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November 19, 2014

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The Left's Destruction of the Democrat Party

November 19, 2014

President Obama says he intends to act quickly to offer executive amnesty to illegal immigrants, and aides say that move could come as soon as this week. This need for haste may be due to his party growing weaker with each passing election.

Dem Rep. and MSNBC Host Both Unsure If Obama’s Executive Amnesty Plan Is Legal

November 19, 2014

Congressman Peter Welch (D., Vt.) and MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell were at a loss for words trying to justify the legality of President Obama’s impending executive action on immigration reform.

Exclusive: 3000 Unaccompanied Minors in Houston Schools

November 19, 2014

HOUSTON, Texas -- A report obtained by Breitbart Texas from the Houston Independent School District (HISD) revealed the influx of unaccompanied minors over the summer from Central America lead to an increased enrollment of 3,000 students.

United Arab Emirates Designates Muslim 'Civil Rights' Group CAIR as a Terror Organization Like ISIS and Al Qaeda

November 19, 2014

The Council on American Islamic Relations, better known as CAIR, has been designated  by the United Arab Emirates as a terror group comparable to ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Ron Fournier: Obama “destroyed the credibility of his administration and government itself”

November 19, 2014

Fournier has been sounding this alarm for a while, positioning himself as a responsible and disappointed Washington scribe who would like such government experiments in taking over corners of our lives to succeed.

Jonathan Turley: Obama's Executive Amnesty Threat 'Tears at Very Fabric of The Constitution"

November 18, 2014

As President Obama prepares to issue an executive order effectively legalizing five million illegal immigrants this week, many on the left and the right are issuing their criticisms toward him for violating the process and going at it alone.

Ron Fournier has once again laid out the problem with Obama who has undermined his own agenda and not only destroyed his own legacy but made the argument that unbridled government is unworkable:

What I like about Fournier is he seems to be one of just a few reporters and analysts in Washington who are willing to really give Obama credit for undermining his own agenda, making it hard to work on future legislation, and generally doing seemingly everything in his power to make it less and less likely that anyone will help him make anything happen. Fournier would probably like the wheels of power in Washington to turn more smoothly than I would like, since I’m a fan of Founder-endorsed gridlock and hard work, but he is unwilling to lay all the blame at the feet of Republicans when Obama is actively throwing sand in the gears. It’s far more dignified than twisting oneself into knots to absolve Obama of any responsibility, which is the favorite pasttime of so many.

And, he’s exactly right about the risks to government itself. Its currency is trust granted by the American people to implement and handle complicated problems and tell them the truth about what they’re enacting. Government has given us all plenty of reasons to doubt it from time immemorial, but Obamacare has been such a sustained and concentrated worst-case example that many like Fournier are learning this lesson in a stark way. That’s healthy for defending against future grand experiments attempted by our intellectual betters, even as Obamacare itself continues to be unhealthy.

What else needs to be said, all the admonitions about power and government have been on display with Obama and his retched National Socialist Party (Democrats) who have proven the founders correct in creating a government of limited powers. We shutter to think what Obama would do if given a different structure to our government, much less what he has done already to undermine and expand unbridled power of the executive.

We still have two more years for this to play out and his biggest power play is still being talked about, though has not been brought to fruition, his illegal immigration amnesty. Our government was created to be difficult, this is what make for good law and peaceful people. When peoples rights are trampled with impunity and uncertainty and existing law is brushed aside for temporary gains and political expediency to benefit a few at the expense of the many undermines our system of governance.

It is a crime of comity against our rights and legal processes that Obama has trampled on and why he is failing, as the citizens see this as an affront to our established order. Creating millions of new citizens out of lawbreakers is not in the best interest of the nation as a whole and the people see this as a means to transfer undeserved and unbridled power to the few at the expense of the many. From Free Beacon.

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Ron Fourier Obama Destroyed  His Own Agenda