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November 8, 2014

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Wave, Continued: GOP Will Control 70 Percent of All State Legislative Chambers

November 8, 2014

Everyone is (rightfully) buzzing about Republicans' dominant victories in contested Senate, House and gubernatorial races on Tuesday, but another historic GOP accomplishment shouldn't be overlooked.

Fmr. Obama Official Explains Why The Obama Economy Stinks

November 8, 2014

Former Obama administration official Steve Rattner explained Americans’ frustration with the economy in simple terms: Wages are down, and a lot of people who want to work still are not working.

California Passes Proposition Weakening Laws Against Stealing Guns, Possession of Date Rape Drugs

November 8, 2014

Stealing a gun or possessing drugs commonly used in date rape is no longer an arrestable offense in California after the passage of Proposition 47.

Ukraine accuses Russia of sending in tanks, escalating crisis

November 8, 2014

KIEV/MOSCOW (Reuters) - Ukraine's military accused Russia on Friday of sending a column of 32 tanks and truckloads of troops into the country's east to support pro-Russian separatists fighting government forces.

GOP Questions NAACP for Not Acknowledging Tim Scott and Mia Love in Their Election Statement

November 8, 2014

GOP Deputy Press Secretary Raffi Williams slammed the NAACP for ignoring the historic elections of candidates Mia Love (R., Utah) and Tim Scott (R., S.C.).

Luis Gutierrez Demands Obama to Enact Amnesty for 8 Million Illegals After Midterm Shellacking

November 7, 2014

A day after voters resoundingly rejected President Barack Obama's plans for massive executive amnesty in the midterms, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) said Obama's first act should be to give amnesty to eight million illegal immigrants, which would be comparable in scope to the Senate's Gang of Eight amnesty bill.

Now that Obama has been repudiated and isolated in the White House by the citizens who have shown him in no uncertain terms that the policies and ideology of our feckless tyrant is not what they want for this nation. Elections have consequences and we have an historic opportunity to restore Constitutional government to our nation:

Since that piece was published, there have been additional updates. State Senates in Maine and West Virginia have officially gone red, meaning that the GOP will field majorities in 69 out of 98 partisan legislatures (Nebraska's state legislature is unicameral and nonpartisan). For those keeping score at home, that's 70 percent of all legislatures.  And that's with Republican governors presiding over nearly two-thirds of all states.  As I said yesterday, not bad for a "regional party."   According to the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC), the party also broke Democratic legislative supermajorities in California, Delaware, Maryland and Vermont.  Nowhere did the Republican wave hit more dramatically than in Nevada.  Jon Ralston explains:

The Sandoval Sweep was unprecedented. When was the last time the Republicans held all constitutional offices and both houses of the Legislature? Never, say the great folks at the Legislative Counsel Bureau.

This nation is now in a position to peel back every progressive action that has destroyed our free market capitalist economy that ushered in the progressive age in 1913. We have seen personal freedom repressed and subjugated by a government that continues to expand their power by regulatory means to suspend our right of redress through the courts. This has come about by Congress granting regulatory power to federal agencies that are allowed to be judge, jury and executioner through administrative law.

We have become Serfs to a federal bureaucracy that expands their influence into our lives in such egregious ways as to dictate the type of light bulbs we can use, or how many gallons our shower head can flow or our toilet can flush. Then we have all the other ways in which we are shown that we are nothing but fodder for these miscreants as they have grown to abuse us in the most fundamental ways when we do not have the proper political perspective and must be harassed and denied our right to seek tax exempt status because we are conservatives and believe in the Constitution.

We are being taxed to death while almost one half pay no federal income taxes placing the burden on the productive members of our economy while the other half receives, benefits at our expense. When we have such a large segment that does not pay taxes they do not have any skin in the game and are used by ruthless politicians that buy their votes with entitlements to be trotted out every two years to do their duty and keep a pernicious system of spoils churning by voting for their meager allotment to continue.

Which only keeps them in the squalor of their inner city neighborhoods that are crime ridden and lack opportunity, jobs and a decent education as these cities political machines destroy what little hope they may have for a better tomorrow.

This election victory must not be squandered, we the people must put it to good use and rein in our out of control federal government.

It must not be left up to either party to continue carving up the federal treasury for their favored electorate whether it's the GOP or the National Socialists, neither party can be trusted. We must demand that the Constitution be amended and repeal the two most egregious amendments ever passed that unleashed all this misery on our nation; the 16th and the 17th amendments as a minimum.

We discussed this in our McConnell Tells Obama the GOP Game Plan-Again article:

The one bright spot in the election was that most State Legislatures are now in conservatives hands as well as the Governors and opens the possibility to amend the Constitution. We can bypass Washington and go directly to our state house and demand that they convene a Convention of States to amend the Constitution and rein in the federal government.

We could defund Washington by repealing the 16th amendment and abolish the income tax, which is what theses parties fight over on how they will divide the nations treasure every year and why we have the cyclical nature in politics as they swing between pleasing electorates. The most important amendment to repeal is the 17th amendment and replace the lost check on federal powers by abolishing the popular election of Senators and allow the States to be represented once again in the Senate.

This would place this body back into being a deliberative legislative body once again instead of a Uber House of Representative with six year terms. Our federal government is broken and has been by these two pernicious amendments and, until we repeal them we will continue to see dysfunctional government from both parties. We have a historic chance to bring about real change, by a grass roots effort to bring the intent of the Constitution back to life, instead of the constant bickering on how to carve up the federal pie.

On the one hand we have the National Socialists (Democrats) that want to use these funds to buy votes through entitlement governance. The GOP uses our taxes to build a strong nation and economy by spending it on the military and other projects. Though it is still an, either, or proposition with the people paying for it all and not being the beneficiary in increased freedom and liberty which is what they are supposed to provide versus all the hyperbole, waste and rhetoric.

These types of majorities in the State legislatures and governors offices mean we can change this nation from an entitlement driven society and Washington centered government back to a sovereign state and citizen centered government.

These types of majorities have rarely happened and when they have the Constitution is able to be amended, it happened in the early 20th Century and it can happen now. We need to put the federal government back into being a constitutional republic once again and break the back of the corruption over the federal treasury that is squandered by professional politicians to ensure their reelection by carving up entitlement benefits and other federal spending and lavishing it on their constituents.

If we repeal these amendments we will see prosperity return to our nation as we will have the freedom once again to start a business and not have to run a gauntlet government agencies to ask permission or comply with meaningless regulations that only stifle innovation and ingenuity.

States will be free to compete with one another again and try experiments in liberty and freedom and may choose to give their citizens benefits, while others may not, either way we will be in control and not Washington.

The federal government has become oppressive and a burden on our economy that is it no longer growing because of the regulatory and tax burdens that entrepreneurs and business are choosing to forgo expansion and are waiting for a better business climate.

We must give ourselves back our future, as we have seen by the past what the National Socialists have in store for us, the misery of a totalitarian state bankrupted by entitlements as welfare and other benefit payments and a stagnant economy. Then we have our nation balkanized so that these same miscreants can remain in power by importing illegal illiterate aliens whose loyalty will be bought with our own money to keep these fascists in power in perpetuity as they create a one party fascist state ruled by fiat.

We can change this future by repealing these pernicious amendments and enact others that shrink then check the growth of the federal government which has become anathemas to the concept of freedom and liberty and only stands in the way of our growth and prosperity. From Townhall.

A  Rendezvous With Destiny,  Amend the Constitution

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