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November 12, 2014

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Lawsuit: Obama Officials Pressured Prosecutors To Release Convicted Criminal Illegal Aliens

November 12, 2014

An award-winning, career prosecutor at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) alleged in a blistering new lawsuit she was punished for resisting orders to release convicted criminal illegal aliens from custody.

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November 12, 2014

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough looked almost physically exhausted after hearing from former military commanders about President Obama’s policy toward the Islamic State.

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November 12, 2014

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough and Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd appear to have a much better relationship with senior Democratic leaders than President Obama does.

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November 12, 2014

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Netanyahu: ‘There is No Moderation in Iran’

November 12, 2014

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded Monday to a 9-step plan to eliminate Israel posted by Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei on Sunday.

Killed by Illegal Aliens: Victim Families Gather in Day of Remembrance

November 11, 2014

Stolen lives, that is how families refer to the death of their loved ones at the hands of criminals who were present in the country illegally when these men and women’s lives were stopped short.

We are now receiving proof that the Obama regime has engaged in wholesale release of criminal illegal aliens. This practice goes beyond prosecutorial discretion and into the corruption to law and the rule of law, to be replaced with anarchy and chaos:

The allegations from Patricia M. Vroom, 59, implicate Peter Vincent, the recently-resigned top lawyer at the agency. Vroom said in an Nov. 6 filing with the U.S. District Court of Appeals for the Arizona District she was ordered to drop prosecutions of illegal aliens with prior DUI convictions because, in the alleged words of senior ICE official Jim Stolley, “We don’t give a shit about that. Let it go.”

She also details pressure from supervisors to drop prosecutions of illegal aliens with identify theft convictions, including one who registered to vote “not once, but twice, both times falsely claiming to be a U.S. citizen,” according to the filing. Gillian Christensen, a spokeswoman for ICE, said the agency does not respond to pending litigation. Department of Homeland Sec. Jeh Johnson is named in the suit. DHS houses ICE.

Vincent, according to the filing, led a ruthless campaign to purge long-serving officials across the agency to replace with friends and allies.

The the purge was in line with the Obama's regime timing for the implementation of the DACA, his executive order by fiat of the "Dream Act" because Congress had failed to do our feckless tyrant’s bidding. To silence any critics within Immigration and Customs Enforcement managing personnel focused on any prosecutor or employee who was concerned with the abrogation of federal immigration law and were targeted for ouster:

After President Obama issued the executive “DREAM Act” order in 2012, providing legal status to individuals brought to the U.S. illegally as children, senior officials including Vincent coordinated to prevent the deportation of a DACA recipient convicted of ID theft in Arizona.

Following conflict over that decision and others, Vroom was given poor performance remarks in an annual review at odds with previous reviews, hostile and demeaning emails from superiors, and sexist attitudes.

In February 2013, the filing said, Vroom was instructed by supervisors to release aliens convicted of ID theft felonies in Arizona, at odds with previous ICE policy memoranda on the topic.

The most disturbing part about this deliberate policy to exempt illegal aliens from prosecution for the violation of our laws the least of which is being in the nation illegally, is the deliberate exemption in furtherance of criminal behavior, after the initial violation of illegal immigration. Clearly the message that is being sent is that these illegal aliens are being given special treatment by our federal government for the violations of our laws. Citizens are being treated disproportionately when in fact they are citizens and are prosecuted to the fullest extent of law for these same crimes.

This is beyond reason that our government would choose to exempt from prosecution serial criminals under the guise of prosecutorial discretion:

Sarah Hartnett, another senior ICE official “explained that as these were 'low-level' offenders...since the typical alien defendant convicted under these provisions of Arizona criminal law had simply been using a fake I.D. to get and keep employment.

Vroom was instructed to drop the cases and later mocked for considering the decision a serious legal precedent, the filing said. Regarding the alien found to have registered to vote twice illegally, Vroom recounts how she was pressured to drop removal proceedings.

According to the filing, ICE official Matt Downer asked Vroom how she planned to handle the situation. Vroom said she would agree to cancel the alien's deportation, but Downer wrote back, “think again.”

“Realizing she had not arrived at the “correct” answer as to how she should apply 'prosecutorial discretion,' Plaintiff then suggested the case be dismissed without prejudice, to which Mr. Downer replied, 'Agreed,'”

However, a short time later, Downer wrote back to urge an even more lenient course of action. “Re reading this – dismiss with prejudice,” Downer wrote, according to the filing.

The lawsuit by Vroom went on to discus the legal implication of dismissal with prejudice as it leaves the government unable to prosecute later. The usual practice is to hold the charges in abeyance in exchange for conviction on a lesser charge, and the option to prosecute the greater charge later if the defendant does not complete an agreed on disposition of their case.  This is simply allowing and creating a fifth column of criminal illegal aliens to commit further crimes.

We discussed this situation where Obama's regime has wantonly and now deliberately released criminal illegal aliens onto our streets to further their criminal behavior and discussed the scope of this issue in our Worst Prison Break In History Sanctioned by DOJ article:

A hearing of the House Judiciary Committee was held with Jeh Johnson the Secretary of Homeland Security over the intentional release of criminal illegal aliens which were haphazardly released on the streets of America. Representative Lamar Smith of Texas asked whether he should be charged with crimes against humanity for intentional release and subsequent crimes these criminals committed. A synopsis is presented here from our previous article on this issue:

The report analyzed data on 159,286 legal and illegal immigrants arrested by state or local police, including 7,283 illegal aliens who could have been deported but who were not taken into custody by ICE despite being identified as living in the country unlawfully. The data shows that along with drunken-driving charges, the released illegals went on to commit 16,226 new crimes, including 19 murders, 142 sex offenses, 1,420 drug crimes, 682 cases of burglary or theft and 48 firearms charges.

