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November 13, 2014

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GOP win in Alaska adds to party's US Senate sweep

November 13, 2014

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Republican Dan Sullivan won Alaska's U.S. Senate seat in a hotly contested race, beating a first-term incumbent as voter disapproval of President Barack Obama swept Democrats out of office and allowed the GOP to seize control of the Senate.

Americans Overwhelmingly Want GOP Congress to Set Country’s Agenda, Not Obama

November 13, 2014

A new Gallup poll released Tuesday showed that the majority of Americans trust the incoming Republican Congress over President Obama to set the nation on the right track.

US military plans for possible evacuation of embassy in Yemen

November 13, 2014

The U.S. military is updating plans to potentially evacuate U.S. Embassy personnel from Yemen in the wake of rising violence and uncertainty about the security situation in that country, CNN has learned.

The Worst of Jonathan Gruber

November 13, 2014

Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber has been either too candid or just dishonest in his fight to pass and support the president’s health care overhaul.

Mass Sterilization Clinic Infection in India

November 13, 2014

Eight women have just died and 68 other women have been hospitalized because an Indian surgeon used infected instruments in a mass government-sponsored sterilization “camp.” The official limit is 30 such sterilizations per day and scrupulous attention to hygiene.

Lawsuit: Obama Officials Pressured Prosecutors To Release Convicted Criminal Illegal Aliens

November 12, 2014

An award-winning, career prosecutor at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) alleged in a blistering new lawsuit she was punished for resisting orders to release convicted criminal illegal aliens from custody.

Another Senate win has been called for the GOP with AP calling the election for Dan Sullivan in Alaska. This brings the count to eight for the GOP, with the possibility of adding one more this January from Louisiana:

The Alaska race was too close to call on Election Night last week, with Sullivan up by about 8,100 votes, but it became evident Tuesday when the state began counting about 20,000 of absentee and questioned ballots that Begich could not overcome Sullivan.

In a statement, Sullivan said he ran a campaign Alaskans could be proud of and, moving forward, "I want to emphasize that my door will always be open to all Alaskans."

"While we have challenges to address, the opportunities in Alaska and our country are limitless. Today, we are going to begin the process of turning our country around," he said.

Increasing the Senate majority will have little affect on Obama who it seems is prepared to set his own agenda since he claims an arbitrary mandate of unconscious voters who failed to vote on the 4th. He has even gone so far to say that his mandate tops the GOP, this is completely delusional and is in the disturbed personality category. Only in the psychopathic mind of Obama does he see this mandate, and it will be whatever he chooses it to be.

This nation chose to reject the "fundamental transformation" to our nation that our feckless tyrant has chosen to impress on us, he failed to understand that we are a nation of fiercely independent individuals and reject the tyrants hand. This is manifest by our ability to create, and invent new and significant improvements to our lives and economy, we are an inventive people and cannot be bought or subjugated with the meager payments of welfare.

What has been rebuked is the welfare state that has caused misery to many citizens under the guise of assistance, when in fact it has made them to be subservient to political machines in the nations largest cities. Which have chosen to serve their own interests and not that of the peoples.

We have a historic opportunity with these majorities in Congress and the Senate to peel back the progressive changes to the Republic with the 16th and 17th amendments that were made in the early 20th Century. We discussed this in our A Rendezvous With Destiny,  Amend the Constitution article:

These types of majorities in the State legislatures and governors offices mean we can change this nation from an entitlement driven society and Washington centered government back to a sovereign state and citizen centered government.

These types of majorities have rarely happened and when they have the Constitution is able to be amended, it happened in the early 20th Century and it can happen now. We need to put the federal government back into being a constitutional republic once again and break the back of the corruption over the federal treasury that is squandered by professional politicians to ensure their reelection by carving up entitlement benefits and other federal spending and lavishing it on their constituents.

If we repeal these amendments we will see prosperity return to our nation as we will have the freedom once again to start a business and not have to run a gauntlet government agencies to ask permission or comply with meaningless regulations that only stifle innovation and ingenuity.

States will be free to compete with one another again and try experiments in liberty and freedom and may choose to give their citizens benefits, while others may not, either way we will be in control and not Washington.

The federal government has become oppressive and a burden on our economy that is it no longer growing because of the regulatory and tax burdens that entrepreneurs and business are choosing to forgo expansion and are waiting for a better business climate.

We must give ourselves back our future, as we have seen by the past what the National Socialists have in store for us, the misery of a totalitarian state bankrupted by entitlements as welfare and other benefit payments and a stagnant economy. Then we have our nation balkanized so that these same miscreants can remain in power by importing illegal illiterate aliens whose loyalty will be bought with our own money to keep these fascists in power in perpetuity as they create a one party fascist state ruled by fiat.

We can change this future by repealing these pernicious amendments and enact others that shrink then check the growth of the federal government which has become anathemas to the concept of freedom and liberty and only stands in the way of our growth and prosperity.

We have a great opportunity as we have the chance to destroy the National Socialist Party (Democrats) once and for all. If we amend the Constitution and repeal these pernicious amendments we will not have the federal treasury used for electioneering anymore. It would also insulate to a great extent, the governance of the federal government as ideology will be limited to small changes and not the budget busting changes and national debt we have seen explode in the last 6 years with over 7 trillion dollars being added to our federal debt.

They will not be able to spend us into bankruptcy over entitlement programs which currently consume well over 55% to 60% of the federal budget. And is going to over 75% with ObamaCare. We must change and restore the Constitution and our Republic, the GOP has a majority of state legislatures and governorships to do this, we can end the progressive socialist inspired changes to our nation once and for all.

This is a difficult path to be sure, though will give ourselves and our posterity a once in a century opportunity to amend the Constitution to restore the Republic from a bloated welfare and totalitarian state that Obama and others brought us, to freedom and liberty once again free of interference from the federal government. From Townhall.

GOP Adds One More Senator to Their Majority

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