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December 9, 2014

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Obama amnesty in jeopardy with Bush judicial appointee hearing states’ challenge

December 9, 2014

The states challenging President Obama’s deportation amnesty have already won the first round in court after the case landed in the lap of Judge Andrew S. Hanen.

Obama Tells BET: Racism 'Deeply Rooted' in U.S.

December 9, 2014

Playing the race card more overtly than ever before, Barack Obama told Black Entertainment Television that racism is “deeply rooted” in the United States.

Bill Cassidy Explains Why All the Democrats Have Been Kicked out of Office in the South

December 9, 2014

Senator-elect Bill Cassidy (R., La.) has a simple answer for his huge victory Saturday. Cassidy explained to Fox News’ Bill Hemmer why the Democratic Party has lost the South.

Iran Instructs U.S.: Stop the ‘Racist’ Crackdown on Blacks

December 9, 2014

The following is a pretty remarkable lie, even for Obama. Here he is, commenting on a Staten Island grand jury’s decision not to indict the police officer who killed Eric Garner.

Schock: ‘Beyond Shocking’ Report Obama Might Sanction Israel, ‘You Can’t Make This Stuff Up’

December 8, 2014

Congressman Aaron Schock (R., Ill.) said recent reports that the Obama administration is mulling sanctions against Israel were “beyond shocking” and harmful to the U.S.-Israeli relationship.

Radio Host: Obama’s Promise Of Post-Racial America Was ‘Pure Crap’

December 8, 2014

Chris Plante, a popular nationally syndicated talk radio host, based at WMAL in Washington, D.C. has some harsh words for President Obama’s legacy on race relations in America, and he’s not the only one.

Obama has taken to the Black Entertainment Network to stir racial animosity directly to millions of households, mostly black in an interview that aired last night. The timing of this interview and the subject matter raise serious questions on what it is in fact that this racist in chief is attempting to convey, much less instigate. The reason for this question is that the nation is having violent protests and riots from California to Washington D.C. and in Florida and other cities. Its as if he is attempting to ignite a race war where the black community will begin to rise up and start massive lawlessness, violence and destruction.

We have a hard time understanding how such flagrant and blatant remarks can be seen to quell the riotous actions we see happening across the nation; from an article on Breitbart:

“As painful as these incidents are, we can’t equate what is happening now to what was happening 50 years ago. If you talk to your grandparents, parents, uncles, they’ll tell you that things are better — not good, in some cases, but better. We have to be persistent, because typically progress is in steps. It’s in increments.”

Who is this feckless miscreant kidding, claiming that the racial animosity in this nation is "not good," this is the first black president this nation has ever elected, and after remarks like these he may be the last for a good long while. If this statement was not bad enough on it's own, as it will be a green light for some to continue rioting and the destruction of property because in the words of our first post racial “racist” we have not made any real progress. This statement reinforces his previous one:

“This is something that is deeply rooted in our society, it’s deeply rooted in our history. When you’re dealing with something as deeply rooted as racism or bias… you’ve got to have vigilance but you have to recognize that it’s going to take some time, and you just have to be steady so you don’t give up when we don’t get all the way there.” He warned, “This isn’t going to be solved overnight.”

From our perspective, we are seeing the deeply rooted racism and it is not in our society, it is in the mind of our racist in chief that believes that our entire society that elected a black man to the highest office in the land is somehow racist. When in fact if the nation did happen to have deeply rooted racism or bias as he put, how is it that this miscreant was elected to office not once but twice. This does not even pass the smell test and is simply pandering to the black community and is meant to foment more racial hatred and bigotry.

How is that after all these years we have not had any race riots or violent protests until we had the "post racial Obama" come on the scene. What we have seen is that the nation is deeply polarized ever since he started his pernicious community organizer tactics on the nation and divide us as people into deeply divided groups. It is the old divide and conquer tactics, though this is a losing game as this miscreant is playing with fire.

