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November 18, 2014

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Jonathan Turley: Obama's Executive Amnesty Threat 'Tears at Very Fabric of The Constitution"

November 18, 2014

As President Obama prepares to issue an executive order effectively legalizing five million illegal immigrants this week, many on the left and the right are issuing their criticisms toward him for violating the process and going at it alone.

Obama Says Illegal Immigration HURTS ‘Blue-Collar Americans,’ STRAINS Welfare

November 18, 2014

President Barack Obama once declared that an influx of illegal immigrants will harm “the wages of blue-collar Americans” and “put strains on an already overburdened safety net.”

Obama Economy Leaves People Hungry

November 18, 2014

Food banks across the country are reporting shortages as the holidays approach and the underemployed and the long-term unemployed are utilizing them to stave off hunger.

Barbarism 2014: Islamist to World–'Convert or Die'

November 18, 2014

Nina Shea's year-end review in World Affairs analyzes the rising Islamist threat to Christians in the Middle East as the Islamic State terrorist group conquers land and gains influence.

NBC: Gruber Comments ‘Certainly Not the Headline’ Obama Wanted for New Obamacare Enrollment

November 18, 2014

Obamacare enrollment opened for the second year after its disastrous 2013 debut, and headlines have not been good for the White House.

In Scathing Letter to Obama, Former FBI Assistant Director Slams Holder as "Chief Among Antagonists" in Ferguson

November 17, 2014

Former FBI Assistant Director and Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund President Ron Hosko has sent a scathing letter to President Obama detailing the damage done to the relationship between law enforcement and DOJ over the past six years.

Fighting words, hardly these are the types of actions that light rebellion and revolt against a government that is imposing its will on the people by any means necessary and a media that was complicit in every way possible as a propaganda arm of the Obama regime. We no longer have a government that acts with the consent of the governed, but does so with malice and deceit against the very citizens it is meant to serve.

The primary question needs to be asked, why would they need to lie and deceive the people if this law was just so darned good, they wouldn't; so they did what these miscreants always do lie, and its true purpose is still hidden from the American people.

Now that the MSM is finally being dragged to this story, since they were too busy acting as a cheer leading squad for Obama when this law was being forced on the American people. It was the new media sources that broke this story, and they are only coming late to the party to save what little integrity they have left, which is very little indeed:

President Obama’s highly touted health care legislation continues to stir up controversy after recently uncovered comments from the chief architects of the law.

NBC’s Peter Alexander summed up how the president must feel as videos of MIT professor Jonathan Gruber continue to surface.

“This is certainly not the kind of headline the president is looking for as his administration once again kicks off enrollment in the Affordable Care Act,” Alexander said. “New comments are getting scrutiny, causing another round of Obamacare political fallout.”

Gruber, the self-described ‘architect’ of Obamacare, has come under fire for multiple videos in which he revealed the duplicity and deceit behind Obamacare.

In a little over two weeks time we have seen the repudiation of Obama, ObamaCare, the media and even their laughable global warming scheme with the weather turn to dust. Its as if even nature and God is getting in on the action to rebuke these National Socialists that have run roughshod over the American people these last six years.

Where this ends is anyone's guess but one thing we have learned is that an enemy is most dangerous when they are cornered, and that is exactly what is happening to Obama who sees all his plans slip away. From Free Beacon.

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Media Hacks  Late to the Party Over Jonathan Gruber