Then we have this bombshell from Smith that we were not aware of before:

“By the administration’s own admission, 90 percent of those who were voluntarily released had committed thousands of crimes, such as murder, sexual assault, kidnapping, drug trafficking and hit-and-run. Should someone be charged with crimes against humanity?” Smith asked Johnson.

This is then the intentional infliction of harm against his nations people by a regime that has gone rouge and, is a logical and reasonable assumption that they actually hate American citizens. This premise is simply held that our government is supposed to be for the welfare of the people, the entire people of this nation and intentionally to harm them by releasing criminals onto our streets that have been proven to be violent is fomenting anarchy against our people.

The 19 murders that are discussed in the Congressional hearing is extremely low as relayed by Rick Perry Governor of Texas who gave the figure closer to 3,000. We discussed this in our Media Hack Candy Crowley Covers for Obama article:

We have a trifecta of media personalities to report on today, this time Candy Crowley in an exchange with Governor Rick Perry over the illegal alien problem in Texas and the 3,000 murders attributed to them by Gov. Perry:

Host Candy Crowley challenged Perry's number saying, "Governor, I have to point out that a number of fact checkers has said that that 3,000 homicide figure is wildly off."

This ignorant response seems bizarre and disconnected, since Gov. Perry was laying the scope of the problem caused by the manufactured crisis on the border which is disproportionately affecting Texas:

"What we are substantially more concerned about in the state of Texas, and I will suggest to you across this country, are the 80 percent-plus of individuals who don't get talked about enough, that are coming in to the United States illegally, and committing substantial crimes. Since September of '08 we have seen 203,000 individuals who have illegally come into the United States, into Texas, booked in to Texas county jails. These individuals are responsible for over 3,000 homicides and almost 8,000 sexual assaults. I wish the president would respect that desire of Texans and the citizens of this country to secure the border. That's the real issue here, and one that all too often gets deflected by the conversation about unaccompanied minor children."

This crime spree is being created by a fifth column of illegal aliens being released by the Obama DOJ and crossing the border unchallenged and all Candy can object to, is the quantity of crime being attributed to these brigands, this was not lost on Gov. Perry:

Perry answered, "We'll continue to do what we have to do to keep our citizens safe. And let me go back to those numbers. You know, what are the number of, I do stand by them, by the way, but what are the number of homicides acceptable to those individuals?

Up to this point all that we have discussed and wrote about in our extensive articles about the balkanization of our nation with illiterate illegal aliens and the crime and misery being visited on our nation by these miscreants both in and out of government is willful. We have a systematic misuse of our nation’s immigration laws which are being used to complete a political agenda to create a new electorate for the retched National Socialist Party (Democrats) and the death and economic harm are inconsequential to these miscreants, brigands and tyrants.

We discuss the harm to citizens in the callous murders that are being committed by many of these illegal aliens, the release and non-prosecution of these criminals is causing untold pain visited on all to many families. We discussed this in our Obama’s Fundamental Transformation Cost in Lives article:

Heart rending stories were told Sunday on the first day of remembrance for all the victims killed by illegal aliens as their families told of their grief and loss caused by a government that allows our immigration laws to be violated for their own callous reasons and personal political power.

Jamiel Shaw Jr. was a typical story of this wanton slaughter being perpetrated by illegal aliens that have come north to ply the drug trade:

Jamiel Shaw, Jr. was a high school football star with a very bright future ahead of him. The deafening ring of shots fired rang in the ears of Jamiel Shaw, Sr. one day as his son was gunned down near the family home at the hands of illegal alien gang member Pedro Espinoza. Shaw told the crowd of Espinoza’s history of violence. Espinoza had also been released from jail the day before he killed Jamiel. Espinoza was sentenced to death row and is now locked up at San Quentin.

Shaw Sr. testified before the House Judiciary committee in June regarding his son’s death and the illegal alien gang member that killed him. As Breitbart reported, the killer would qualify for “legalization under the DREAM Act provisions of the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill.” Shaw Sr. has been an adamant activist for support of a proposal called Jamiel’s Law and hosts a regular radio program. Sunday’s program covered the National Day of Remembrance.

This lawsuit by Patricia M. Vroom shows the systematic and callous destruction to law and the rule of law, which is being replaced by the capricious and arbitrary fiat of Obama's "pen and phone" tactics to create a fascist state ruled by the whim of the executive for his own political fancy. The citizens and prosecutors of this nation’s federal justice system are treated to an abhorrent chimera of competing interests that have nothing to do with the administration of justice.

This is undeniable proof that our nation is being destroyed and illiterate illegal aliens are willingly being allowed to settle in our nation at the cost our citizens lives, livelihoods and good graces. The only nagging question we have; where are these illegal aliens getting the money to pay the Coyotes for being smuggled into our nation, it now looks like the government is an integral part of this conspiracy to balkanize our nation? Are they paying the Coyotes as well? From Breitbart.

Obama Subverted Law For Criminal Illegal Aliens

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