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Tyrants Reign In World Today

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November 26, 2014

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State Senator: This Is St Louis' Race War

November 26, 2014

Monday night on MSNBC's "The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell," Missouri State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadali (D) said of the riots after the grand jury announcement that Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson will not face charges for fatally shooting Michael Brown, "This is St. Louis's race war.

Ferguson Rioters Burn Dozens of Businesses to the Ground, Fire Off Hundreds of Gunshots

November 26, 2014

Last night the long awaited Grand Jury decision in the case of Michael Brown and Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson was released. According to the decision, there was no probable cause to file charges against Officer Wilson and therefore he is exonerated and will not face indictment.

Iran: ‘Americans Have Very Clearly Surrendered’

November 26, 2014

Top Iranian leaders have been celebrating a recently inked extension in nuclear negotiations with the West, with leading military figures and politicians saying that the deal is a sign that the “Americans have very clearly surrendered to Iran’s might,” according to regional reports.

Fmr. Obama Official: Iran Will Now ‘Reap the Benefits’ While Having to Make No Concessions

November 26, 2014

Former Obama official Jeremy Bash spoke on CNBC regarding the recent failed talks with Iran, and how Iran came out the winner with a deadline extension.

FBI: Officers Killed With Firearms Decreased 40 Percent As Gun Sales Soared In 2013

November 26, 2014

On November 24 the FBI released stats showing the number of officers killed in the line of duty during 2013 decreased by approximately 40 percent at a time when private gun sales were breaking records.

Iran Talks Fail

November 25, 2014

VIENNA—Iran and Western nations failed to reach a final nuclear deal by Monday’s deadline and have now agreed to extend talks into December and potentially further, according to Western officials and the Iranian state media.

We have the proof that we put forward yesterday that we have surrendered to Iran and will allow them to become a nuclear state, it is so obvious that Iran has now made this statement that we have surrendered to them:

As negotiations in Vienna break up so that leaders from all sides can return to their countries for further deliberations, the Iranians have already begun mocking the West and insisting that the country’s nuclear rights will soon be recognized.

With a seven-month extension in talks—originally scheduled to expire on Monday—set to start in early December, nuclear experts are predicting that Iran will continue its most controversial nuclear work and likely have enough enriched fuel for a bomb by June 2015.

The “Americans have very clearly surrendered to Iran’s might, and this is obvious in their behavior in the region and in the negotiations, and the enemies’ reservations vis-a-vis Iran are completely felt,” Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, commander of the Iranian Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), was quoted as saying late Monday following the announcement of an extension in talks.

If the United States ever decides to launch an attack on Iran, “our war will end by conquering Palestine,” Jafari said.

Meanwhile, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday in a television interview that the country’s “centrifuges will not stop,” according to a translation of his remarks.

“Today we have a victory much greater than what happened in the negotiation,” Rouhani said. “This victory is that our circumstances are not like previous years. Today we are at a point that nobody in the world [in which no one says] sanctions must be increased in order that Iran accept P5+1 demands.”

We also discussed this surrender and the statements of Iran in regard to Israel which Iran reiterated that they will destroy them in our Netanyahu Warns Obama and World Over Iran Nukes article:

We have Benjamin Netanyahu coming forward with cogent words and analysis as his nation will be the first to be obliterated when Iran becomes nuclear, this is not a supposition Iran has categorically stated that they intend to destroy Israel. He is warning Obama and the world about making a “historic mistake” with the worlds utmost purveyor of barbarity, hate and carnage Iran:

Netanyahu urged the U.S. to avoid making a bad deal with Iran that would leave its nuclear program intact:

Don’t dismantle sanctions before you dismantle Iran’s capacity to make a nuclear bomb. And as I understand it, the Iranians are nowhere near to accepting that and if for any reason the United States and the other powers agree to leave Iran with that capacity to break out, I think that would be a historic mistake not only because it endangers my country, Israel–that Iran’s ruler, the Ayatollah Khameini wants to annihilate–but endangers the entire middle east and the world.

Netanyahu warned that if talks fail before Monday, another interim deal would simply give Iran ample time to continue enrichment and improve its economy.

“I think the Iranians have used the interim deal to develop other elements of their program. It’s true they haven’t raised the enrichment to the 20% level and beyond, but they have done other things and they’re doing things that we don’t know about,” Netanyahu said.

“Iran has been using–using the hiatus to improve its economy. Its economy has improved, inflation has gone down substantially. There have been cash infusions of billions of dollars into the Iranian economy, but they still are suffering under sanctions.”

Netanyahu also advocated for tougher sanctions on Iran if they refused to cooperate with the IAEA.

“The International Atomic Energy Agency says that Iran refused to divulge the aims of its secret military nuclear program,” Netanyahu said. “I would, in fact, rather than making a bad deal, I would just continue the sanctions regime–even toughen the sanctions regime–and get Iran to make the concessions it needs to make to make sure that they don’t have the capacity to make nuclear weapons.”

A rational presentation of the facts, Iran is developing ICBM's for use against Europe and the USA, this is a fact and our feckless tyrant and his foppish dilettante Kerry allow them to march towards nuclear status. Madness reigns in the world today and the treachery, deceit and treason of Obama knows no bounds.

Obama has acted in direct contravention of our interests in the negotiations with Iran who at every turn acted with disdain, and rancor during these nuclear talks. We have been subjected to discord, threats and outright aggression and belligerence. Through it all, what have we accomplished? It is that Iran will have enough enriched uranium to produce a bomb by June 2015:

With a seven-month extension in talks—originally scheduled to expire on Monday—set to start in early December, nuclear experts are predicting that Iran will continue its most controversial nuclear work and likely have enough enriched fuel for a bomb by June 2015.

This has only cost us a mere 13.3 billion dollars to guarantee this outcome as we have given or allowed them to use their own frozen assets to bring this about, we can't help thinking that this to further the aspirations of Iran in the desire to destroy Israel. It is no secret that our resident tyrant Obama has nothing but disdain and rancor for the State of Israel and has thrown in with every Islamofascist regime on the planet, now we have made the worlds leader in global terrorism dreams come true.

They will become a nuclear state just as we predicted, and take out Israel or at least try, and to think it only cost us 13.3 billion and the treachery and treason of a usurper to bring our nation to the brink of destruction and stab an ally in the back at the same time. From Free Beacon.

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