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Tyrants Reign In World Today

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January 16, 2015

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MSNBC Stunned By White House Refusal to Label Paris Attack as Islamic Extremism

January 16, 2015

Members of the media aren’t afraid to say the terrorist attacks in Paris were done by radical Islamists. The White House? Not so much.

Charlie Hebdo Writer Holds Up Muhammed Cover on Sky News; Network Cuts Away and Apologizes

January 16, 2015

Sky News took its cowardice in regards to displaying cartoons portraying the prophet Muhammad to another level this afternoon.

Obama Administration Undermines Muslim Reformers with Excuses for Radical Islam

January 16, 2015

On Tuesday, White House press secretary Josh Earnest explained that the Obama administration would not be using the phrase “radical Islam” to describe the ideology motivating the Charlie Hebdo terrorists.

Boehner: Obama's Executive Amnesty 'An Affront to the Constitution Itself'

January 16, 2015

House Speaker John Boehner delivered a floor speech today in support of the Department of Homeland Security funding bill passed by his chamber earlier this afternoon.

Jewish-Owned Business Receives Death Threats by Self-Described Members of Islamic State

January 16, 2015

A Washington, D.C., business has become a target for anti-Semitic threats, both verbal and digital. The threats come from individuals that identify themselves as Islamic State militants and could be coming from outside of the country.

Canadian Paper Prints Draw-Your-Own Muhammad ‘Connect-the-Dots’

January 15, 2015

A Canadian newspaper has a new answer to the thorny editorial question of whether to reprint controversial cartoons of Muhammad, such as those that appear in France’s Charlie Hebdo: invite readers to “connect the dots” and draw Muhammad themselves.

We have have our favorite punching bag for the media MSNBC calling the White House detached and in a world all their own to make themselves feel better about Islamofascist violence. Even these cheerleaders for Obama are wondering where the White House is coming from, they are essentially at odds with the media and the entire nation over Islamic violence, it is perpetual and ingrained in Islam, only our feckless tyrant and his minions refuse to call a spade a spade. Instead they emote over such nonsensical statements as eliminating the term "radical Islam" as if this will be a definitive statement on stopping the carnage from Islam.

We have taken the position that Obama is himself a Muslim and an agent for Islam and Iran in particular, we hate to use this term with Obama, but when the Commander in Chief of our armed forces plays word games with our greatest enemy we have seen since WWII and refuses to face facts that we are at war with Islam then the only conclusion we can draw is that he is a traitor. We have so many reasons to believe this is the case, the arms to the so-called Syrian rebels from Benghazi, and lo and behold these weapons end up in the hands of ISIS and a Caliphate is restored. The fact that Obama had to be dragged kicking and screaming to take up arms against ISIS even after they were threatening to exterminate 40,000 Yazidi refugees, he still was reluctant to take action.

He has allowed Iraq to become another failed state after refusing to leave a contingent of our troops to assist the fledgling Iraqi government has brought the current state of Islamofascism loose on the world today. His odious COIN strategy and rules of engagement in Afghanistan has reaped a terrible KIA statistic which is a three fold increase over GWB. We also have the drastic cuts to the military budget which are due to Obama's sequester which were supposed to be so drastic that Congress would negotiate another budget deal, however it did exactly as designed and Obama rejected every budget deal that would have fixed this issue. After leaving the military to go begging for funds and resources, that just leaves our nation ill prepared to fight against our enemies.

We also have the cancellation of the Tomahawk and Hellfire cruise missile programs without another in development to replace them makes everyone that knows about this scratching their heads. So at the end of the day we are left with the fundamental question, who's side is Obama on, because where we sit it seems on the side of our enemies. We have MSNBC asking some serous questions, though they do not appear to have any answers and perplexed about the seeming contradictions out of our feckless tyrant over such a simple matter as the designation of our enemies, and more to the point Islam, from Free Beacon:

On Tuesday the White House refused to acknowledge the Paris terrorist attacks were done by radical Islamists. Earnest repeatedly said that the White House wants to make sure that they are being “accurate.” Earnest also stated that they would be “legitimizing what we consider to be a completely illegitimate justification for this violence.”

Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough and Willie Geist were perplexed by this.

“You got the White House that has downplayed Al Quaeda. Basically said Al Quaeda is in its final stages. ISIS, the JV team,” said Scarborough. “Now he;s saying it’s not Islamic extremism when you are talking about the Prophet Muhammad,” he continued.

Willie Geist agreed by questioning what the White House would gain from not labeling the attacks for what they are besides “warm feelings for themselves,” he said.

The only ones who benefit from this serious breech of action from our government are our Islamofascist enemies, who are laughing at this nation and people. We are the worlds only superpower and we cower in the corner over what to call these blood thirsty reprobates from the 7th century as barbaric brigands, which leaves us to a defining point that which you do not define and condemn you condone. We suspect this whole nonsensical word game of ditching the term "radical Islam" is being used to broaden the definition to include domestic enemies which will be hounded and rounded up as they are becoming to vocal and may influence others to take action against this traitor in the White House.

This no different than what we have seen with every despotic regime in the past and on the planet today, when your detractors get to much traction and the media gets away from them, they lash out and do everything they can to silence criticism. What we are living is much different than the rhetoric, which is we are safer today than at any other point in our supposed war on terror. The truth of the matter is that we are being repressed by constant surveillance of our electronic and digital communications where we no longer have any privacy all for the protection of the homeland. Our freedoms and liberty are being crushed by these and other actions and we are no safer for, it because we continue to see acts of terror being committed in our nation.

What we are witnessing is the capitulation to Islam by our feckless tyrant, that has thrown in with the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas two of the most blood thirsty and vile organizations in the Islamofascist world, with millions of dollars of aid and military equipment. Obama has been arming our enemies which will end up being used against us. What's more he continues to show the Islamic world that they have nothing to fear from him and our nation, his absence from the Paris rally told Islam everything they needed to know, and why we did not send a high level official to Paris.

The operative question is when is our media in this nation going to wake up and realize that we have a traitor in the White House and actively works towards taking our nation back. We hope soon because every action out of Obama has been to destroy our way of life and nation, economically, politically and militarily. From Free Beacon.

MSNBC is Shocked by White House Spin on Islam

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