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Tyrants Reign In World Today

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February 9, 2015

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Free Fire Zone- A Declaration of War on the Jihadists

February 9, 2015

We have another video from Jim Hanson and the Center for Security Policy which is headed by Frank Gaffney a former Assistant Secretary of Defense under the Reagan administration who have created a Declaration of War on the Islamofascists and their deadly movement.

Chuck Todd: Susan Rice to Outline a Foreign Policy Strategy ‘That Doesn’t Seem to Exist’

February 9, 2015

It is widely accepted that the White House has no coherent foreign policy strategy. The chaos in the Middle East, Ukraine, and Nigeria has left the White House embarrassed.

Brookings’ Indyk on Obama’s Syria Plan: ‘Doesn’t Really Sound Like a Plausible Strategy’

February 9, 2015

Brookings’ Martin S. Indyk questioned whether the president’s national security strategy in Syria is “plausible.”

The Muslim Brotherhood Comes to the White House

February 9, 2015

Among the group — which included a comedian, along with a hijab-wearing basketball player and a handful of left wing activists — were a select few individuals with disturbingly close ties to the global Muslim Brotherhood.

SuperCut: Brian Williams Reported Other Untrue Stories About Himself, World Events

February 9, 2015

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams is under fire this week after admitting his story of being on a helicopter shot down during the Iraq War in 2003 was false.

Obama At National Prayer Breakfast: ’People Committed Terrible Deeds In The Name of Christ’

February 7, 2015

At the National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama reminded attendees that violence rooted in religion isn’t exclusive to Islam, but has been carried out by Christians as well.

According to Martin S. Indyk the Obama regime has not created a cogent strategy to deal a fatal blow to ISIS or any Islamists in the Mideast, from a story on Free Beacon:

Susan Rice unveiled the Obama administration’s new National Security Strategy document at the Brooking’s Institute on Friday. The 29 page document defended the White House’s plan of “strategic patience” arguing that the United States should not spend its resources intervening in every conflict around the world.

Rice sat down with Indyk afterwards to answer questions about Obama’s foreign policy. Indyk gave Rice a rather blunt assessment of the administration’s plan.

“It [the NSS document] talks about the notion of some kind of political rearrangement there that will be necessary to deal with the situation. It doesn’t really sound like a plausible strategy,” Indyk said.

The media has been relentless in its criticism of Obama’s apparent lack of strategy to combat the Islamic State and other threats. For critics, Rice’s announcement and subsequent discussion failed to provide any new ideas to take on the ever more formidable IS.

“In Syria there really is no credible force to take on [the Islamic State], “ Bloomberg’s Michael O’Hanlon said.

Obama throwing platitudes against ISIS or anyone else for that matter will not stop this naked aggression, carnage and barbarity in the Mideast or Putin in Ukraine for that matter. We have allowed a usurper to infiltrate our government and turn it against the American people by blindly following or allowing him to pursue foreign policies that only empower our enemies and advance their cause at the expense of innocent people across the planet.

These policies are so reckless and collusive that we have the sad reality of active slavery and a thriving slave trade on two continents Africa and Asia, we discussed this in our Obama Denigrates Christians at Prayer Breakfast article:

Obama fresh off his latest campaign to exonerate Islam by claiming ISIS is not Islam and that there is no such thing as radical Islam, even going so far as his Secretary of State John Kerry to claim they are "thrill killers" we have this tommyrot from our Islamist in Chief, which is a new high in lows even for this malefactor. We have ISIS committing so many atrocities in the here and now that he has been unwilling to stem, in fact we have held him responsible for all this carnage by unleashing Islam with the arming of Al Qaeda in Libya, with weapons from Benghazi.

Since Obama has been elected Islam has been on the march, in the Mideast and North Africa. The true legacy of the first black president is a sad one and bears repeating and shouting from the rooftops, the reality is that under his watch we have a thriving slave trade and markets on two continents, Africa and Asia. Where slaves are being sold by Muslims who also ran the first slave trade on these continents, its as if we have devolved to the 1600's with our feckless tyrant in the White House.

The optics of this is staggering to think we have such a deplorable degradation in human rights, and the media is silent its as if the world is unmoved and uncaring, this is not by accident.  The first slave trade was destroyed by nations realizing it was a sin against Christian beliefs and principles for slavery to exist. This is why Christianity is under attack so that these kinds of depravity can exist as is exemplified by Obama. Who is lecturing us on the crusades of all things in a sordid diatribe to condone the abject barbarity of Islam and the carnage they commit daily with some type of sick and twisted justification.

We must face facts, no one is this incompetent, if Obama had not wanted to create these conditions someone would have come forward in his regime and helped him in correcting his foreign policy(s) that is allowing all this carnage and misery to occur. Therefore the only logical conclusion is that all these acts are deliberate and that Obama is acting in conjunction and on behalf of foreign powers of Iran, Islam and Russia. Under his watch every tin pot dictator and Islamist on the planet has been empowered, and his rhetoric may be comforting to all his supporters and sycophants, the rest of us are deeply troubled as we don’t see a serious effort to stop the forces of evil from their march towards global domination.

Far from it, the acts of carnage and human misery are only increasing to the point of active slavery being practiced, which our media does not have the stomach to report as it may call into question their active collusion with this usurper in the White House, as they have given cover and support for the last six years to this regimes policies. Now that it looks like we have a traitor in the highest office in the land they fall strangely silent on the bitter fruit of all these polices that a few short years ago they were calling anyone and everyone a racist if you dared, disagree or had another opinion.

Now that we see our nation being threatened and an active Muslim (Obama) colluding with Islam in the White House, we are becoming aware of the end game to subjugate our nation to Islam by a traitor who has allowed the barbarian within the gates and is preparing our nation and people for the slaughter. This is what the destructive policies are leading to a crippling of our nation and people and we had better start fighting back, or we will lose our nation and identity as a people that believed in freedom and justice and will be just another Islamic hell hole courtesy of our feckless tyrant Obama. From Free Beacon.

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Mideast Expert, “No Plausible Strategy” for Syria