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November 10, 2014

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'NSA slayer' to judges: The government is lying!

November 10, 2014

Attorney Larry Klayman, who last year won a federal court judgment against the National Security Agency’s spy-on-Americans program that keeps records of phone calls, has told an appeals court considering the same dispute not to trust what the government says.

WH: ‘Washington Will Work Better If Obama Has His Way’

November 10, 2014

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough said that under a Republican-led Congress, Washington will “work better,” as long as President Obama has his way.

Obama Admin Releases Another Gitmo Detainee Originally Deemed 'Too Dangerous to Release'

November 10, 2014

The Obama administration released one of Guantanamo Bay’s longest-serving prisoners on Wednesday. Fawzi al-Odah, who had previously been classified as too dangerous to release, was sent back to Kuwait on the condition that he would serve one year in a militant-rehabilitation center.

Fate of ‘critically wounded’ ISIS chief unclear

November 10, 2014

The leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was “critically wounded” when a U.S.-led air strike targeted the western Iraqi border town of al-Qaim, tribal sources told Al Arabiya News Channel on Saturday.

CNN: Midterms Show ‘That Old Clinton Magic Doesn’t Really Work’

November 10, 2014

Washington Post political reporter Nia-Malika Henderson told CNN’s John King that after the 2014 midterm elections, it was clear that the “old Clinton magic doesn’t really work.”

Wave, Continued: GOP Will Control 70 Percent of All State Legislative Chambers

November 8, 2014

Everyone is (rightfully) buzzing about Republicans' dominant victories in contested Senate, House and gubernatorial races on Tuesday, but another historic GOP accomplishment shouldn't be overlooked.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been critically wounded by an air strike last Friday, U.S. Central Command led the strike on ISIS commanders and leadership at the western Iraqi border town of al-Qaim:

U.S. Central Command confirmed in a statement that U.S.-led air strikes targeted ISIS leaders near their northern Iraqi hub of Mosul late Friday, without confirming whether Baghdadi was killed, AFP reported.

“This strike demonstrates the pressure we continue to place on the ISIL [ISIS] terrorist network and the group's increasingly limited freedom to maneuver, communicate and command," U.S. Central Command said.

Anbar province MP Mohammad al-Karbuli told Al Arabiya News Channel that coalition aircraft had targeted a gathering of ISIS leaders in al-Qaim that led to the killing of tens of people and wounded many more.

Karbuli said chaos ensued the air raid with ISIS members scrambling to transport their wounded to al-Qaim hospital which was overwhelmed with the number of patients.

Reuters news agency quoted two witnesses as saying an air strike targeted a house where senior ISIS officers were meeting, near al-Qaim.

The witnesses said ISIS fighters had cleared a hospital so that their wounded could be treated. ISIS fighters used loudspeakers to urge residents to donate blood, the witnesses said.

The agency also quoted residents as saying there were unconfirmed reports that ISIS’ local leader in the western Iraqi province of Anbar and his deputy were killed.

Whatever the outcome of this raid we will continue to see Islamofascists continue their reign of carnage in Iraq and Syria, al-Baghdadi has been the inspiration to Muslims all over the world to join and fight under Mohamed's black banner. If he is killed will only set them back for a short while, they intend to continue to restore their Caliphate and bring Islam to the world, that will take more than a few well placed, bombs to destroy.

These brigands are on a roll and we do not see them evaporating if Baghdadi were to succumb, if anything it will make them more determined, the only question in our mind is who will rise through the ranks to replace him. We have wondered who is the military leader of this Islamic army as they have acted in ways that are more in keeping with a modern western trained army than a Islamic terrorist group. We discussed this in our ISIL Shows Capabilities of Modern Military Planning article:

We are starting to rethink our previous analysis on ISIL as it now looks as if it is being led by some very sophisticated officers that are making tactical and strategic decision on the order of battle. One objective appears to be consolidating all the oil reserves in the Mideast under this Caliphate, the other is the destruction of any Sunni and Shia opposition to this goal. From the geopolitical perspective Iran may be behind this effort, staying in the shadows to destroy and/or gather all opposition to them.

We also have the curious withdrawal of the Obama regime from this region and abandoning all the spent blood and treasure in the region going so far as to ask Congress to repeal the war authorization for Iraq.

Given the facts as we now know them, it looks as if this move by ISIL is very forward looking and indicates that they are actually being led by others that have formal training in military planning and are being used by a foreign power that will consolidate all the oil reserves under one banner.

Who really controls ISIS is anyone's guess at this time, though we suspect Russia or Iran as the tactics show that they are strategically placed to consolidate the oil reserves of the Mideast under one banner. And if you look at a map Russia, certainly fills this bill. We have seen that Putin has territorial plans in Europe and Iraq and Syria look like a strategic oil resource for him to lock up.

Even though Russia has vast oil and gas resources they are in remote areas without anyway to bring them to a refinery and use in his plans for conquest, whereas the oil from the Mideast is in his own backyard and conveniently located for him to use. Our money is on Putin which is an ally of Iran, we will just have to see how this plays out.

In the mean time, we can expect the carnage and mayhem of these barbaric brigands to continue as they spread their murderous jihad across the Mideast and leave misery and bloodshed in their wake. From Al Arabiya News.

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ISIS Caliphate Leader Critically Injured in U.S. Raid