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February 12, 2015

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Two Immigrants For Every New Job Since 2000

February 12, 2015

The United States has accepted two new immigrants for each additional job created since 2000, according to federal data.

WH Spends 7 Minutes Defending Obama Downplaying Terrorism, Calling Kosher Deli Attack ‘Random’

February 12, 2015

In an interview with Vox, the president said that the media overstates the alarm of terrorism.

Muslim Brotherhood: White House Official Met Us at State Department

February 12, 2015

A Muslim Brotherhood member who recently was hosted at the State Department along with several of the Islamist group’s key allies now claims that a White House official also was present in that meeting, according to recent remarks.

State Dept Doubles Down Defending Obama Claim That Kosher Deli Attack Was ‘Random’

February 12, 2015

Jen Paski doing what she does best, saying absolutely nothing and wasting valuable oxygen in the process.

MSNBC Envies The Daily Show: ‘When They Do News Segments, They’re Better Than Us’

February 12, 2015

We can call this an Ode to John Stewart who has announced that he is retiring from his Daily Show program on Comedy Central.

Republican FCC Member Warns Net Neutrality Is Not Neutral

February 11, 2015

Ajit Pai, the sole Republican Commissioner on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), inferred in a Tweet that President Barack Obama’s secret, 332-page “Net Neutrality” document is a scheme for federal micro-managing of the Internet.

What we are witnessing is a losing battle out of this White House to make the American people believe that we are safer under Obama’s laughable policies, and that their is no war with Islam. It is so patently dishonest for Obama and his toadies to downplay the acts that Obama has unleashed on the Mideast and world. The forces of Islamofascism now have Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Iran and Palestine as launch pads for their Jihadi carnage and to claim that it is not reality is fanciful and total abrogation of the duty to protect American citizens and our allies. What we get instead is one assault after another to destroy and curtail our freedom of speech and choice while enduring constant surveillance by the NSA and other agencies of our government, this is not safety or protecting the American people, it is repression, from Free Beacon:

When ABC’s Jon Karl turned the statement on White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, Earnest wasn’t able to answer and restated that the president takes terrorism seriously.

In the second part of Obama’s question, he said that climate change is more of threat than terrorism. Earnest avoided explaining that, and then said that the direct impact of climate change directly affects more than the threat of terrorism.

In a heated back and forth between Karl and Earnest, Karl mentioned the president’s use of the word “random” when discussing the terrorist attack on the Kosher deli in Paris that happened in January. Earnest blamed the media for focusing on the word and said that there were other, non-Jewish people in the deli.

Ed Henry asked whether the Islamic State’s burning of the Jordanian pilot was media hype.  Earnest brought up the coalition of 60 members but made no mention as to whether it was media hype.

“The president has succeeded in leveraging the influence of the United States of America, to build this coalition and even to get countries in the region to fly alongside American military air pilots as carrying out air strikes against (Islamic State) targets,” said Earnest.

What we are witnessing is active collusion and collaboration with Islam and their Jihadi efforts, we were lectured last week about Christian violence during the Crusades which denigrated our Christian faith. Even though the current violence and active slave trade on two continents is a complete break with reality, the two are not equivalent and separated by 1,000 years of continual bloodshed, murder by decapitation, crucifixion and impaling their victims by Islam. That is when they are not killed outright, for the sheer terror of making political statements and toppling governments for their concept of peace on earth as exemplified by a retched Caliphate ran by an Islamic lunatic.

This is treason and Obama must be prosecuted for actively supplying our enemies with weapons from Benghazi, he is now trying to persuade the entire nation that we do not have a terrorist problem in the world today thanks to his efforts. Even though the reality is that he created ISIS from the weapons from Benghazi. From Free Beacon.

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Josh Earnest Defends the Indefensible, Obama