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October 20, 2014

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Democracy Alliance-Linked Drug Company Lobbyist Made Ebola Czar

October 20, 2014

The Centers for Disease Control told the incoming Obama administration in 2008 that it should establish 18 regional disease detection centers around the world to adequately safeguard the U.S. from emerging health threats like Ebola, according to an agency memo.

Report: Obama Planning to Bring Ebola-infected Foreigners to US for Treatment

October 20, 2014

Despite mounting pressure from lawmakers and the public, President Obama on Saturday said that he would not cave on the issue of imposing travel bans on West African nations.

Obama Golfs For 4 Hours, 40 Minutes On Saturday, Then Holds Nighttime Ebola Meeting--Which New Ebola Czar Skips!

October 20, 2014

President Barack Obama’s new Ebola "czar" Ron Klain has skipped another White House meeting on the Ebola crisis, a readout of who attended a Saturday meeting with Obama shows.

General: US Troops Who Contract Ebola Will Be Quarantined in Liberia

October 20, 2014

If any American soldiers in Liberia contract the deadly Ebola virus, they will be quarantined, stabilized, and evacuated to a medical facility for treatment, said the Ebola mission commander, adding that the U.S. military hospitals that will admit potentially infected troops have not yet been identified.

Jonathan Martin: Ebola Response Another Example of Obama Not Running Competent Government

October 20, 2014

New York Times political correspondent Jonathan Martin said President Obama’s response to the Ebola crisis is yet another example that the president is not running a competent government.

$39,643,352 Worth of NIH Funding That Could Have Gone to the Ebola Vaccine

October 18, 2014

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has spent more than $39 million on obese lesbians, origami condoms, texting drunks, and dozens of other projects that could have been scrapped in favor of developing an Ebola vaccine.

Obama is in Scandal Protection Mode Over Ebola

The appointment of Ron Klain as Obama's Ebola Czar is baffling and illuminating all at the same time. One primary question we have is why doesn't this regime fear Ebola, we are not talking irrational but rational fear, the kind that generates solutions to a crisis. Fear is a powerful motivator and keeps us from making choices that may in fact kills us. So we ask again: why isn't this government acting to safeguard the American people from, this virulent disease that does not have any effective method of treatment at this time, and a mortality rate of 70%?

Our national government has one primary duty and that is to protect the American people and our rights under the Constitution. They have failed and are failing miserably in this duty in regard to Ebola. We see competing interests beyond the American people are their motivational factors for the reaction to Ebola, and it changes minute by minute, hour by hour which means we do not have a plan to deal with Ebola no matter what Obama, Freiden and Burwell are telling us.

It is at such a point that we are now being told an Ebola Czar has been appointed to be the point man for this effort by the federal government. Without hashing over all the other commentary over the choice of Ron Klain appears to be only a political move to cover for the missteps of this regime than anything of real substance. The common sense efforts to keep Ebola out of our nation have been dismissed with such illogical reasons that is beyond belief, and this government looks to be a ship of fools or worse.

Getting back to Ron Klain we have some disturbing information from Free Beacon, here are his bona fides:

Ron Klain, a former adviser to former Vice President Al Gore, Vice President Joe Biden, and President Barack Obama, currently is president of Case Holdings and is general counsel to the investment firm Revolution LLC.

Klain is also a trustee for Third Way. Claiming to be the voice for the “vital center,” Third Way is a progressive think tank that advocates for immigration reform, gun control, and a “credible alternative to neoconservative security policy.”

Third Way is also listed on the Democracy Alliance’s “Progressive Infrastructure Map.”

The map, which is detailed in a report by Politico’s Kenneth Vogel, includes organizations that are “politically active and progressive” and “strategically significant.” Third Way is one of the groups listed with a note of special appreciation for playing “instrumental roles in building a stronger, more integrated progressive infrastructure.”

The Democracy Alliance solicits contributions from liberal millionaires and billionaires and serves as a “pass through” between those donors and top liberal advocacy groups, including the Center for American Progress, Media Matters for America, and Democratic Super PAC Priorities USA.

Klain is also on the Board of Directors for the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

Here is the deeply disturbing part and why we say that he is a political hack and was appointed to take care of the appearance of the mismanagement of this regimes handling of the Ebola crisis:

He will be in charge of the administration’s emergency response efforts to Ebola, despite having no medical or health care background.

When we see that he has extensive experience as a lobbyist we have serious doubts that we are being served by this regime that is simply working on the optics than solving this crisis of confidence:

Klain did lobby on behalf of a prescription drug company that was accused of withholding life-saving drugs from dying patients.

