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February 4, 2015

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State Dept. Misled Reporters About Meeting with Muslim Brotherhood

February 4, 2015

The State Department admitted on Monday that it misled reporters about a recent delegation of Muslim Brotherhood leaders and allies who were hosted for a meeting with officials at Foggy Bottom.

ISIS Burns Books at Mosul Libraries, Universities

February 4, 2015

The Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) continues to purge anything they deem to defy Islam in Mosul, Iraq, which they captured in June 2014. In December, they raided the Central Library of Mosul to destroy all non-Islamic books.

Navy Intel Officer Warns of Future China Conflict

February 4, 2015

China’s ruling Communist Party is “rejuvenating” and preparing for a military conflict in Asia, the outgoing intelligence chief of the Navy’s Pacific Fleet is warning.

Dem Rep: Middle Class Has Been ‘Left Out’ of Economic Growth Past Six Years

February 4, 2015

Rep. Bill Pascrell (D., N.J.) threw President Obama under the bus Tuesday, saying that the middle class has not benefited under his presidency.

MSNBC: The Clintons Have ‘Lived like Kings and Queens’

February 4, 2015

Joe Scarborough said Tuesday that Hillary Clinton deserves the same scrutiny on her wealth that Mitt Romney faced when running for president.

Gates: Completely Destroying al Qaeda, ISIS ‘Unrealistic Goal’

February 3, 2015

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Robert M. Gates, who served Barack Obama as secretary of defense said since we have been fighting al Qaeda and the Taliban for over a decade, to think we will be able to completely destroy them, or their new offspring, ISIS, is an “unrealistic goal.”

MSNBC and Morning Joe has been doing a thankless job that many in the media are unwilling to do by pointing out the MSM and the liberal media always denigrating conservatives while giving the left and the Democrats a pass for the very same matters. Its as if it is only a crime or hypocrisy if a conservative is involved, this one was about our favorite leftist shill and anointed heir apparent, Hilary Clinton, from a story on Free Beacon:

Scarborough responded to a New York Times article highlighting New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie’s “indulgences” since he took office.

“Would we like to count the nights the Clintons have been around Bono, Beyoncé, rock stars, kings, queens? [They] have lived an extraordinary, lavish life that very few people, not only in America but on the planet–they have lived like queens and kings,” Scarborough said on Morning Joe.

The Clintons have gotten a pass from having their wealth examined because of their perceived humble beginnings in rural Arkansas.

That may change as the 2016 campaigns ramp up. Republicans have jumped on Hillary for her “dead broke” comment about her six-figure speaking fees and plan to paint her as an out-of-touch, elitist insider.

“I’m just curious if the New York Times is going to write a story about Hillary Clinton and the lifestyle that she has led over the past 30 years along these lines,” Scarborough said.

If you have to ask, then you already know the answer for the question regarding Hilary who has already been anointed as the heir apparent to Obama. Clearly these miscreants that are part and parcel of the Democrat Party are simply a cult of personality and it is, form over substance. Our nation is ill served by these beliefs that are simply frightening since Hilary has done nothing to show that she has any leadership qualities and is being deigned simply by time in grade by this retched political party. That has created so many problems for this nation that about half the citizens are unable to realize what is at stake.

Elections are not a forum for each party to outbid each other with promises of continued or new benefits from the federal trough, far from it they have far reaching consequences as we are just now starting to see the depth of depravity that the historic Obama regime has brought us. Hilary would double down on these failed policies and destroy what little will be left in 2017, as her leadership skills are non-existent. From Free Beacon.

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