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February 2, 2015

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Chuck Hagel Says He Was Pressured By White House To Release More GITMO Prisoners

February 2, 2015

Outgoing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel admitted that he felt pressured by the White House to approve the transfer of more Guantanamo Bay prisoners — and at a faster pace.

WH Struggles to Defend Claim That Taliban Is Not A Terrorist Organization

February 2, 2015

Josh Earnest parsing words for the Islamist in Chief who is actively engaged with Jihadists to bring about their Dar al Islam in our nation and restore their Caliphate as a launch pad for global jihad.

US Intel: Taliban Man Released From Gitmo in Bergdahl Deal is Back to Militant Activity

February 2, 2015

American fears may be realized. One of the five Taliban members released from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is believed to have returned to militant activity in Qatar.

Free Fire Zone: Bring it Bibi

February 2, 2015

Jim Hanson gives a hard hitting video where he lambastes Obama for capitulating to the Iranians to allow them to become a nuclear state.

Meet The Lovely Lady Who’s Breaking Hearts At ISIS

February 2, 2015

After kidnapping two Japanese nationals and allegedly beheading one of them, ISIS has dropped its original demand for $2 million in favor of a prisoner swap.

Open Jihad Declared in Egypt Following State Dept. Meeting with Muslim Brotherhood-Aligned Leaders

January 31, 2015

The Muslim Brotherhood called for “a long, uncompromising jihad” in Egypt just days after a delegation of the Islamist group’s key leaders and allies met with the State Department, according to an official statement released this week.

Meet Sajida al-Rishawi the failed suicide bomber that ISIS wants released for the captured Jordanian pilot, who is now being held under a sentence of death by hanging by a Jordanian court. This beauty is melting the hearts of the most battle hardened Islamic brigands that are fighting under the ISIS banner. This is the face of our enemy and who is coming for us in the West, this is the dedication that these brigands have to die for their beliefs and are willing to kill innocent people to push their false god and religion onto the rest of us, look into the face of evil and it is staring back at you with nothing but contempt. From a story by Jim Treacher on Daily Caller:

They’ll release Kenji Goto in exchange for failed suicide bomber Sajida al-Rishawi. After you watch the following, you’ll understand why. She’s real, and she’s spectacular. Good call, fellas. Why wait for 72 virgins while this angel walks the earth? If the mosque is a-rockin’, don’t bother knockin’!

We on the other hand believe that all these Islamic brigands that our feckless tyrant and Islamic Dhimmi Obama fawns over needs to be sent to hell and the sooner the better. When we have such miserable scum that are willing to kill maim and destroy innocent people for their retched Mohamed then they are nothing more than rabid animals and deserve an ignominious death, the sooner the better. From Daily Caller.

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Meet ISIS Pinup Girl and Suicide Bomber Centerfold