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November 13, 2014

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GOP win in Alaska adds to party's US Senate sweep

November 13, 2014

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Republican Dan Sullivan won Alaska's U.S. Senate seat in a hotly contested race, beating a first-term incumbent as voter disapproval of President Barack Obama swept Democrats out of office and allowed the GOP to seize control of the Senate.

Americans Overwhelmingly Want GOP Congress to Set Country’s Agenda, Not Obama

November 13, 2014

A new Gallup poll released Tuesday showed that the majority of Americans trust the incoming Republican Congress over President Obama to set the nation on the right track.

US military plans for possible evacuation of embassy in Yemen

November 13, 2014

The U.S. military is updating plans to potentially evacuate U.S. Embassy personnel from Yemen in the wake of rising violence and uncertainty about the security situation in that country, CNN has learned.

The Worst of Jonathan Gruber

November 13, 2014

Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber has been either too candid or just dishonest in his fight to pass and support the president’s health care overhaul.

Mass Sterilization Clinic Infection in India

November 13, 2014

Eight women have just died and 68 other women have been hospitalized because an Indian surgeon used infected instruments in a mass government-sponsored sterilization “camp.” The official limit is 30 such sterilizations per day and scrupulous attention to hygiene.

Lawsuit: Obama Officials Pressured Prosecutors To Release Convicted Criminal Illegal Aliens

November 12, 2014

An award-winning, career prosecutor at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) alleged in a blistering new lawsuit she was punished for resisting orders to release convicted criminal illegal aliens from custody.

We are given a glimpse into a state planned and executed eugenics program where population control is carried out by a nationally sponsored program to sterilize women to control their nations population growth:

Clearly, Dr. RK Gupta breached these guidelines. One unnamed official has been quoted as saying: “The doctor failed to disinfect the instruments before using them again.” Further, over 80 women were reportedly operated upon within a five to six hour period in the government-run Nemi Chand hospital in the Pendari area of Bilaspur.

 According to Amar Singh Thakur, chief health officer for the Bilaspur district, “The deaths were due to septic shock.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised a “thorough investigation and action on this unfortunate tragedy.”

Why does India sterilize women (and men) in such large numbers? That is because the country is suffering from vast overpopulation. In 2011, the census had passed the one billion person mark which makes India second only to China in terms of population. By 2025, India is projected to be the world’s most populous country.

Here’s why. The birth rate remain higher than the death rate; the fertility rate is still very high due to early marriage and the universal practice of marriage. Add to that, poverty, illiteracy, (including illiteracy about or resistance to birth control), the cultural preference for boys—and as many boys as possible (to take care of their aged parents), as well as the illegal migration from Bangladesh and Nepal—and India has a major problem to solve. Overpopulation also taxes the economy and leads to unemployment as well as the overutilization of resources such as land areas, water, forests, etc.

This is how the program was seen by an outside group in 2012:

In 2012, Human Rights Watch charged that the use of “numerical targets” (in terms of patients sterilized) contributed to a “coercive environment.” In other words, district health workers are threatened with salary cuts or dismissals if local targets are not met.”  To the extent to which women are under-valued and male children over-valued—by both men and women; and the extent to which women are only valued for their child-rearing capacity—little will change.

Five women remain in critical condition after the sterilization surgeries. Eight families are grieving the loss of their wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters.

What see playing out is the reality of how well intentioned government programs (we are not saying this one was) go horribly wrong. Until the people have a personal stake in the outcome of any solution and it is politically neutral mistakes and short cuts will be made to bring programs in line with political goals and budgets. In this case eight women have died and 68 hospitalized with life threatening illnesses.

The travesty of this is that the clinic that was performing sterilizations at a rate that was 266% above what was considered safe per day. Eighty women were sterilized when the clinic was only allowed to perform thirty if they followed proper procedures for sterilization of the surgical environment and instruments.

Welcome to government sponsored and controlled health care where the interest of the state supersedes your interests, and the best outcome for our government, we will not be able to bring suit against them without their permission, for India, that needs to be determined. From Breitbart.

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Democide by Population Control at Sterilization Camp