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November 7, 2014

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Luis Gutierrez Demands Obama to Enact Amnesty for 8 Million Illegals After Midterm Shellacking

November 7, 2014

A day after voters resoundingly rejected President Barack Obama's plans for massive executive amnesty in the midterms, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) said Obama's first act should be to give amnesty to eight million illegal immigrants, which would be comparable in scope to the Senate's Gang of Eight amnesty bill.

Number of People Under "Active Monitoring" for Ebola in NYC Triples, City Officials Say

November 7, 2014

The number of people under "active monitoring" for Ebola symptoms has increased from 117 on Monday to 357 people Wednesday, health officials said.

Iran Quietly Fearful of Republican Takeover of Congress

November 7, 2014

Iranian leaders are quietly expressing fear about the Republican takeover of Congress Tuesday night, with many conveying concerns that Tehran has lost a key bloc of U.S. Democrats who wanted to roll back economic sanctions and hand Iran a favorable nuclear deal, according to an internal CIA analysis and Farsi language reports.

McConnell Should Defund the White House if Obama Tries Amnesty

November 7, 2014

There were two messages from Republicans on the morning after their sweeping victory in the 2014 midterm elections. One was that voters had elected Republicans to stop President Barack Obama's agenda.

McConnell: No Shutdown, No Default

November 7, 2014

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) said that under a Republican-controlled Congress, there will be no shutdown and no default on the national debt.

‘Election Eve Dump:’ Eric Holder Releases Fast and Furious Documents That Got Him Cited for Contempt

November 6, 2014

Justice Department officials provided House investigators with thousands of documents related to Operation Fast and Furious that President Obama had previously claimed were exempt from congressional review.

We have another aspect of the GOP takeover of Congress that is causing Iran to want to accelerate a deal with Obama before they take over the Senate. Iran wants to ink a deal during the lame duck session so that it gets to continue to enrich uranium and has the sanctions lifted:

Fears about the Republican takeover of Congress have plagued Iranian leaders for weeks, according to the CIA analysis obtained by the Washington Free Beacon that outlines internal commotion in Iran over the shifting political tides in the United States.

The eventual outcome of Tuesday’s elections prompted many Iranian commenters and officials to express concern that years of U.S. capitulation to Iranian demands might soon come to an end.

Republican gains in Congress appear to have motivated Iran to work harder toward inking a nuclear deal with the Obama administration before the lame duck legislative session concludes, according to an official analysis by the CIA’s Open Source Center authored ahead of the midterm elections.

Some Iranians are now betting that the White House will fully lift sanctions before the new Congress assembles and that it will also sign a deal that permits Tehran to continue enriching uranium, the key component in a nuclear weapon.

“Iranian media from across the political spectrum have cautioned that potential Republican gains in the upcoming U.S. congressional mid-term elections could disrupt the ongoing nuclear negotiations,” the CIA’s Open Source Center wrote in an Oct. 31 analysis marked unclassified but for official use only.

This latest report by the CIA means that Obama has not acted in the best interest of this nation or our allies and has attempted to skew the process to allow Iran to become a nuclear state. This also means that Iran was not negotiating in good faith and was only buying time so that their secret weapon 'Obama' would come through for them, as they lament about the prospect of having to negotiate with a GOP Senate and Congress.

This also means that we have been correct in our analysis of the situation which we discussed in our Obama Gives his Master in Iran Nuclear Capability article:

Now we are beginning to see the true duplicity out of Obama and his negotiations with Iran, the extended talks with them will now begin with a new perspective, they can continue their enrichment program:

The United States will give Iran access to another $2.8 billion over the next several months and appears to have conceded to Iran’s demand that it be permitted to domestically enrich uranium, the key component in a nuclear weapon, according to senior Obama administration officials.

In exchange for agreeing over the weekend to extend nuclear talks until late November, Iran will be given another $2.8 billion in unfrozen assets, the White House told reporters over the weekend, after President Barack Obama decided to extend the talks past their July 20 deadline.

The United States already returned to Iran $4.2 billion in unfrozen oil assets during the past six months of the interim nuclear deal and has now agreed to provide another $2.8 billion in exchange for an extension in the negotiations.

We are now witnessing the true intent and malevolence of Obama and his treasonous actions against this nation.

Iran has not negotiated in any manner that would be considered an honest and forthright manner. What has now happened is that our nation has conceded a nuclear Iran, and we just paid them another $2.8 billion dollars to do so, and all they had to do was not bargain in good faith and run out the clock.

We will now find out Iran has nuclear weapons when they rain down on Israel or the USA as, either EMP or conventional nukes, however our fate has been sealed by this treasonous usurper in the White House.

Now that the nuclear talks are scheduled to be concluded by the 24th, we will just have to see how these talks end. Our guess is that Obama will strike a deal that does not require Senate approval since Harry Reid has been put on notice by Mitch McConnell and other Senators about ramming bad legislation through during the lame duck session. From Free Beacon.

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Iran Wants Quick Deal with Obama, Avoid GOP