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May 31, 2014

DHS chief grilled for 'worst prison break in U.S. history'

May 31, 2014

House Republicans today grilled Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson for answers about why President Obama signed off last year on “the worst prison break in U.S. history,” which released 36,000 criminal immigrants into U.S. neighborhoods, including many violent offenders

After Being Caught in Texas, ICE Releases Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants on Streets of AZ

May 29, 2014

As President Obama and lawmakers on Capitol Hill continue to hint at some form of amnesty in the next few months, tens-of-thousands of illegal immigrants are pouring over our open Southern Border with Mexico in hopes of getting in on the deal.

After IG Report Confirms VA Horrors, Carney Says There Will Be Accountability "If" Allegations Are True

May 31, 2014

Less than 24 hours after a preliminary Veterans Affairs Inspector General report showed that not only was there widespread misconduct and excruciatingly long wait times at hospitals for veterans, but that the problem is worse than first reported, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said President Obama will wait.

Judicial Watch Sues DOJ On Behalf of Fast and Furious Whistleblower John Dodson Over Document Stonewalling

May 31, 2014

Government watchdog group Judicial Watch has filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Department of Justice on behalf of Operation Fast and Furious whistleblower John Dodson after his own FOIA requests were ignored.

Trump: Obama rejected $50 million for birth records

May 31, 2014

Billionaire Donald Trump has revealed he offered Barack Obama a $50 million donation to the president’s favorite charities in exchange for releasing his personal records, but Obama never responded.

Community Rallies to Raise Funds to Reunite Soldier With His K-9 Partner

May 31, 2014

Andy Wolf and his K-9, Iras, served in the military together for five of Wolf’s 12 years and counting in the service. But after some health issues, the dog was retired.


Worst Prison Break In History Sanctioned by DOJ

A hearing of the House Judiciary Committee was held with Jeh Johnson the Secretary of Homeland Security over the intentional release of criminal illegal aliens which were haphazardly released on the streets of America. Representative Lamar Smith of Texas asked whether he should be charged with crimes against humanity for intentional release and subsequent crimes these criminals committed. A synopsis is presented here from our previous article on this issue:

The report analyzed data on 159,286 legal and illegal immigrants arrested by state or local police, including 7,283 illegal aliens who could have been deported but who were not taken into custody by ICE despite being identified as living in the country unlawfully. The data shows that along with drunken-driving charges, the released illegals went on to commit 16,226 new crimes, including 19 murders, 142 sex offenses, 1,420 drug crimes, 682 cases of burglary or theft and 48 firearms charges.

Then we have this bombshell from Smith that we were not aware of before:

“By the administration’s own admission, 90 percent of those who were voluntarily released had committed thousands of crimes, such as murder, sexual assault, kidnapping, drug trafficking and hit-and-run. Should someone be charged with crimes against humanity?” Smith asked Johnson.

This is then the intentional infliction of harm against his nations people by a regime that has gone rouge and, is a logical and reasonable assumption that they actually hate American citizens. This premise is simply held that our government is supposed to be for the welfare of the people, the entire people of this nation and intentionally to harm them by releasing criminals onto our streets that have been proven to be violent is fomenting anarchy against our people.

The question is why?

What was absent was a response, to any questions on the acts of this regime against the nations people, Johnson made no admissions. We are left with some fundamental questions, why is anyone participating in these heinous acts along with Obama?

This is deliberate and intentional and is causing real harm all in an attempt to create a National Socialist hegemony for all time and like their predecessors the Nazi’s they do not mind if our citizens are beaten, robbed and murdered to achieve their goals. This is criminal and we are at point that we no longer have a working government in Washington. It is lawless and so in this toxic brew, we can expect that many of our citizens will be lawless too.

If we love our nation and our freedom and liberty we must take this nation back, and impeach Obama, Johnson and every other National Socialist that sits in every federal agency if we are to get this nation back on its feet. We are being destroyed by an usurper as surely as if a foreign enemy invaded us. From WND.



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 Smith then gave a rundown of the “ways the president has ignored or undermined current immigration laws.”

The Secure Fence Act of 2006, the congressman noted, requires the Department of Homeland Security to prevent all unlawful entries into the U.S., yet the Government Accountability Office, or GAO, reported in 2011 that only 6.5 percent of the Southwest border is under full control.”“The DHS’ widespread abuse of prosecutorial discretion ignores the statutory requirement to apprehend and remove illegal immigrants,’ he said.

Also, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, weakened the rules that required illegal immigrants to be detained. The administration, he said, has undercut the ability of local law enforcement officials to apprehend illegal immigrants.

Currently, DHS is reviewing deportation policies, and no doubt will weaken them even more, Smith said.“If the president cannot be trusted to enforce current immigration laws, how can he be trusted to enforce future immigration laws?” Smith asked.

Smith probed Johnson further for details of offenders who have committed murder after being released as a result of Obama’s executive orders.

“Mr. Secretary, a couple of questions. First of all, in regard to the homicides that have been committed by those who are voluntarily released, will you be able to provide this committee with the details of those homicides – who was involved, the nature of the crime, the date and so forth?”

Johnson said that he didn’t have the information in hand but would share it once he gets it.