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Tyrants Reign In World Today

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October 8, 2014

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Key Congressional Republicans to Obama: Put Someone in Charge of Ebola Crisis Management

October 8, 2014

With Ebola making its way to the United States, people are rushing to find more information on the deadly disease.

Disease plagues illegal immigrants; lack of medications, basic hygiene blamed

October 8, 2014

Communicable diseases continue to be a problem at the New Mexico facility built to house illegal immigrant families surging across the U.S.-Mexico border, and the immigrants themselves aren’t taking their own health care very seriously, according to an audit released Monday.

CNN Reporter Returning from Liberia 'Shocked' and 'Horrified' by Lax Screening

October 8, 2014

On Monday on HLN, CNN medical reporter Elizabeth Cohen said she was aghast at the lax screening procedures at airports for passengers who might have been exposed to Ebola.

CDC Chief Frieden on Ebola: Sealing Borders 'Increases People's Distrust of Government'

October 8, 2014

On his blog on the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), director Dr. Tom Frieden wrote that sealing borders, restricting travel to and from countries with widespread cases of Ebola, and otherwise isolating communities infected with the deadly disease “increases people’s distrust of government, making them less likely to co-operate to help stop the spread of Ebola.”

Lois Lerner Tries To Barge Into Neighbor’s Home To Avoid Questions

October 8, 2014

IRS official Lois Lerner was so desperate to avoid questioning from journalist Jason Mattera that she tried to force herself into her neighbor’s home.

Pirro on Ebola Crisis: 'Tell Us the Truth For Once'

October 7, 2014

The Fox News Channel’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine” anchor, Judge Jeanine Pirro railed against the government’s handling of the Ebola crisis on Saturday.  

We have the Party line and another asinine statement out of Dr. Tom Frieden that we must not close out borders to the African nations since it would cause peoples distrust of government:

Frieden added:

I have been asked whether we should stop travel to Liberia. The answer is no: to keep Americans and people in non-affected countries safe, we must continue to work to support efforts to stop the spread of Ebola in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. One strategy that won’t stop this epidemic is isolating affecting countries or sealing borders. When countries are isolated, it is harder to get medical supplies and personnel deployed to stop the spread of Ebola. And even when governments restrict travel and trade, people in affected countries still find a way to move and it is even harder to track them systematically.

Frieden continued that restricting travel to and from a community with widespread Ebola would make it more difficult to control the isolated area and would place that country at even greater risk.

“At the United Nations last week, delegates wore buttons that said: Isolate patients, not countries,” Frieden wrote. “The only way to stop the epidemic is to isolate and care for patients, not to quarantine entire communities, areas, or countries. Patients, communities, and countries that are fighting Ebola need our support.”

Sorry doc; the peoples trust in your handling of this situation and this regime is already as low as it can go, and we expect that this is just another crisis to be exploited by this government. The stakes now are life and death and you and our feckless tyrant are willing to gamble with our lives…! This government has proven at every turn to be wrong and so very wrong that it is a glaring truth. You and your agency have been MIA when Obama opened our borders to allow illegal aliens unfettered, access to our nation in violation of our public health laws.

To the point that we now have a deadly virus sweeping through 43 states as it is and is the enterovirus 68, brought to us by these same illegals who have been transported to every state and resulted in numerous deaths.

Your current position is also in contrast to the public health regulations that the CDC said were necessary to stave off an epidemic for Ebola which Obama chose to ignore, we discussed that in our Obama Scrapped CDC Regs Over Ebola & Out of USA article:

We have so much that is disturbing about this regime of our feckless tyrant Obama who has at every turn taken the wrong path to nowhere. Here we have a common sense regulation that could save the nation from Ebola and instead of adopting it, they abandon it:

Meanwhile, four years ago, the administration of President Barack Obama moved with virtually no fanfare to abandon a comprehensive set of regulations which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had called essential to preventing international travelers from spreading deadly diseases inside the United States.

The CDC had proposed the regulations in 2005 under the administration of George W. Bush, reported USA Today in 2010. The original impetus for the regulations was fear that avian flu would spread unchecked.

The regulations proposed under the Bush administration would have granted the federal government a power of “provisional quarantine” to confine airline passengers involuntarily for up to three days if they exhibit symptoms of certain infectious diseases. Federal officials would also have been able to quarantine passengers exposed to people with those symptoms.

There was a fairly long list of diseases. It included smallpox, yellow fever, diphtheria, pandemic flu, infectious tuberculosis, cholera — and viral fevers such as Ebola.

Before the Obama administration withdrew the proposed new regulations, CDC officials had emphasized that they would only invoke the involuntary “provisional quarantine” when someone exhibiting a set of symptoms refused to work with federal officials voluntarily.

Here we are at the end of the road and it is you, your agency and government that the people have lost faith in, because everything is a political football to be used at every turn to increase the power of the National Socialist Party and the people are of no consequence. It is our lives that will be lost; we know this, and yet you and your fellow tyrants are so flip, nothing has been done to stop people like Thomas Eric Duncan from coming here. How many other desperate souls are there in the world, it it those that we need to be protected from.

We now know that we are expendable and will be used to create a one party fascist state, one way or another, and we object to this depraved indifference to our fate. From Breitbart.

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CDC Freiden Delusional, We Already Fear this Regime