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November 10, 2014

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'NSA slayer' to judges: The government is lying!

November 10, 2014

Attorney Larry Klayman, who last year won a federal court judgment against the National Security Agency’s spy-on-Americans program that keeps records of phone calls, has told an appeals court considering the same dispute not to trust what the government says.

WH: ‘Washington Will Work Better If Obama Has His Way’

November 10, 2014

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough said that under a Republican-led Congress, Washington will “work better,” as long as President Obama has his way.

Obama Admin Releases Another Gitmo Detainee Originally Deemed 'Too Dangerous to Release'

November 10, 2014

The Obama administration released one of Guantanamo Bay’s longest-serving prisoners on Wednesday. Fawzi al-Odah, who had previously been classified as too dangerous to release, was sent back to Kuwait on the condition that he would serve one year in a militant-rehabilitation center.

Fate of ‘critically wounded’ ISIS chief unclear

November 10, 2014

The leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was “critically wounded” when a U.S.-led air strike targeted the western Iraqi border town of al-Qaim, tribal sources told Al Arabiya News Channel on Saturday.

CNN: Midterms Show ‘That Old Clinton Magic Doesn’t Really Work’

November 10, 2014

Washington Post political reporter Nia-Malika Henderson told CNN’s John King that after the 2014 midterm elections, it was clear that the “old Clinton magic doesn’t really work.”

Wave, Continued: GOP Will Control 70 Percent of All State Legislative Chambers

November 8, 2014

Everyone is (rightfully) buzzing about Republicans' dominant victories in contested Senate, House and gubernatorial races on Tuesday, but another historic GOP accomplishment shouldn't be overlooked.

Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch is coming forward and declaring in pleadings to an appellate court that the NSA and government lawyers are not to be trusted and are flat out lying:

“It is clear that this court should not believe anything that the government appellants-cross-appellees say,” wrote Klayman in a brief submitted to the U.S. District Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

“They are holding all of the cards and pretending as though they have safeguarded the rights of Americans when in fact every time there is a leak of information the exact opposition has been shown to be true,” he wrote.

Klayman sued the NSA over the collection of telephone metadata from Verizon customers that was detailed in documents released by intelligence-document leaker Edward Snowden. In December, U.S. District Judge Richard Leon ruled the NSA program likely is unconstitutional and ordered the government to stop collecting data on the two plaintiffs. He stayed his injunction, however, “in light of the significant national security interests at stake in this case and the novelty of the constitutional issues.”

Klayman then went on to clarify the issues and it does so with clarity and illumination in light of the illegal activity that these wholesale violations of our rights entail, in effect the NSA spying is the same "General Warrant" as when King George III used the hated "Writs of Assistance" that were issued by the British against our citizens in the 1770's:

“Government appellants-cross-appellees have never sought to refute this uncontroverted evidence. Instead, they simply represent that neither the lower court nor this court are entitled to know what it is they are doing much less appellees/cross-appellants,” Klayman wrote.

“Without any proof provided by the government appellants-cross-appellees, the lower court and this court are being asked to take the government appellants-cross-appellees boldfaced and unsubstantiated assertions on face value. These assertions are demonstratively false based upon what the National Security Agency’ own inspector general has uncovered, which document the systematic, widespread violation of minimization procedures, namely the NSA has routinely accessed individuals identities and metadata without probable cause to do so. The government appellants-cross-appellees were only forced to come clean with this pattern of illegal and unconstitutional conduct after whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed their ongoing criminal activity. ”

All this has led to federal courts to question what is actually going on as they do not have the full story as the federal government and Obama's agencies hide behind the cloak of national security and violate our rights with impunity. While declaring, they are providing for our security and safeguarding our rights, which seem at odds to the facts in the matter before the court:

The three judges who heard arguments Tuesday, the Associated Press reported, expressed “uncertainty about where to draw the line between legal surveillance and violations of constitutional rights.”

At issue are orders for the FBI from the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court telling telephone companies to give the government “metadata,” details about telephone traffic, such as the numbers dialed.

WND has reported on the case since it developed, including when two privacy-rights heavyweights, the American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, weighed in on Klayman’s side.

An EFF friend-of-the-court brief in support of the district court ruling said, “The call records collected by the government are not just metadata – they are intimate portraits of the lives of millions of Americans.”

The data, EFF said, “reveals political affiliation, religious practices and peoples’ most intimate associations.”

“It reveals who calls a suicide prevention line and who calls their elected official; who calls the local tea-party office and who calls Planned Parenthood.”

All the raw data are in the hands of Obama and his retched regime which has been turned against the people, since we do not know who in our government are using and viewing this data and what the databases they have created are used for, they simply are not telling us. It would be a simple matter to take this type of data and link it with his infamous OFA database and other government databases and misuse the data to target political opponents or simply anyone that has a different political affiliation than Obama and his retched National Socialist Party (Democrats).

No matter what is proven on what is actually going on with all this data, we have the creation of a security state that is being turned against the American people, to repress our citizens in the name of safety and security. What we are losing is our right to be left alone, which is now a quaint notion as our government intrudes into our lives and society in ever growing ways that we do not have the right to have our most intimate communication remain private on a daily and continual basis. This is not freedom and it certainly is not liberty. From WND.

Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch Takes NSA to Task

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