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Tyrants Reign In World Today

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February 4, 2015

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State Dept. Misled Reporters About Meeting with Muslim Brotherhood

February 4, 2015

The State Department admitted on Monday that it misled reporters about a recent delegation of Muslim Brotherhood leaders and allies who were hosted for a meeting with officials at Foggy Bottom.

ISIS Burns Books at Mosul Libraries, Universities

February 4, 2015

The Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) continues to purge anything they deem to defy Islam in Mosul, Iraq, which they captured in June 2014. In December, they raided the Central Library of Mosul to destroy all non-Islamic books.

Navy Intel Officer Warns of Future China Conflict

February 4, 2015

China’s ruling Communist Party is “rejuvenating” and preparing for a military conflict in Asia, the outgoing intelligence chief of the Navy’s Pacific Fleet is warning.

Dem Rep: Middle Class Has Been ‘Left Out’ of Economic Growth Past Six Years

February 4, 2015

Rep. Bill Pascrell (D., N.J.) threw President Obama under the bus Tuesday, saying that the middle class has not benefited under his presidency.

MSNBC: The Clintons Have ‘Lived like Kings and Queens’

February 4, 2015

Joe Scarborough said Tuesday that Hillary Clinton deserves the same scrutiny on her wealth that Mitt Romney faced when running for president.

Gates: Completely Destroying al Qaeda, ISIS ‘Unrealistic Goal’

February 3, 2015

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Robert M. Gates, who served Barack Obama as secretary of defense said since we have been fighting al Qaeda and the Taliban for over a decade, to think we will be able to completely destroy them, or their new offspring, ISIS, is an “unrealistic goal.”

In another intersection with history we have ISIS destroying libraries and burning all non-Islamic books, we see that Islamofascists and their ideology are in practice no different in their execution of their beliefs as the first National Socialists, these Islamic brigands are the Nazis of our day, from a story on Breitbart:

‘‘These books promote infidelity and call for disobeying Allah,” announced a militant to the residents. “So they will be burned.”

The library was “the biggest repository of learning the northern Iraqi town.” More than likely the terrorists destroyed “Iraq newspapers dating to the early 20th century, maps and books from the Ottoman Empire, and book collections contributed by about 100 of Mosul’s establishment families.” After that raid, the militants targeted the library at the University of Mosul. They burned science and culture textbooks in front of the students.

This is a description of the destruction to these collections from the Boston Globe:

A University of Mosul history professor, who spoke on condition he not be named because of his fear of the Islamic State, said the extremists started wrecking the collections of other public libraries last month.

He reported particularly heavy damage to the archives of a Sunni Muslim library, the library of the 265-year-old Latin Church and Monastery of the Dominican Fathers, and the Mosul Museum Library with works dating back to 5000 BC.

Citing reports by the locals who live near these libraries, the professor added that the militants used to come during the night and carry the materials in refrigerated trucks with Syria-registered license plates.

ISIS has also taken to destroying ancient tombs and religious sites as they loot relics for sale on the international market, clearly this is no different from what the Nazis did during WWII when they looted the great works of art of Europe for their own purpose:

The Islamic State has also taken to destroying shrines and tombs, claiming that their existence constitutes idolatry. They have also salvaged relics to sell to Western antique collectors. Antique sales pushed the group’s accounts from under $1,000 to billions. These militants control around 4,500 archeological sites. In al-Nabuk, they stole antiques over 8,000 years old, which netted $36 million for the jihadists. Residents and gangs are allowed to loot the shrines, but they must give 20 to 50 percent of their profits to the Islamic State.

“There is no doubt that looting and illicit trade in antiquities is highly lucrative, enough for ISIS to be deeply engaged and implicated in it,” said Shawnee State University Professor Amr Al-Azm. “Stopping this illicit trade in antiquities, therefore, must be an imperative, not only because it is a major source of income for terrorist organizations like ISIS, but also because it is causing irreparable damage to Syria’s cultural heritage.”

Islam is proving to be a barbarian horde that destroy all that they do not loot and are as savage and cruel as any invaders from antiquity. To claim that Islam is a religion of peace and love is simply ludicrous, these acts are crimes against the collected knowledge of the ages and if they are not stopped we will continue to see priceless collection of works of art being looted and/or destroyed, all because it does not meet the pleasure of these Islamofascist brigands, and their retched prophet Mohamed.

This is the world that Obama our feckless Islamist in chief is allowing to spread across the Mideast, in Islam they divide the world into two camps, Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb. The first is the Islamic world (House of Islam) and you can see for yourself how wonderful that must be if it is not Islamic it is destroyed, no competing ideas are allowed. The second is, House of war, so they are at war with anyone and everyone that is not Islamic with each Muslim commanded to engage in Jihad.

This is what is coming our way and is being helped in this effort by the policies and actions of Obama who is actively engaged in spreading Islam at home and around the world, his effort in Libya alone where all this began are enough to see him prosecuted for providing arms to our enemies Al Qaeda and the arming of the so-called Syrian rebels which became ISIS. We must make a choice to take our nation back from this retched Islamist as he continues his efforts to destroy the world and bring us to ruin by his actions with Iran which he has allowed to become a nuclear state. From Breitbart.

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ISIS Follows a Long Tradition of Islamic Intolerance