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February 4, 2015

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State Dept. Misled Reporters About Meeting with Muslim Brotherhood

February 4, 2015

The State Department admitted on Monday that it misled reporters about a recent delegation of Muslim Brotherhood leaders and allies who were hosted for a meeting with officials at Foggy Bottom.

ISIS Burns Books at Mosul Libraries, Universities

February 4, 2015

The Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) continues to purge anything they deem to defy Islam in Mosul, Iraq, which they captured in June 2014. In December, they raided the Central Library of Mosul to destroy all non-Islamic books.

Navy Intel Officer Warns of Future China Conflict

February 4, 2015

China’s ruling Communist Party is “rejuvenating” and preparing for a military conflict in Asia, the outgoing intelligence chief of the Navy’s Pacific Fleet is warning.

Dem Rep: Middle Class Has Been ‘Left Out’ of Economic Growth Past Six Years

February 4, 2015

Rep. Bill Pascrell (D., N.J.) threw President Obama under the bus Tuesday, saying that the middle class has not benefited under his presidency.

MSNBC: The Clintons Have ‘Lived like Kings and Queens’

February 4, 2015

Joe Scarborough said Tuesday that Hillary Clinton deserves the same scrutiny on her wealth that Mitt Romney faced when running for president.

Gates: Completely Destroying al Qaeda, ISIS ‘Unrealistic Goal’

February 3, 2015

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Robert M. Gates, who served Barack Obama as secretary of defense said since we have been fighting al Qaeda and the Taliban for over a decade, to think we will be able to completely destroy them, or their new offspring, ISIS, is an “unrealistic goal.”

China is on the march in the Pacific and is preparing for dominance in the far east as they consolidate their power within the communist party and push for hegemony in the South China Sea pushing others out of the area as they grab resources and dominance. Retiring Navy Capt. James E. Fanell described the situation during his retirement speech at Pearl Harbor, from a story on Free Beacon:

“The strategic trend lines indicate the Communist Party of China is not only ‘rejuvenating’ itself for internal stability purposes, but has been and continues to prepare to use military force,” Navy Capt. James E. Fanell said on Saturday during his retirement speech at Pearl Harbor.

Speaking on a pier across the harbor from the battleship USS Missouri, where Japan’s surrender was signed ending World War II, and near the memorial over the submerged wreckage of the USS Arizona, sunk in 1941 during the Japanese attack, Fanell said he believes Beijing prefers not to use its growing military force for achieving regional dominance.

“But let’s not deceive ourselves. The evidence I’ve been chewing on over the past 15 years is overwhelming,” he said. “Beijing has prepared for military action and [Chinese] President Xi Jinping’s ‘China Dream’ has a defined timeline to reach this ‘rejuvenated’ end state.”

On the Obama administration’s policy of shifting forces to the Pacific, called the “rebalance,” Fanell said the program is a good first step to counter the challenge of China.

“But it must be backed up with a real, tangible deterrent force and we must stand up to Beijing’s propaganda and bullying campaign, especially those that come at the expense of our allies and partners,” he said.

Capt. Fanell went on to say that honest assessment must be forthcoming which assess the capabilities of the Chinese Navy and their intentions, which if you read into this statement means that less than truthful assessments have been the norm under Obama as Commander in Chief since he does not want any intelligence that would dispute or disrupt his feckless foreign policy or lack of it. One thing is abundantly clear is that China has gauged the waters and this regime and they know an appeaser when they see one:

The career intelligence captain called on his fellow intelligence officials to present honest assessments of the danger posed by China’s growing military power, an indirect criticism of what officials have said have been numerous U.S. intelligence failures in assessing China’s military build up over the past three decades.

“The challenge, as I have seen it, is for intelligence professionals to make the case, to tell the truth, and to convince national decision and policy makers to realize that China’s rise, if left unchecked or undeterred, will necessarily disrupt the peace and stability of our friends, partners, and allies,” he said.

“We should not have to wait for an actual shooting war to start before we acknowledge there is a problem and before we start taking serious action,” Fanell said.

The Communist Party of China has plans that “stand in direct contrast to espoused U.S. national security objectives of freedom of navigation and free access to markets for all of Asia,” he added.

In particular, the Chinese navy, Fanell said, is taking steps to achieve strategic objectives that include the restoration of what Beijing says is “sovereign maritime territory,” specifically thousands of square miles of water inside the so-called first island chain—a string of western Pacific islands near China’s coasts stretching from Northeast Asia through the South China Sea.

China has set themselves on a course the same as the Japanese did in the 1930's and 40's with their Greater Asia Co-Prosperity sphere and are on the path to war with Japan and the other nations in the Far East as they covet the natural resources that lie in waters belonging to other nations. China sees part of this as retribution with Japan for the war against them in WWII and looking for payback, the question is will Japan fight back? Or go they expect the USA to defend them, under Obama that seems unlikely as Japan will be left in the breeze as is practically everyone else who are our allies.

Things are heating up in the Pacific and we can lay the blame on our feckless tyrant that treat our allies like enemies and our enemies like friends, and finally it will be our nation harmed along with our allies for allowing this usurper to corrupt our discourse with other nations and destroy our military and economy here at home. Which is the silent point that Capt. Fanell is driving home in his retirement speech.

Fanell's observation are cogent and fact driven and it would be worth your while to read the rest of the article to get a feel for the man and his prescient observations which appear right on the money. From Free Beacon.

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Former CINCPAC Intelligence Chief Warns Nation