the flow of illegal immigrants to his state, saying, “We’re all becoming border states now.”

White House: Not a Mistake to Ease Iran Sanctions

July 16, 2014

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Monday it was not a mistake to ease sanctions on Iran, rejecting a recent report that the lessened sanctions are undermining U.S. influence in negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program.

DRIVING THEM SOUTH: Mossberg Is The Latest Company Shift Jobs Out Of Anti-Liberty Connecticut

July 16, 2014

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy was more than happy to capitalize on the deaths of children at Sandy Hook Elementary School to push his anti-gun agenda. He doesn’t have quite as much to say now, as the law he signed is creating new jobs… in Texas.

Never Watch Another Obama Speech Again!

July 16, 2014

After watching this video will cure you of ever seeing another one again.


Baltimore Has Murder Rate as High as Guatemala

The exposure of the National Socialist propensity for creating and fostering dangerous social conditions for their politics, of creating electorates at the expense of common decency and wholesome environments for their constituents is well documented. It is found in every major city in America.

Which came first the crime, poor education, squalid living conditions and lack of economic opportunity. What came after President Johnson's war on Poverty, were any of these conditions eliminated, did the inner city poor have less crime, better schools and jobs in which to raise themselves out of poverty.

The answer for all these questions is a resounding no...

What happened, is that not only have these conditions not been ameliorated, they have worsened with  the disintegration of the black and minority family unit into single parent families and the wildly successful eugenics program of the National Socialists, abortion is decimating these peoples replacement rate in our society.

Violent crime has flourished to the point that in Baltimore, Chicago and other major cities the murder rate rivals such places as El Salvador and Guatemala with murder rates as high as 45.2 per 100,000. The driver for all this wanton murder is, drugs and cartels that push their misery onto a captured poor population that has little opportunity for success. Less so, since they are now a captured electorate to National Socialist policies and politicians.

Here are the statistics for Baltimore:

During O'Malley's last five years as Baltimore's mayor, the city's homicide rate was higher than Guatemala's and El Salvador's. And O'Malley's final year in office was the most murderous of his eight-year tenure. According to official data, Baltimore's homicide rates remained high during O'Malley's tenure:

    2000: 40.3 (per 100,000)

    2001: 38.7

    2002: 37.7

    2003: 41.9

    2004: 43.5

    2005: 42.0

    2006: 43.3

    2007: 45.2

What has happened is that these people have simply been exploited by politicians that allow this misery and abuse to continue because they are a reliable voting bloc every election. They are also continuing the war on poverty to buy these votes and their political power based on this massive transfer of our wealth that is keeping these people in the bondage of virtual slavery.

The paltry sum that is used to buy these votes has also caused animosity that they are being bought so cheaply when their living conditions are so squalid.

Much needs to be said about the destruction of the work ethic that these pernicious social programs have wrought which has simply transferred the responsibility to Washington for their well-being. They are now seeing their meal ticket threatened with the border invasion and the money being spent to create yet another electorate by these same politicians.  

Will these new illiterate border crashers be any different?

What can be said for people that have conditioned themselves to live in a war zone of the inner city, and they do so with little uproar or protest for a monthly stipend from Washington and vote every two years is all that is required. In the end nothing will change the only thing that has is that we are all the poorer since we have given so much of the national treasure to keep minorities contained in the inner cities where they prey on one another and life is still the same for them, out of sight out of mind.

That is all about to change as, now the effort to add to this horrendous system of human misery for dollars scheme is going to be squeezed with even more people on the federal dole with these border invaders and who gets what and where will blow the cauldron off this scheme for votes program.

It is not unreasonable to expect race riots and violence like we saw in 1960's, factor in the racial polarization and intimidation of conservatives from Obama and Holder and we have a tinder box ready to blow.

No one has been immune or spared in their polarization efforts it is everyone in this nation, he hates us all equally, white, yellow, brown, red and black it is simply because we are Americans as he is a Son of Islam and foreign usurper for his masters in Iran and Russia.

These tyrants have also been creating a Fifth Column of criminal illegal aliens to light the match and we have the national emergency that Obama may use to finish the job of destroying our rights he began in 2009.  From Breitbart.

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