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November 11, 2014

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Killed by Illegal Aliens: Victim Families Gather in Day of Remembrance

November 11, 2014

Stolen lives, that is how families refer to the death of their loved ones at the hands of criminals who were present in the country illegally when these men and women’s lives were stopped short.

Six Years In, Obama Admits ‘Campaigning and Governance Are Two Different Things’

November 11, 2014

After six years of endless campaigning and fundraising, President Obama admitted to CBS’s Bob Scheiffer that “campaigning and governance are two different things.”

Rick Perry: America's Next President Will Not Be a Senator

November 11, 2014

In an exclusive interview at Breitbart News Network's headquarters, Texas Gov. Rick Perry said President Barack Obama would cement a legacy of being the worst president in American history if he moves forward on executive amnesty.

New Yorker Editor: 2016 Dem Candidates ‘a Pathetic Scene’

November 11, 2014

New Yorker editor-in-chief David Remnick said that the candidates that have emerged as Democratic frontrunners for the 2016 presidential election were “a pathetic scene.”

McCain: World Has ‘Dramatically Shifted in Favor of the Forces of Radical Islam’

November 11, 2014

Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.) said that since the beginning of Barack Obama’s presidency, the world has “dramatically shifted” in favor of the forces of radical Islam.

'NSA slayer' to judges: The government is lying!

November 10, 2014

Attorney Larry Klayman, who last year won a federal court judgment against the National Security Agency’s spy-on-Americans program that keeps records of phone calls, has told an appeals court considering the same dispute not to trust what the government says.

Heart rending stories were told Sunday on the first day of remembrance for all the victims killed by illegal aliens as their families told of their grief and loss caused by a government that allows our immigration laws to be violated for their own callous reasons and personal political power.

Jamiel Shaw Jr. was a typical story of this wanton slaughter being perpetrated by illegal aliens that have come north to ply the drug trade:

Jamiel Shaw, Jr. was a high school football star with a very bright future ahead of him. The deafening ring of shots fired rang in the ears of Jamiel Shaw, Sr. one day as his son was gunned down near the family home at the hands of illegal alien gang member Pedro Espinoza. Shaw told the crowd of Espinoza’s history of violence. Espinoza had also been released from jail the day before he killed Jamiel. Espinoza was sentenced to death row and is now locked up at San Quentin.

Shaw Sr. testified before the House Judiciary committee in June regarding his son’s death and the illegal alien gang member that killed him. As Breitbart reported, the killer would qualify for “legalization under the DREAM Act provisions of the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill.” Shaw Sr. has been an adamant activist for support of a proposal called Jamiel’s Law and hosts a regular radio program. Sunday’s program covered the National Day of Remembrance.

Many other stories of lives lost and their families anguish are told in this story from Breitbart, and are just some of the 3000 that Rick Perry talks about from our Media Hack Candy Crowley Covers for Obama article:

We have a trifecta of media personalities to report on today, this time Candy Crowley in an exchange with Governor Rick Perry over the illegal alien problem in Texas and the 3,000 murders attributed to them by Gov. Perry:

Host Candy Crowley challenged Perry's number saying, "Governor, I have to point out that a number of fact checkers has said that that 3,000 homicide figure is wildly off."

This ignorant response seems bizarre and disconnected, since Gov. Perry was laying the scope of the problem caused by the manufactured crisis on the border which is disproportionately affecting Texas:

"What we are substantially more concerned about in the state of Texas, and I will suggest to you across this country, are the 80 percent-plus of individuals who don't get talked about enough, that are coming in to the United States illegally, and committing substantial crimes. Since September of '08 we have seen 203,000 individuals who have illegally come into the United States, into Texas, booked in to Texas county jails. These individuals are responsible for over 3,000 homicides and almost 8,000 sexual assaults. I wish the president would respect that desire of Texans and the citizens of this country to secure the border. That's the real issue here, and one that all too often gets deflected by the conversation about unaccompanied minor children."

This crime spree is being created by a fifth column of illegal aliens being released by the Obama DOJ and crossing the border unchallenged and all Candy can object to, is the quantity of crime being attributed to these brigands, this was not lost on Gov. Perry:

Perry answered, "We'll continue to do what we have to do to keep our citizens safe. And let me go back to those numbers. You know, what are the number of, I do stand by them, by the way, but what are the number of homicides acceptable to those individuals?

