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October 4, 2014

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Thousands from Ebola Nations Allowed to Enter US Without Additional Screening

October 4, 2014

DALLAS, Texas — Over 3,500 passengers from Ebola affected nations have been allowed to enter the U.S. without any special screening since January 1, 2014, according to a leaked internal intelligence report from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Intelligence and Liaison.

Liberia to Prosecute US Ebola Patient for Lying About Contact with Ebola Patients

October 4, 2014

The government of Liberia has announced that they plan on prosecuting Thomas Eric Duncan, the first man to ever be diagnosed with the Ebola virus on U.S. Soil.

PRESIDENT EBOLA: In 2010 Obama Administration Scrapped CDC Quarantine Regulations Aimed At Ebola

October 4, 2014

In October 2014, the first patient on American soil infected with the Ebola virus sits in isolation in a Texas hospital, prompting calls for travel restrictions between the United States and Ebola-stricken countries.

Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan: Ebola Was Manufactured to Kill Blacks

October 4, 2014

Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation if Islam, is warning his acolytes that Ebola and AIDS were created by the US government to "depopulate" the world's black population.

White House Places No Ebola Travel Restrictions

October 3, 2014

Despite his recent proclamation that the Ebola virus presents a "growing threat to regional and global security," the Obama administration is not recommending any travel restrictions to areas affected by the virus.

U.S. Ebola Patient Had Layover in Dulles, CDC Didn't Inform Other Passengers

October 3, 2014

Local news station WJLA reports that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notified United, the airline which transported Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan from Dulles International Airport to Dallas, Texas.

Obama Scrapped CDC Regs Over Ebola &out of USA

We have so much that is disturbing about this regime of our feckless tyrant Obama who has at every turn taken the wrong path to nowhere. Here we have a common sense regulation that could save the nation from Ebola and instead of adopting it, they abandon it:

Meanwhile, four years ago, the administration of President Barack Obama moved with virtually no fanfare to abandon a comprehensive set of regulations which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had called essential to preventing international travelers from spreading deadly diseases inside the United States.

The CDC had proposed the regulations in 2005 under the administration of George W. Bush, reported USA Today in 2010. The original impetus for the regulations was fear that avian flu would spread unchecked.

The regulations proposed under the Bush administration would have granted the federal government a power of “provisional quarantine” to confine airline passengers involuntarily for up to three days if they exhibit symptoms of certain infectious diseases. Federal officials would also have been able to quarantine passengers exposed to people with those symptoms.

There was a fairly long list of diseases. It included smallpox, yellow fever, diphtheria, pandemic flu, infectious tuberculosis, cholera — and viral fevers such as Ebola.

Before the Obama administration withdrew the proposed new regulations, CDC officials had emphasized that they would only invoke the involuntary “provisional quarantine” when someone exhibiting a set of symptoms refused to work with federal officials voluntarily.

We can assume that since this did not have the necessary ability to hamper an industry and cause the environment to be marginally improved at substantial cost it was defeated in favor of more onerous regulations by the EPA.

What is interesting is the last statement in the article:

Other critics of the tepid Obama administration response have warned of “Ebola tourism.” The concern, as the Times explains, is that people will become infected with Ebola and come to the United States seeking its exceptional level of medical care.

Which is exactly what happened with Thomas Eric Duncan which we discussed in our Patient Zero for Ebola Flew Through Washington article:

On arriving in Texas he fell ill and went to an emergency room where he was given antibiotics and sent home, he then fell gravely ill a few days later and was transported to the hospital where he was diagnosed with Ebola. This means, he may have exposed countless passengers to this deadly virus which we will not know for another week maybe two.

In the mean time, our government is not responding to this with any kind of urgency and is only playing down the livelihood that this may become an epidemic in this nation. Several stories have been circulating that Thomas only decided to come to our Nation because he was exposed to the Ebola virus when he helped a neighbor who had fallen ill, she later died of Ebola.

Who knows what was going through his mind, he had heard that we had several stricken with Ebola and had been cured by experimental treatment at Auburn Medical Center in Atlanta. He may have thought that he had a chance at survival if he came here and fell ill.

We can expect more of this type of behavior as this is simply human nature playing out when we have choices and we can expect more of this as others will get desperate when facing death from our article:

No matter what conjecture we could make, this is the reality of what people will face if, and when they come in contact with the dreaded disease, they will want to live and will place others lives in danger to survive. This is simply human nature and why this regime is incapable of dealing with this crisis. They are simply deluded by their own illusions about human nature, where they actually believe that man strives for being better than what they are. This is true for many that have decided to act that way, however for the vast majority, it is still a dog eat, dog world. To pretend otherwise is simply maddening and dangerous as we have seen by the actions of Thomas Eric Duncan.

Who took the only opportunity to survive that he had and we will just have to wait whether that worked for him, however how many other lives will be lost due to his actions…?

This nation has a choice that is being made for us whether we like it or not, we are being drawn to our destruction by a feckless tyrant who is placing the lives of our citizens in danger. This is not conjecture it is a fact and we have proven this in several articles where our public health laws have been wantonly violated which has endangered the nations citizens. We discussed this in our Illegal Aliens Exempt From CDC Rules for Disease’s article:

We are now finding out Obama has allowed illegal immigrants that would be barred from entering the country with an illness are being sent all across the nation after testing positive for communicable diseases. This is putting the nations health at risk:

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), all legal immigrants must be screened and approved before entering the U.S. The agency states on its website, "The health-related grounds for inadmissibility include persons who have a communicable disease of public health significance, who fail to present documentation of having received vaccination against vaccine-preventable diseases, who have or have had a physical or mental disorder with associated harmful behavior, or who are a drug abuser or an addict."

But the same rules apparently do not apply to illegal immigrants.

We have increased incidence of numerous communicable diseases becoming prevalent in our nation and most if not all can be laid at the feet of our feckless tyrant Obama who is balkanizing the nation for National Socialist hegemony. This policy is also causing citizens and aliens to lose their lives either through criminal acts being perpetrated by illegal aliens or by exposure, we discussed this in our Obama’s Policy Causing  Death to Citizens & Illegal's article:

This story confirms the scope of the problem Gov. Rick Perry talked about yesterday in our Trawl III article on the crime Texas is experiencing. Sadly all Candy Crowley media hack and CNN anchor would do was dispute the quantity of crime committed by illegal aliens.

Here are the facts...

Monday in Falfurrias, Texas in Brooks County has been ground zero for the illegal immigration invasion where they see these invaders moving north across ranch and farm land. The law enforcement in this small community has been stretched to the breaking point with only a three man department. Illegal's have been dying during this trek through the summers heat in this county with at least 44 bodies being discovered so far, many have not been recovered:

The death toll continues to climb in the Falfurrias death march region also known as the ranch lands and highways of Brooks County. The toll on illegal immigrants who have died attempting to cross these ranch fields and bypass the Border Patrol checkpoint located in the center of Brooks County now stands at 44 as a woman was found dead this week. A woman reported being raped by her fellow travelers earlier this week and another woman was seriously injured as she either bailed out of or was pushed from a vehicle she was riding in that was being pursued by a deputy sheriff.

These facts are undeniable, unless of course you are Obama and the National Socialist Party that divorce consequences from their policies of death. They are no different from their progenitors the Nazis and we will pay for their deliberate acts of treachery and treason with our lives, the choice is, do we do so willingly. From Daily Caller.

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