While working at O’Melveny & Myers after he left the Clinton administration, Klain helped ImClone push back on a congressional investigation into the company’s procedures for granting cancer patients experimental drugs.

The company only granted 30 so-called “compassionate use” supplies out of more than 10,000 requests, according to Politico. Klain and his team lobbied House members on the Oversight committee for ImClone before a hearing that featured family members of cancer patients who died while waiting for the company to grant them use of an experimental drug.

Klain and his firm were paid $40,000 to lobby for ImClone for two weeks.

To summarize this appointment so far we are being led down a path that seems to be one that is a political dilemma for our president, than how it appears to the nations citizens, who are deeply worried about this disease being brought to our nation. Who see the constant bungles and downright errors of judgements as a breech of their duty to protect this nations people. And why shouldn't they, this is same government that has allowed a known positive Ebola patient to fly in an aircraft for about 3 hours after contacting the CDC and asking whether she should travel.

This is just one of the many epic failures for this regimes handling of this national health emergency, this disease has entered our nation and this government is more worried on how it appears than the outcome to our citizens which they continue to say is a non threat.

Then we have the problem with the protocols that the CDC said would protect the healthcare workers and safely care for an Ebola positive patients in our hospitals. They have now wholly failed, and what does this regime do, blame the victims that followed their procedures. What has not been discussed were these protocols validated procedures?

As a previous design engineer in the medical device design industry with many years experience we are required to validate our procedures for the manufacture of a device by the FDA. So that we are assured that the manufacturing procedures produce a product that meets specification.

To develop these procedures we are required to perform testing to prove within a statistical certainty that the methods of manufacturing will produce the desired product within specification.

Coming back to the CDC protocols for the hospitals and health care providers to use, appear not validated and unproven, since we have two health care providers that have tested positive for Ebola so far.

This means that we have from today onwards a failure rate of 2.63% (2 infected divided 76 healthcare workers exposed) with the possibility of more which will only increase this failure rate. It looks as if we have a protocol that is not validated and that they used the Dallas Presbyterian Hospital, Thomas Eric Duncan and these healthcare workers as guinea pigs. If they insist on keeping these insufficient protocols in place, we will see an upswing in Ebola infections and health care providers being infected with Ebola.

We have the current cases being reported by the CDC to be 8,997 and the global incidence of health care workers contracting Ebola to be 240 with 120 succumbing to this virulent disease.

Using basic math to determine the rate of healthcare worker infection we arrive at an infection rate for all Ebola cases to be 240/8997 = .02667 we multiply that times 100 we get the percentage rate for this rate of infection. Which incidentally is 2.67% and is strikingly similar amount of infection that we see with the cases from patient zero Thomas Eric Duncan.

This means that the protocol put in place by the CDC was not validated or tested and produced almost the same infection results that have been seen globally. What’s more we are at a 98.5% certainty that we see the same failure rate, this means these infections are not due to random chance alone and are directly due the faulty CDC protocol itself. This raises another disturbing question, this means the mode of infection is not well understood or that methods to combat health care workers infections are inadequate. We discussed this in our Hospitals Not Prepared For Ebola a BSL-4 Virus article:

The telling statement in this excerpt is the reaction by CDC director Tom Freiden:

The CDC's director, Dr. Thomas Frieden, has said that any U.S. hospital with isolation capabilities can care for an Ebola patient. But his stance seemed to soften on Sunday, when asked at a news conference whether officials now would consider moving Ebola patients to specialized units.

This would make a rational inquiring minded person to ask a follow on question, what had led him to believe that any hospital could care for such a patient when Ebola has been classified a BSL-4 pathogen.  Then the next question should have been, was patient zero Thomas Eric Duncan a guinea pig,(we may owe Jesse Jackson an apology) to see if our superior hospitals patient care are adequate to care for Ebola patients.

If we look to actions and ignore the rhetoric what we get is that Amber Joy Vinson has been transferred to Emory University to a level BSL-4 facility that is designed for this level pathogen. Nina Pham the first healthcare worker infected from patient zero was sent to Bethesda Maryland to a NIH facility that is also a BSL-4 facility.

What we have done is shown that so far what the CDC and this regime has done is needlessly exposed the Dallas healthcare workers to this dangerous pathogen and gotten the same infection rates as we see globally. To combat this major failure in controlling this deadly disease, our feckless tyrant Obama appoints a political operative to be point man on Ebola. Not to ensure and safeguard this nations people, but to cover for Obama and his decidedly reckless disregard of his duty to protect this nation.

This is dereliction of duty and misprision and we need to have our borders closed now and air and sea travel stopped from the Ebola region. From Free Beacon.

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