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February 7, 2015

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Obama At National Prayer Breakfast: ’People Committed Terrible Deeds In The Name of Christ’

February 7, 2015

At the National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama reminded attendees that violence rooted in religion isn’t exclusive to Islam, but has been carried out by Christians as well.

UN: Islamic State Selling, Crucifying, Burying Children Alive

February 7, 2015

Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists are selling children as sex slaves, murdering children by crucifixion, and burying children alive, reported the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child watchdog committee on Wednesday.

U.N: ISIS Uses Mentally Challenged Children as Suicide Bombers

February 7, 2015

The atrocities of ISIS have gone almost beyond the power to shock, but it’s still jarring to see so much depravity collected into a single report.

Fox’s Henry Grills Earnest: Exactly How Does WH Plan to Support Jordan?

February 7, 2015

Josh Earnest goes on for over eight minutes and does not answer a simple question, what is the White House doing to step up its game to end the violence and support coalition partners in the Mideast.

Cotton Fiery Over Gitmo: Only Problem There Is Too Many Empty Beds, Terrorists Can Rot in Hell’

February 7, 2015

Sen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) brought a lot of anger to the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday morning, providing a classic Capitol Hill moment.

The White House Won’t Reveal Who Attended Obama’s Secret Meeting With Muslim Leaders

February 6, 2015

President Obama met with American Muslim leaders this afternoon, according to the White House schedule, but so far the administration is unwilling to reveal who attended the meeting, which was closed to the press.

The United Nations have finally come out from behind the curtain and has outlined the barbarity that ISIS is committing on children in the Mideast in the territories under their control, it is abysmal that the world is allowing this to continue. It shocks the conscience that these acts are being committed in these days and times since the world was supposed to have evolved and matured, at least this is story that our leaders and the left portrays. Though the dismal and abominable acts this report conveys harken back to biblical times where cruelty was the order of the day and ISIS and Islam their modern incarnations of this ancient evil.

We do not think this is an aberration since at the same time as we see the rise of Islam Christianity has been under attack in the West.

Christianity and its message of salvation and grace has been the single most civilizing force that the world has ever known, with a common message that all men are equal and that we are all children of a loving God. It is no longer in question for Islam to rise Christianity must be destroyed and in this effort they have had no better ally than our feckless tyrant Obama, who at every turn has denied and castigated Christian principles and chosen to defend the barbarity that is Islam, from a story on Breitbart:

We are really deeply concerned at torture and murder of those children, especially those belonging to minorities, but not only from minorities,” committee expert Renate Winter told a news briefing. “The scope of the problem is huge.”

Children from the Yazidi sect or Christian communities, but also Shi’ites and Sunnis, have been victims, she said.

“We have had reports of children, especially children who are mentally challenged, who have been used as suicide bombers, most probably without them even understanding,” Winter told Reuters. “There was a video placed (online) that showed children at a very young age, approximately eight years of age and younger, to be trained already to become child soldiers.”

[…] A large number of children have been killed or badly wounded during air strikes or shelling by Iraqi security forces, while others had died of “dehydration, starvation and heat”, it said.

ISIL has committed “systematic sexual violence”, including “the abduction and sexual enslavement of children”, it said.

“Children of minorities have been captured in many places… sold in the market place with tags, price tags on them, they have been sold as slaves,” Winter said, giving no details.

Islam’s penchant for sexual slavery is well known and has been widely reported, it makes little difference whether these children have reached puberty as theses Islamic brigands will satisfy themselves in anyway they please, they do not see these children as gifts from God, but as property to do with as they please:

The ISIS penchant for sex slavery, including very young girls, has also been well-documented in the past. Girls from the Yazidi minority barely past the age of puberty have been sexually abused, sold as slaves, and forced to convert to Islam. There’s even an official ISIS pamphlet on proper slave handling, including details on what sort of disciplinary beating can be administered under various circumstances, and instructions on how to obtain sexual satisfaction from captive girls who have not yet reached puberty.

When some of the young captives contemplated suicide to escape their torment, they were told their families would be slaughtered if they killed themselves; some of them did it anyway. One poor woman, claiming to have been raped 30 times in a span of hours, got on the phone with Kurdish fighters and begged them to call in an airstrike on the brothel where she was imprisoned. The Islamic State doesn’t put much effort into keeping these abuses secret; on the contrary, they seem to enjoy bludgeoning the conscience of the civilized world by releasing the details.

When they are through with these poor souls or perceive that they are troublesome they are executed, by crucifying them, decapitating them or burying them alive, this is clearly the face of evil that has been unleashed and resurrected by our feckless tyrant Obama who incidentally built all of this:

As for using inhuman methods to exterminate troublesome young people, we’ve known ISIS was into crucifixion and live burial for quite some time. They crucified a 17-year-old boy in Syria last October and left him on display for three days, for the crime of filming one of their training camps. Yazidis of all ages who refused to convert to Islam have been given similar treatment. Refugees from the brutal battle over the Kurdish city of Kobani reported ISIS beheading captured children. The vicar of Baghdad said that Christian children captured by ISIS were mutilated if they refused conversion; the lucky ones were merely beheaded. Some of the Yazidis who resisted forced conversion to Islam were buried alive, along with piles of perforated and headless corpses.

If anything, the United Nations is late to the game in formally acknowledging all of this, but better late than never.

These barbaric acts are being condoned by Obama, because that which you do not condemn you condone and he has brought all these heinous acts to the forefront by creating ISIS from the weapons from Benghazi. This is the true legacy of the Obama years misery at home and abroad, he has led this world to the brink and is pushing it over into the abyss.

How the world and our nation can remain unmoved in the face of this misery is inexplicable, we are made of sterner stuff than allow our nation and the world to fall to evil. From Breitbart.


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UN Releases Shocking Report on Barbarity of Islam