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November 14, 2014

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The American People Have Spoken; President Obama’s Lawless Amnesty Must Be Stopped

November 14, 2014

Perhaps more than any issue, voter disgust over the President's amnesty for undocumented individuals dictated the outcome.

Father Asks Obama to Use Executive Order to Bring Son Slain by Illegal Alien Back to Life

November 14, 2014

A grieving father is asking President Barack Obama to bring his son, who was killed by an illegal alien, back to life with an executive order on immigration.

Congress: Military Left Out of Space Arms Control Talks

November 14, 2014

The State Department is pursuing space arms control agreements without formal coordination at the Pentagon, and two members of Congress warned yesterday that such an accord would undermine U.S. national security.

Second Amendment Victory: Eased Concealed Carry Rules Upheld in California, Striking Down Requirements for "Need"

November 14, 2014

Back in February, the infamously liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down California's issuance of  concealed carry permits based on "need' as unconstitutional.

Manic Ed: Watch this Mashup of MSNBC’s Ed Schultz’s Craziest Moments

November 14, 2014

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz is a bit of a firebrand. Or, as the Media Research Center’s Barbara Boland put it, he is “absolutely unhinged.”

GOP win in Alaska adds to party's US Senate sweep

November 13, 2014

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Republican Dan Sullivan won Alaska's U.S. Senate seat in a hotly contested race, beating a first-term incumbent as voter disapproval of President Barack Obama swept Democrats out of office and allowed the GOP to seize control of the Senate.

In another brazen in your face move by Obama and his dilettante and Secretary of State John Heinz Kerry, they did not include or consult with the military or Congress in negotiations with China over space based weapons:

Rep. Doug Lamborn (R., Col.) and Sen. David Vitter (R., La.) wrote to Frank A. Rose, deputy assistant secretary of state for space and defense policy on Wednesday, requesting an explanation for what they suggested was space arms control freelancing.

Lamborn said he organized a letter to Rose because of worries the State Department is working on an international space arms agreement that could limit U.S. space capabilities.

“Any proposal for a space code of conduct or an outer space arms control treaty should only be considered by the United States if it clearly improves our national security and does not limit our own freedom of action in space,” Lamborn told the Free Beacon in a statement.

“I am particularly concerned by the potential that State Department officials may be proposing agreements without any consideration for the national security implications of their proposals,” he added.

Lamborn and Vitter are members of their respective Armed Services subcommittees on strategic forces. Those panels oversee military space and missile defense programs.

“We are deeply concerned by the rising threats of anti-satellite weapons in the hands of states like the People’s Republic of China,” the lawmakers stated in the two-page letter. “That said, we believe the administration would do better to focus on real solutions to these threats, as opposed to more feel good measures, like the European Union’s (EU) Code of Conduct for Outer Space activities or other similar measures.”

Our conclusion is that Obama and his feckless Secretary of State have been negotiating with China in a manner that is in more in line with European Union's goals and aspirations and not our nations interests:

The two congressmen then asked Rose a series of questions suggesting that formal arms control negotiating procedures have not been followed.

Specifically, Lamborn and Vitter asked for a copy of the State Department Circular 175 notice for space arms control. The notice is required for all formal negotiations and outlines coordination for all international agreements.

They also asked Rose to explain the goal for an international space accord and to provide details on its potential impact on space and missile defense activities.

“How would such an agreement protect our ability to fully develop our missile defenses, including our test and targets program?” they asked.

Other concerns involve whether a space arms pact would undermine U.S. freedom of action for defense and other activities in space; and to supply a Joint Staff assessment of the impact on military operations of the moratorium on anti-satellite weapons testing.

This is just more evidence that Obama and his National Socialist regime are destroying this nation’s capabilities to defend our people and interests at home an abroad. This is treason to negotiate with foreign powers and not even consult with our military on these issues that are at the leading edge for the development of space based weapons, his actions are dangerous and ludicrous all at the same time.

They are simply giving away the store to place us in a vulnerable position in an uncertain future that will lead to our nations suffering in untold ways. Obama is a criminal and needs to be arrested and prosecuted for his dereliction of duty to this nation, her people and the military which he commands. From Free Beacon.

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Obama Sells Out USA  Over China Space Weapons