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June 26, 2014

Pentagon Official: The Obama Drone Kill Memo Is Out And Libertarians Were Right — It’s Murder

June 26, 2014

Instead of taking the U.S. citizens the administration accused of conspiring against the U.S. and her interests to court, the administration was looking for an easier way to solve the problem: They sought to kill them, and wanted the legal backing to do so.

Shocking, hidden agenda behind border crisis

June 26, 2014

The IRS is paying out $50,000 in a settlement to the National Organization for Marriage after admitting the agency gave the group's tax information to the Human Rights Campaign, which used the information to attack the group publicly

Not a Smidgen: IRS Pays $50,000 Settlement for Giving Conservative Tax Info to Political Opponent

June 26, 2014

A Palestinian professor at the Islamic University in Gaza says that terrorists are not motivated by “brainwashing” or poverty, but rather by their Muslim faith which “requires us to make sacrifices.”

U.S. Economy Shrinks By Most Since Great Recession in 1Q

June 26, 2014

The Commerce Department said on Wednesday gross domestic product fell at a 2.9 percent annual rate, the economy's worst performance in five years, instead of the 1.0 percent pace it had reported last month.

Spying Concerns, Regional Belligerence Cloud Chinese Role in Pacific Naval Exercises

June 26, 2014

The U.S. military’s largest international naval exercise in the Pacific begins this week with China’s navy taking part for the first time by sending four warships—more than any participating nation other than the United States.

Obama EPA Suffers Humiliating Defeat at SCOTUS

June 24, 2014

“An agency has no power to ‘tailor’ legislation to bureaucratic policy goals by rewriting unambiguous statutory terms,” the Supreme Court declared Monday in Utility Air Regulatory Group v. EPA.


Obama Has Destroyed the Constitution

It's official we have now transitioned into a totalitarian government that is no longer constrained by the Constitution. This memorandum on the targeting of American citizens that was just released is the supposed legal basis for our resident tyrant to pass a sentence of death on anyone he feels deserves this fate.

He is now, judge, jury and executioner.

What is so appalling about this is that we are not allowed to know what the legal basis is for this death warrant is, as the part that details this alleged right of the executive has been redacted. That's right redacted, so in effect this memo is meaningless and is just the tyrants justification to assassinate anyone he so chooses anywhere. The redacted portion, either declares this alleged 'power' of the executive illegal, dubious or questionable, to redact it though means the premise is specious at best and usurpation of our rights at worst.

If this so-called memorandum had any legal weight in the first place, it would have been released when it was first penned instead of saying that it was a state secret. When you dispense with a citizen’s constitutional rights, it is better to do so in secret, it does away with all the pesky noise from the filthy peasants that may object. Much less, the targets of these actions, that do away with their right to trial by jury and a vigorous defense against specious charges.

Then hiding the justification is equally egregious, what is to stop this madman and malevolent usurper from stating that firearm’s are equally dangerous to the Republic and draft another secret document that denies and suspends our right to bear arms.

Isn't this a lesser trespass as this is not the attrition of death nor have the finality of action that is death, it is merely taking a possession away from these citizens. To answer this question it is the same, these are both property rights and guaranteed by the Constitution until Obama darkened our doorway and land with this criminal act. You life is your most precious possession, whether you realize it or not and why we have the 4th, 5th and 14th amendments so that you cannot be deprived of it by arbitrary and capricious means, which this secret memorandum has done.

These deaths and executions have emboldened this regime that has at every turn been acting against the rights, and will of the people. If they can act as judge, jury and executioner why not act against us in other ways,. By denying us our first amendment rights with abuse of power by sending the IRS against us. Or the DOJ using all manner of actions against legal business that they do not like, though do have not any federal mandate through legislation to close, though that is exactly what they have done with 'Operation Choke Point.'

This memorandum was the litmus test, if they could deprive a citizen of their ultimate property; their life, then everything else is a lesser matter, and they have certainly acted in this manner. Citizens are now unrestrained as well if it is war they wish, it is war they may well get.

Make no mistake about it this is a lawless regime that has usurped common decency and comity at every turn, their actions are one of contempt for our very way of life and indiscriminately claiming the right to execute us at will while keeping the very premise secret is unconscionable in a society that allegedly champions the rule of law and right of due process.

That chapter has come to a close...

We now know why they have chosen to resurrect the Domestic Terrorism Task Force as Obama's Gestapo to root our dissent against this regime is mere child's play now that citizen’s have accepted the right of the State to execute us at will. We have had a silent takeover, a coup against this nation’s people and we had better take action as the iron curtain is about to slam shut, we will be destroyed and our rights extinguished by a usurper that is delivering this nation and people to her enemies. From Townhall.




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That has not stopped the Obama administration from doing just that. To date, Anwar al-Awlaki is one of three U.S. citizens to have been killed abroad by the Obama administration without having received due process in a court of law. Another of those was his 14-year-old son, who by all accounts was innocent and was not accused of conspiring to commit terrorism.

None of those killed were in the midst of an act of terrorism, nor were they actively engaged in fighting U.S. troops in a war zone. At the time of his death, al-Awlaki was riding in a vehicle in the Yemeni desert. We made no attempt to capture him or arrest him, despite assurances made to the Justice Department. No one was been made to answer for these deaths, especially that of al-Awlaki’s son.

The signatory for the memo was then-Assistant U.S. Attorney General David J. Barron. In the memo, the administration contends that a U.S. citizen’s alleged leadership role in al-Qaida, and the infeasibility of capturing them, provides sufficient legal justification for either the CIA or the Department of Defense to use lethal force and deny that citizen their right to due process — all based on the authorization of force passed by the Congress after 9/11, and another memo also written by Barron that remains classified.

The problem is that the administration is making the accusations against a U.S. citizen, rendering a judgment of guilt or innocence outside of the court system, and then carrying out an extrajudicial killing of American citizens in complete and utter violation of the Constitution. The part of the memo that addresses the right to due process is redacted.

At no point in the extralegal process outlined in the memo is the U.S. citizen in question tried or convicted in a court of law for the crimes the administration alleges the individual is guilty of. The administration is making that determination, and exactly who within the administration is still unclear. This is a scary usurpation of power from the judicial branch — and an amazing power grab by the executive.