As further proof of this statement we have his statements he made during the budget negotiations in 2013 and shows the depths of depravity and his own ability to plumb the depths of division with the GOP. We discussed this in our Obama’s Divisional National Socialist Party Rhetoric article:

This is how Obama chose to act in this regard to his "balkanization" and "polarization" efforts in a speech in October 2013:

But Obama didn’t suggest he’s responsible for the nation’s political divides.

Obama’s claim of moderation is contradicted by much evidence.

For example, in October 2013, during the dispute over the 2014 budget, Obama used one speech to describe Republican legislators in the House as akin to arsonists, kidnappers, deadbeats, butchers, lunatics and extortionists, obsessives, out-of-touch hostage-takers, nuclear-armed bombers, and unserious irresponsible extremists.

For a president to use such divisive language is unheard in the history of the Republic.  It is our resident community organizer that has caused all the ills to befall our nation as he transitions this nation to a fascist state ruled by fiat and creates anarchy and chaos. It is in this cauldron of hate as this language signifies that Obama is planning his "final solution" to the divide in this nation that he himself created.

How is this language any different than:

“This is something that is deeply rooted in our society, it’s deeply rooted in our history. When you’re dealing with something as deeply rooted as racism or bias…”


“If you talk to your grandparents, parents, uncles, they’ll tell you that things are better — not good, in some cases, but better.”

This miscreant is fomenting civil insurrection from the White House itself and using every means of government to create an atmosphere of mistrust, hatred and division between the black community and the nation at large which is a predominately white population that elected this feckless tyrant to office. We are no longer moored to the rule of law when we have a petty tyrant that is using his office to tear at the very fabric of our nation.

The question that begs to be answered is why is he actively fomenting racial animosity and animus...?

We suspect it is to cause misdirection and divert the black community from the illegal alien amnesty that he has just implemented as he is actively engaged in supplanting them as the favorite electorate of the retched Democrat Party that are acting like the National Socialist Party, and why we have called them Nazis. We have reported on the black community being upset about the benefits that are being showered on these illegal aliens when they are forced to live in squalor, crime and drug infested neighborhoods with no jobs and substandard education. We discussed this in our Unrest Among National Socialist Electorates article:

Who could not see this coming, even a blind seeing eye dog knew this was in the works with protests coming from the black community in Chicago. The National Socialists first captured electorate, the black community resent all this money being spent to capture, woo and welcome these illegal illiterate third world invaders at such a cost that it is making heads spin from our Obama’s Theresienstadt Cost $250 Per Alien Day article:

This means, we are getting a pig in a poke, at $250 a day is inordinate and out of perspective to what our citizens live on. If this daily payment were annualized it is a yearly income equivalent of $91,250 for the nominal family of 2.58 people per household. Which is in stark contrast, to the cost to the federal government for the average citizen on welfare, equals $168 dollars a day for an annualized cost of $61,320.

It takes 1.24 median income workers to pay for each citizen welfare recipient, these illegal invaders will require 1.83 workers a 48% increase over our domestic welfare spending, a disastrous investment in illiterate third world people. These are the "best and brightest" that Obama promised us, it is the lame and useless welfare horde that cannot, read, write or speak English, perfect fodder for voter fraud, as all the National Socialists want are warm bodies anyway.

This is a natural consequence of making a welfare underclass and captured minority electorate...

These protestors in Chicago are just the tip of the iceberg and probably what is the end game for Obama who has been polarizing this nation ever since this tyrant was elected in 2008. We have had all manner of racial violence being covered up by the media for six years now and these illegal aliens will blow the lid off this cauldron.

Now that the "lid has been blown off this cauldron" we see our feckless tyrant and community organizer in chief take to the airwaves to double down and foment racial hatred which will be directed to the white community and innocent businesses in the nations cities and towns. This is criminal behavior that our chief executive would foment insurrection and riotous actions out of our citizens, to push and hide another one of his illegal, immoral and unconstitutional actions against the nation with his illegal alien nation packing scheme.

This miscreant has now stepped across the line, this attempt to instigate riots is unconscionable and this tyrant must be arrested and prosecuted for his many crimes against this nation as he is actively working to tear the social fabric of this nation apart. From Breitbart.

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Obama Foments Racial Hatred  On National Network