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November 12, 2014

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Lawsuit: Obama Officials Pressured Prosecutors To Release Convicted Criminal Illegal Aliens

November 12, 2014

An award-winning, career prosecutor at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) alleged in a blistering new lawsuit she was punished for resisting orders to release convicted criminal illegal aliens from custody.

MSNBC: Obama’s Weak Response to Islamic State Is ‘Scaring the Hell out of the World’

November 12, 2014

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough looked almost physically exhausted after hearing from former military commanders about President Obama’s policy toward the Islamic State.

Obama So Isolated That Dem Senators Call MSNBC to Learn White House Plans

November 12, 2014

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough and Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd appear to have a much better relationship with senior Democratic leaders than President Obama does.

Lacking Breakthrough, Sides Weigh Next Moves in Iran Nuclear Drama

November 12, 2014

(Reuters) – Senior officials from Western powers and Iran started a one-day round of talks in Muscat on Tuesday, with a deadline for reaching a nuclear deal less than two weeks away and no imminent breakthrough in sight.

Netanyahu: ‘There is No Moderation in Iran’

November 12, 2014

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded Monday to a 9-step plan to eliminate Israel posted by Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei on Sunday.

Killed by Illegal Aliens: Victim Families Gather in Day of Remembrance

November 11, 2014

Stolen lives, that is how families refer to the death of their loved ones at the hands of criminals who were present in the country illegally when these men and women’s lives were stopped short.

Benjamin Netanyahu gives an impassioned and factual statement on the current situation on the negotiations with Iran on the status of their nuclear program, as Iran calls for the complete and utter destruction of the nation of Israel and their people:

Netanyahu warned that an impending deal over Iran’s nuclear program negotiated among the P5+1 (permanent members of the United Nations Security Council) does not take into account the violent and inflammatory rhetoric emanating from the Iranian regime.

“He is publicly calling for the annihilation of Israel as he’s negotiating a nuclear deal with the P5+1 countries,” Netanyahu said. “There is no moderation in Iran.”

Netanyahu slammed efforts to reach a ‘deal’ with Iran, citing the Iranian regime’s failure to cooperate with UN nuclear inspectors and dishonesty in disclosing information regarding its nuclear weapons program.

“It is unrepentant, unreformed, it calls for Israel’s eradication, it promotes international terrorism, and as the IAEA report just said, it continues to deceive the international community about its nuclear weapons program,” Netanyahu said. “This terrorist regime in Iran must not be allowed to become a nuclear threshold power. I call on the P5+1 countries: don’t rush into a deal that would let Iran rush to the bomb.”

One strength that Bibi is assured of is that the American people stand with Israel, as our Judeo/Christian heritage is intertwined with the nation of Israel and we will not allow them to be destroyed. Even though Obama and his feckless Secretary of State John Kerry have worked tirelessly to bring Israel to ruin to further the ruthless and barbaric Islamofascist regimes that surround Israel. Israel will not fall since we have an united America, of this we can be sure, we stand with Israel…! From Free Beacon.

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Netanyahu Has No Illusions On Iran’s Mideast Goals