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Tyrants Reign In World Today

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July 16, 2014

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Murder Rate in O'Malley's Baltimore Rivals Central American Countries

July 16, 2014

Ambitious Democrat Maryland Governor and former Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley is insisting that the illegal immigrant children flooding across the border from Central America should be treated as "refugees" and given asylum so they are not sent back to "certain death."

Sessions Warns All of Congress: Obama's New Immigration Strategy 'Threatens Foundation of Our Constitutional Republic'

July 16, 2014

“I write to inform you of a development that threatens the foundation of our constitutional Republic,” Sessions, Congress’s top immigration hawk, wrote in a letter that was hand-delivered to all 535 members of Congress.

Massachusetts Sheriff: ‘We’re All Becoming Border States’

July 16, 2014

Massachusetts Sheriff Tom Hodgson is speaking out against the flow of illegal immigrants to his state, saying, “We’re all becoming border states now.”

White House: Not a Mistake to Ease Iran Sanctions

July 16, 2014

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Monday it was not a mistake to ease sanctions on Iran, rejecting a recent report that the lessened sanctions are undermining U.S. influence in negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program.

DRIVING THEM SOUTH: Mossberg Is The Latest Company Shift Jobs Out Of Anti-Liberty Connecticut

July 16, 2014

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy was more than happy to capitalize on the deaths of children at Sandy Hook Elementary School to push his anti-gun agenda. He doesn’t have quite as much to say now, as the law he signed is creating new jobs… in Texas.

Never Watch Another Obama Speech Again!

July 16, 2014

After watching this video will cure you of ever seeing another one again.

The propaganda never stops out this regime that is nothing more than a front for Iran, Obama should just come clean and tell us that he wishes to see a nuclear Iran and that he is a foreign agent for them. His actions in this matter have been patently obvious through the years starting back in 2009 with the Green Revolution in Iran where he strangled the freedom movement in Iran with his indifference.

Trotting Josh Earnest out to lie for him is inexcusable:

Earnest called the move part of a “very structured and specific plan from the P5+1 to bring Iran to the negotiating table.”

Henry continued to press the question, proposing that “now you take the boot off the throat and they’re putting unworkable plans on the table.”

Earnest replied that “There’s no question that the strategy that has been employed has succeeded in uniting the international community, has succeeded in bringing the Iranians to the negotiating table in a serious way, and has succeeded in rolling back the Iranian nuclear program.”

It has been so successful that the Ayatollah has made the following statements about the U.S.A. as recently as May 27th in our Iran Has The Bomb and Will Kill America article:

The statement by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei which followed on the statements of Rouhani is in essence a declaration of war.

In response to a question by a parliamentarian on how long this battle will continue, Khamenei said,“Battle and jihad are endless because evil and its front continue to exist. … This battle will only end when the society can get rid of the oppressors’ front with America at the head of it, which has expanded its claws on human mind, body and thought. … This requires a difficult and lengthy struggle and need for great strides.”

Then we have these statements made by Iran's Defense Minister from our May 28th article Iran Demands The Surrender of Israel & USA:

Iran’s Defense Minister is now demanding that America disarm we do not want to construe their meaning so we will quote the article:

“We urge our country’s nuclear negotiators that in addition to the talks with G5-1, to focus their efforts on full nuclear, chemical and microbial disarmament of the Zionist regime, the biggest threat to the region and world’s security, as well as the disarmament of the United States.”

None of these statements can in any way be construed as Josh Earnest has stated "has succeeded in bringing the Iranians to the negotiating table in a serious way, and has succeeded in rolling back the Iranian nuclear program.” Our interpretation is that these sound more like a declaration of war as Iran transitions from taqiya to open warfare and we have said as much in our many articles on Iran. We also made the bold prediction that the July 20th deadline would not be met for a final treaty with Iran with our July 4th Iran Continues to Run out Clock on Nuke Talks article:

These talks are scheduled to be concluded by the July 20th deadline, though we suspect that a deal will not be made, this is part and parcel of who the Iranians are, as they have every intention of completing their nuclear program. We have gone on record that Iran already has nuclear weapons, we said as much in another article.

We also believe that these talks are a way for Iran to be given the right to have nukes, which is why they have been so combative, we have cataloged this litany of contradiction in this article.

We have also declared that the whole intention of these negotiations would so that the world would allow a nuclear Iran and it is this goal that Obama has worked towards. Our resident tyrant is simply a foreign agent in the employ of Iran as a Son of Islam and by proxy an agent for Russia as well which he has allowed to develop multiple warhead nuclear weapons in violation of our START treaty without any protest. From Free Beacon.

Whites House Lies for Iran Over P5+1 Nuke Talks

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