Then we have the callous policy itself which our feckless tyrant and self-made dictator Obama has allowed to fester with his illegal and unconstitutional DACA and his complete abrogation of his duty to enforce the laws of this nation. We discussed this in our Obama’s Policy Causing Death to Citizens & Illegals article:

This story confirms the scope of the problem Gov. Rick Perry talked about yesterday in our Trawl III article on the crime Texas is experiencing. Sadly all Candy Crowley media hack and CNN anchor would do was dispute the quantity of crime committed by illegal aliens.

Here are the facts...

Monday in Falfurrias, Texas in Brooks County has been ground zero for the illegal immigration invasion where they see these invaders moving north across ranch and farm land. The law enforcement in this small community has been stretched to the breaking point with only a three man department. Illegal's have been dying during this trek through the summers heat in this county with at least 44 bodies being discovered so far, many have not been recovered:

The death toll continues to climb in the Falfurrias death march region also known as the ranch lands and highways of Brooks County. The toll on illegal immigrants who have died attempting to cross these ranch fields and bypass the Border Patrol checkpoint located in the center of Brooks County now stands at 44 as a woman was found dead this week. A woman reported being raped by her fellow travelers earlier this week and another woman was seriously injured as she either bailed out of or was pushed from a vehicle she was riding in that was being pursued by a deputy sheriff.

This is the reality of the border crisis that Obama has unleashed on this nation and the only response, these media hacks can make is covering for Obama and his corrupt administration. They show no concern for the lives of the American people, or these immigrants. Rick Perry mentioned that 3,000 citizens were killed since 2008 and all Candy Crowley could do was this; from our Trawl III article:

Host Candy Crowley challenged Perry's number saying, "Governor, I have to point out that a number of fact checkers has said that 3,000 homicide figure is wildly off."

People are dying, being killed, robbed, murdered, sexual assaults and other property crimes and we have the crimes stats being disputed by the media.

They have been completely absent on this burgeoning humanitarian crisis, preferring to stick their head in the sand and repeat talking points for the National Socialist Party that want to make these illegal immigrants into another captured electorate of reliable voters for the future.

All this is being fueled by the insane and incomprehensible policies of the Obama regime which are not able to make sense of their own actions as they have made such a muddle of law and rule of law that we have this nonsense from Cecilia Munoz Obama's Chief Counsel on immigration.

We discussed this in our Balkanization Reaps the Consequences of Law by Fiat article:

One of the forgotten issues in the current border invasion that need to be addressed is the so-called 'broken immigration system.'  We hear this meme so often that is treated the same as global warming. Neither; is true they are only tawdry initiatives to change government and massive transfers of wealth and power to others.

So in this environment we have this stunningly ignorant remark by Cecilla Muñoz:

The challenge, according to lawyers inside and outside the government, is to avoid being arbitrary in deciding who must go and who can stay.

“It’s legally complicated,” said Cecilia Muñoz, the director of the Domestic Policy Council at the White House and Mr. Obama’s top immigration adviser. “That was always going to be true. It’s just in higher relief now.”

Legally complicated and arbitrary, how can that be, don't we have the Immigration and Nationality Act or the McCarran-Walter bill and now known as Public Law No. 82-414 under Title 8 of the federal statutes.

As far we know this has not been repealed...

So how is any of this "legally complicated" or "arbitrary" which has been made that way not by following the rule of law; but the arbitrary and capricious unconstitutional abrogation of the rule of law by the edicts and fiat of Obama's pen. Has made a working system that is by the way not broken, it just does not serve the needs of the regime in power and thereby declared "broken" to serve their political interests and ends.

What we see is the suspension of law and the rule of law all so that the retched National Socialist Party (Democrats) can balkanize the nation with illegal aliens to supplant the American people. It makes no difference as these poor families have had to experience by the loss of their loved ones, we are all expendable so that these miscreants can create a new electorate that will render our voices mute.

The Party faithful have deliberately and with malice allowed these foreigners to settle illegally and have been buying their loyalty with our hard earned taxes all so they will vote for their retched party when the time comes. This is the extent of their vision for America where it is for sale to lowest bidder as long it come with a small price tag of a monthly welfare payment, food stamps and other government benefits.

This is not governance, though this is the vision of the new National Socialist society built on the death of citizens and the destruction to the rule of law so that these tyrants and miscreants can create a one party fascist state with themselves on the top of the rotting carcass, of this great nation. From Breitbart.

Obama’s Fundamental Transformation Cost in Lives

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